Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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9. Chapter 8



Weekend came back again. Plans were made. The boys will visit their girlfriends parents. Niall slept then at his girlfriends house because normally in the weekends he still slept in the building only when he got holidays, he went to Ireland. And next week he will got holidays. 

'Oh my god Niall. This would be great.' Sophie said when she was packing in her suitcases for the weekend, after that weekend and the week that's coming, she would be in Ireland. She enjoyed that moment that will be coming. But now Niall will meet her parents and her little sister. Sophie was actually a bit nervous how they would react. Niall was relaxed in it. He just like the moment come when it comes. 

'It will be alright girl.' He stroked his girlfriends hair and placed a kiss on it. 'You're ready?' Niall asked for the second time. He had already packed his suitcase. His suitcase stood next to him, waiting to have a place in Nialls car trunk. 'Almost honey.' She gave him a quick kiss and put her make up and hair stuff in his and then closed the suitcase. 'Now I'm done.' She smiled. 

'Come on beauty.' He said and pushed his girlfriend to the hallway so he could go out with two suitcases and so she could close her room. Then they walked together to Nialls car. She opened his car trunk. He put the suitcases in the trunk. He had a lot of space in his trunk actually. Then Sophie gave Niall his keys. 'You are my GPS?' He laughed. To be sure, he started up his GPS and added all the things it needed in the system. 

They drove to Sophies mom. Niall put his hand on Sophies knee when he didn't need his hand for driving. Sophie could only smile. She could see a whole future with her Niall. Getting children, wedding, being old,... 

While Niall and Sophie were driving home, Harry and Alli were discussing where they go first, to Harry's parents or Alli's and where they are going to sleep. 'Honey, it doesn't matter where we sleep, we have to see both of our parents.' Harry comforted his girlfriend. 'Maybe we could sleep at my house, only my parents will be there. 'Alli proposed. 'I think they doesn't care about if you're sleeping there or not. They will have a safer feeling that you will be there instead of being somewhere else.' She winked.

'So you have to meet my mom first!' Harry said happy. 'and your sister. That would be nice. Gossips about you.' Alli laughed and hugged Harry. 'Yay! Girls theory.' He said sarcastic. 'No, if she says it okay, but I don't gonna ask it her because I'm staying with you.' She took Harrys hand, made sure she had everything and put the suitcases with Harry into his trunk. 'So first my mom?' Harry asked to be sure. 

Alli nodded. He drove to his mom. When they were half the way they have to do, Niall was already at his parents-in-law. He opened the car door and walked to Sophies car door and opened it, they both took a suitcase and went to the door. The door was already opened, the parents of Sophie stood already there. 'Sophie!' Her mom said and embraced her daughter thightly. 'Mom, dad,  this is Niall, my boyfriend.' She introduced Niall to her parents

'Nice to meet you Niall.' Sophie her dad said and hugged Niall and then Sophie her mom did the same so Sophie could hug her dad. 'Come in both.' Sophies mom said. 'Mom?'  'Sophie?' 'Niall is from Ireland and he would like to go there next week, can I go with him and can he stay the night here today because he has to drive to building if he can't. And I would like to have him here.' Sophie explained and took Nialls hand. 

'It's okay honey, but don't get weird to Yasmine, you know how she could react when you have a boyfriend.' Sophies mom was a little bit worried. Her youngest daughter Yasmine doesn't have that beauty like Sophie and always dreamt about boys but never got them. And it was never simple because she was uncontrolable sometimes because her mind was so weird.

One time she was happy, and the other time she is mad without any reasons to have. Sophie decided to go upstairs to her sister and Niall followed her. Sophie said that Niall could go to her room and when her sister could react normal that she could introduce Niall to her sister. Sophie knocked on the door. 

'Yes?' A little soft voice said. Sophie opened the door. 'Hey sister!' Sophie said enthusiastic. 'Sophie!' Yasmine yelled and hugged her big sister. 'I missed you.' She whispered into Sophies ear. 'I missed you too girl.' Sophie said back with a smile. 'How are you?' 'I'm okay, just missing you and mom and dad are mad because I broke my glass when I thought about the bullies of this week. They have hit me so hard and eveyr boy said to me she would never date with me.' Yasmine laid her heart in Sophies hands, emotions were showing again. Only Sophie could let her show her emotions. 

