Two Years // l.h

Luke Hemmings used to bully Alicia Brooks, not because he didn't want to admit himself that he fell in love with his enemy of 7 years. Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin left to finish their dream, of course Alicia didn't mind that at all.

But what happens when 2 Years have passed? When 5SOS are famous. What happens when Luke returns and drop dead when seeing how gorgeous Alicia was, will she ever forgive the pain he'd given her? Or will she deny his apology?

It took Two Years to change.

1. Cast



☾ Ashley Benson as Alicia Brooks ☽


☾ Luke Hemmings as Luke Hemmings ☽



☾ Calum Hood as Calum Hood ☽



☾ Michael Clifford as Michael Clifford ☽



☾ Ashton Irwin as Ashton Irwin ☽



☾ Lucy Hale as Layla Cairns ☽

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