Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


10. Chapter 9

'You have to eat a lot Alli, you're too thin.' Harry said when Alli couldn't eat the whole dish she got. 'Thank you Harry, that supports me.' Her sarcasm was heard from distances away. She was ashamed that her boyfriend said that in front of his family. Harry tried to comfort her to lay a hand on her leg but she put his hand back where I belongs, not on her leg. He looked at her like 'what did I do ?'  She looked back 'you know what you did wrong.'

After dinner Alli went to the hallway and called her mom. 'Mom can you pick me up? This is the address. ...' Harry heard it and tried to take her phone but nothing helped. What did he do wrong? He thought. 

'Harry let me go. Thanks to say that I'm anorexic... Really that helps my insecurities... That helps me go further with you. Absolutely not! So stay at home, mom get me here and maybe I see you at the building..;' She sighted almost tears in her eyes. 'But...' He had almost tears in his eyes too. 

'No buts...' She turned around so he could only see her back. Crying was allowed now. He tried to wrap his arms around Alli but she hit his arms to let them away from her body. 'Let me go, go away please. You've hurt me.' She said and grabbed her stuff like her bag and jacket. She walked outside and hoped that her parents could come as fast as they can. 

She cried. 'You don't know what you're doing to people!' She yelled to Harry when he followed her outside. 'You hurt people and you don't even think about the consequences. 'She yelled again. Harry thought for the first time about peoples feelings, hurting , flirting, nothing was important anymore only Alli. But saying it her, he couldn't his mouth was big with mean words but his heart was thinking right. 

'Alli please, let me bring you then. We can talk about it.'He tried to say again but it didn't help at all. 'No the second time you have hurt me Styles. The second time...' She cried.  'But... ' 'Just shut up Styles go inside celebrate everything with your friends or family and let me go away. Let me take my own way instead of walking in your way where I don't belong if I hear your criticism.' She said and turned around. Her mom arrived. She waved to Harry and stepped into the car. 'Goodbye Harry.' It was the last thing she said before she sat down. Tears streamed down of Harrys cheeks. 

She was the one, and he let her go... He went inside back again ran to his room and smashed something on the ground, didn't matter if it was glass or something else. 'I lost her...' He sighted and cried. 'Harry what's wrong?' His mom took a look in his room. There was a photo broken... laying on the floor. 

'I lost her mom... because I just said mean things even if I didn't mean it...' His mom rubbed his back. 'You only can solve it son... But if she loves you and you can proof it to her and give her the time to forgive, I'm sure she could forgive you.' She tried to give him some advice. 'I could sleep next to her today, meeting her parents but I ruined it... I could prove I love her but I ruined it... I pinched her ass even if she doesn't want it, she had warned me for it, but I did. She wanted to ran away but I could stop her... The second time I said when you and Gemma were there like she could have anorexia even if she hasn't... I'm a loser boyfriend.' He cried. 

Anne whispered something in his ear like an idea. He had a smile on his face. Plans were made to get her back. 

'Baby, why did I had to pick you up here?' Allis mom asked. 'I wanted to let you meet my boyfriend but he ruined it... He already ruined it for his mom and sister...'She cried. 'But baby, you're okay?' She asked. 'I'm okay, only disappointed and hurt...' She sighted. 'I couldn't believe how he did there... Normally he is sweet, gave me the time I need but now...' Alli looked down to the ground. 'There are enough boys to be in love with, they just have to appear. ' Her dad said and looked behind him to Alli and winked. 

'Thanks dad.' Alli let out a little smile. While Alli was going home, Harry planned a lot, a guitar, some roses,... Anne and Gemma helped him because they knew it's the first time Harry only didn't flirt with a girl. He really loved her... still loves her. 

'Mom , I'm going thanks for all the help. ' Harry said and put everything in his car trunk and drove with a high speed to Alli. He got her address already in his GPS system. It went too slowly with a high speed , which is quite weird. When Harry was almost half the distance of it, Alli arrived home. 

She grabbed her bags and put it in her bedroom. Her dirty clothes she threw in the washing machine so her mom could wash them. 'How could I be so stupid?' She cried and said it out loud. 

After half an hour she heard a knock on her window. She looked up and stared. 'Open please the window Alli. I beg you.' A boys voice said. She recognized it, it would be weird if she didn't recognize him. 'I can't hang on on this thing.' He said. Alli ran to her window and saw a hanging Harry, quite funny as well. She opened the window. 'What are you doing here? I told you that you don't have to follow.' She said. 

He climbed into the room and grabbed his guitar. He sat down on the ground and let Alli sit on her bed. He started playing and singing the song: 

Now you're standing there right in front of me

I hold on it's getting harder to breath.

All of these sudden light are blinding me. 

I never noticed how bright they would be 

I saw in the corner there is a photograph

no doubt in my mind, it's a picture of you.








If tears could speak, then Allis would absolutely. She was emotional but never knew Harry would do this for her. When he stopped playing Alli ran to him almost hit his guitar. 'You really love me.' Alli said with tears in her eyes. Harry put away his guitar, hugged his girlfriend and wiped her tears away. 

'I really love you Alli. Before you, I always flirt, insult people and I don't wanna do that again, only building up something with you.. like a future.' Harry admitted. 'Please be my girlfriend again. I'm nothing without you.' He begged. She smiled and laid her finger on his mouth. 'Shh... .' And then she let her finger go and kissed him like she would never kiss any other person. 

'That's a yes, I assume?' Harry said and licked his lips to get the taste of her lips again. She nodded and kissed him again. 

A little chappie for you even if I have exams, I took some breaks to write :) I hope you will like/appreciate it 

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