hey shadowlings this is a letter we had to write in my risky buz class about a cousion wanting to drink alchol and she is like 14 and my teacher read it to the class

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1. letter

Dear Cecilia,

I have heard that you have asked, well begged your parent to let you drink alcohol and that isn’t a very good thing to ask. I’m writing this letter to tell you of the risks and troubles of under-aged drinking and a true story. As a child my older brother Jacob used to drink behind our parents back and I’d always keep quiet about what he was doing and I wished I had never kept that secret from them. I say this because when I was at the age 8 and he was 14 your age he took me and our other cousin Alice (who was 6 at the time) to the park to play a game we were both looking forward to going to the park with him it had been a long time since he took us there. At the time I had a bad feeling but brushed it away as we walked and think back I wish I hadn’t because now I’ve got a drinking problem that I’m working on to stop. Anyway when we got to the park he took us under the slide saying we were going to play guessing game so we sat down and we closed our eyes like he said us to and he asked me questions and Alice was very quiet and then he said stop as I’d gotten the answer and I open my eyes and saw Alice out cold on the ground and Jacob had a bottle of alcohol in his hand and he grabbed me and put the bottle in my mouth and made me drink it and I heard him say sorry but he needed the money for the drugs. I cried as he made me drink it but he was pulled away by a tall man who asked him where the money was and was sounding very angry so I took my chance and grabbed Alice and tried to carry her. Just as I got her to the edgy of the park I heard a gunshot and turned to see Jacob on the ground dead and I tried to move faster without hurting Alice. By the time I got us home my parents saw us and called 911 but it was too late Alice had died from alcohol poisoning and from that day I stopped talking and once I got to the age of 16 I began to talk and that was when I began to drink a lot and I’m sad about that. I sometimes wished I had been faster at run home to save Alice but I wasn’t so please do not drink behind your parents backs or do drugs they are no good and I am learning to stop drink as much as I used too because I know how bad it is for both your health and brain so please wait till you’re at the age of 18 or older to have a try of Alcohol okay.

From, Cousin Sarah.



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