'Hey you'll never be alone, I'm here! And if you need someone to call, you can call me.' She rubbed Yasmine back. 'I want to introduce you to someone Yasmine. ' 'Who, a new boyfriend?' She said disappointed. Yasmine was always disappointed that she never got someone and her sister always got one. 'Hey keep up your smile. And yes a new boyfriend but a keeper. And I'm sure he will get on well with you.' Sophie tried to cheer her sister up. 

'Show him then.' Sophie ran to her room and explained Niall what he has to do how Yasmine could react and more. She made sure that he knew everything about her sister. And if he knew that, he could go to Yasmine and introduce himself. It went smooth, not too much mistakes or heavy reactions. Sophie was relieved that it was the past all the mistakes. Now the future would be better. Yasmine would be more happier than ever. 

Niall was accepted to be a part of the family. Even her mom asked to do his clothes for this weekend, she have to wash Sophies clothes so a few more doesn't matter. All the family memebers ate together. There was no fear, only smiling faces.  It was better than expected. 

While the meeting between Niall and Yasmine started Alli and Harry arrived where they wanted to be. 'Hazza!' Gemma already yelled and opened the front door to hug her brother. 'Older sister.' Harry explained it to Alli and hugged Gemma. 'Hi.' Gemma said to Alli. 'Gems, this is Alli.Alli this is my big sis, Gemma Styles' Harry said.

Gemma immediately hugged Alli. Alli was a bit surprised. 'Welcome into our family Alli!' Gemma said loud. 'Mom! Harry's here with his new girlfriend.' Gemma yelled and took Alli inside the house while Hary followed them. Alli was happy that Gemma accepted her immediately but on the other side it was quite weird how she reacted. 

'Harry!' His mom ran to him and hugged him. 'My boy how are you ? ' She whispered. 'I'm fine , mom. This is Alli my girlfriend.' He said proud.'Hi girl.' Anne said to Alli. 'I hope she's not just a flirt for you Haz. I know you. She is a beautiful and nice girl just keep her.' Anne warned her son. 'Mom! She is the one. She's not just a flirt. I love her because I did a lot for her to get her. I would always give up if they don't come to me but I went to her, I asked boys for advice.' Harry was very honest about it. 

Alli appreciated that just like Gemma and Anne did. 'My baby is growing up.' Anne smiled and laughed. Alli smiled. 'Come in and take a seat. 'Anne said and went to the living room. Everyone followed her and Harry took Allis hand. They sat down. 'I made some lasagne, is that okay?' Anne asked. 'That's delicious mom!' Harry said and put his eyes on Alli who nodded too. 'Don't be scared, they don't bite.' Harry whispered into Allis ear. 

She smiled back. 'I'm not scared.' She said. 'It's almost ready , I'm going to look at it.' Anne announced and Gemma followed her to lay the table. 'It went well isn't it?' Harry asked. 'You're right but what about my parents.. They have never seen me with a boy and maybe they remember you when I was mean to you because you have pinched my ass.' Alli said. Harry laughed. 'I can do that again.' He grinned. 'No absolutely not. Don't you dare Styles or I'm away.' She warned him. But he did. 

Alli stood up and tried to grab her jacket. Harry followed her. 'Wait Alli!' 'I warned you Styles. I really did, and you even didn't listen to me, even didn't listen to my feelings...' She almost cried. 'Hey, it was a joke, not more.' She cried and Harry held her in his arms. 'Shhh... I'm so sorry. I was so stupid.' He stroked her hair and and her back. 'It'll be alright, can you forgive it me? Let's go back into the living room?' He proposed. She let him go and looked him in the eyes. 

'Okay if you stop pinching me like that.' 'I promise and if I do, you can hit me.' He promised. They went back to the living room. 'Styles, you aren't gonna lose her !' Gemma yelled. She had seen Alli crying. 'It's okay, we had talked about it. ' Harry said calmly. 'That's great. 'Gemma answered. They went to the table to eat some lasagne.

Sorry for the A/N : I have exams until 12 December so don't expect too much that I'll write then. I hope you will be happy with an extra long chappie then normally I think :)
I hope you will be patiently waiting for the next chapters, I'm sorry that it takes a long time to publish chapters it's because of homework, school... that I haven't have a lot of time and if I have time it's not a lot so I write a bit and later on it will be a big chappie for you all..

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