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"Listen, Bailey. Just try to take a breath and let the rest come easy," Calum sighed. I nodded and sniffled slightly.


2. Chapter Two

Luke's car rolls onto his driveway after half an hour of travelling and Blink-182 songs. I am not used to the Australian weather, and Luke's air conditioning at full blast doesn't do nearly enough to cool me down. I can feel sweat pooling in my armpits. 

The house is pleasant-looking from the outside, situated in a quiet, sleepy little corner of Sydney. Shadows fall off every tall object, from the house in front of us to the shrubs on the side of the road. All of the windows are wide open due to the heat. 

While Luke is fiddling with the keys, I see a middle-aged woman opening the front door. She has a blonde bob that has begun to turn grey and the same blue eyes as Luke. When she sees the car, she smiles. That must be Liz. 

After eventually finding the right key, Luke climbs out of the car and I push open my door. My legs feel stiff from sitting down so long. As I walk with him up to the front door, I feel my cheeks getting warmer. God, I am bad at introductions. 

"Hi Luke!" Liz grins, opening out her arms for him to hug her. As they embrace, she kisses his cheek, immediately turning him red. 

You saw nothing, he mouths to me. I stifle a giggle. 

"And you must be Bailey," she says, holding out her hand. "Nice to meet you. Do you want anything to eat or drink...?"

"Yes please, I'm a bit hungry." To be fair, I could eat all of the food in the house. After some dodgy moments with airplane food, I ate as little of it as I could on the journey. 

"I'll get some food ready for you then. Luke, show Bailey to her room."

"Come on." Luke bounds up the stairs, and I meekly follow. 


"Your mum told us what your favourite colour is," says Luke as he opens the door. It barely takes me a second to look around before I grin at him: not just an ordinary smile but a stupidly happy one. 

The room is beautifully decorated in an array of purples. There is a perfectly-made bed in the corner by the ajar window opposite to a varnished white desk and chair. A couple of flower pots sit on the windows and their fragrance fills the room. This beats my room at home by far, which I had to share with my brother for a number of years. 

"You like it?" he asks.

"I love it."

"We did a good job then. That took weeks to do. By the way, I really need to go out into town before school starts- do you wanna come with me?"

"I'd love to."


"I really wish I wasn't so disorganised now," laughs Luke. He is staggering a little underneath the weight of a huge bag of stationery and a bag full of new school clothes. I am only carrying half as much as him, having brought over my whole pencil case ready for school. Needing a break, we stopped at Starbucks afterwards for coffee to-go. 

"Music store?" he asks. 


As we step inside the store, Luke takes a look at the bubblegum-pop chart CD's and grimaces, and I do the same. None of the vapid pop music is appealing at all. Where are the real instruments? Where are the lyrics that come from personal experience? Both of us step right away to the section with the punk-rock that we love. 

The sound of someone humming Green Day makes me turn my head. A boy, around mine and Luke's age, is reading the track listing of a brightly-coloured CD. He brushes his glossy, slightly wavy, black hair out of his eyes. I cannot ignore his tanned muscular arms either. 

"Hey mate!" So Luke knows this guy. They hug, and Luke claps him on the back. "How you doin'?"

"I'm great- I can't believe they are selling these Green Day CD's so cheap."

"I thought you had that one already?"

"Oh... it got scratched. It made really weird noises when I played it." He suddenly turns towards me and I wish I could be somewhere else. Not more introductions. "You got a girlfriend, Luke?" Now I wish I definitely wasn't here. Trying to look occupied, I take a slurp of my coffee. 

"No..." says Luke bashfully. "She's actually starting school with us- she'll be in our classes. She's from Edinburgh and our parents are friends. Bailey- this is Calum; Calum- this is Bailey."

"Hey," Calum grins.



Ummm... helloooo....

This is the first 5SOS fan-fiction that I've ever written, as an original fiction writer most of the time. I am a massive 5SOS fan- and as you can tell by my username, Luke's my fave! 

Hope you liked this guys!

- Emma :)



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