The Impossible Girl

Valentina Zuniga has problems in School and in Life. Her new friends are keeping secrets from her. Valentina's mother wants to keep her from everything that was going on. Let's just say someone's taken. WHERE IS SHE?!

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1. Introduction

Hello! I'd like to say that this is my first movella. So please don't judge (~._.)This story is dedicated to my amazing family!! Even my two older brothers: David and Anibal. I can't live without them. :-) -Curlyflower21. ___________________________________________________

August 18, 2014 


Ugh......As I realized my alarm went off, I had kissed my pillow in my sleep and I fell out of bed.

Hi my name is Valentina Zuniga and I'm 11 years old. I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and I'm 5'3. I have 2 brothers Jen and Adam. First it was my brother Jen then Adam and finally me. Since I'm the last one, so I'm the baby of this house. 

I love art; whenever I'm in my room, I would draw. And well, it's fun. :) 

So today is my first day of middle school and I'm really nervous. Ugh...My first day in a new school. I guess this is going to be a hard day. ___________________________________________________I hope you guys enjoyed it. If your a fan, welcome to the bouquet of flowers. I'll try to update on Saturdays. I'm starting school next week so yeah. Sorry for the short, cheesy chapter.

- Curlyflower21

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