Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


8. Chapter 7

It was a new day again for all of the people in the building, Alli who could finally kiss Harry on the mouth. Sophie who realized she couldn't lose her best friend. Harry who was proud that Alli could kiss him. Niall who was proud of Sophie who put her thoughts away to make it better with her best friend. Danielle who absolutely loved dancing and discovered she liked a boy Liam. She met Liam when she was back from the dance session. Liam was a cute guy, according to Danielles thoughts. Eleanor could say the same of Louis, but she had know him a time ago but never said something to him. Scared ? We don't know. 

Eleanor wanted to get in touch with Alli or Sophie for some advice. Maybe she should try to get in touch with their boyfriends first or what could she do? Alli and Sophie seems to be the best girls to ask it at all. 

Niall waited for the moment he could see his nephew. He waited all his life for the newborn. He loves children so it would be nice to have a new little member in his family. Sophie could see his smile everyday because he was nervous to be an uncle. Uncle Niall. Quite funny as well. 

Louis was busy with making this year the best year so he won't be study years and years again for nothing. But he needed some help, someone should help him. Maybe Eleanor could help him but he had never seen her in his class. Should someone help him or could they at least ? 

Liam got a dilemma, he loved two girls, but one had a boyfriend one not. But choose for the single girl? Not at all, he had the two choices so keep it. Let the love go where it goes. Will he find the solution? While every boy or girl had something in their mind it was still school. Alli could carpool with her boyfriend Harry and Sophie could carpool with Niall. After going to school, Alli and Sophie said to do a double date with their boyfriends. Alli and Sophie went into Allis room to dress up, to apply some make up, do their hair. At 6 pm, they heard a know on the door. Both boys smiled and had a suit. 'You look fantastic.' Harry said immediately to his girlfriend.

Alli didn't hesitate to hug Harry and kiss him. 'I got lipstick on my mouth.' He laughed. The other laughed too. 'Woah you look like a princess Alli.' Niall said and hugged his princess. Alli and Sophia had the same dress on. Harry took his car and Niall had his too. They drove to a restaurant with their girlfriends for the double date. A cosy restaurant. With a few candles on each table. Harry gave Alli a hand. Niall did the same with Sophie. 

The boys paid for the girls. Which wasn't so happy for the girls. They want to be independent. 'Shut up Alli it's because you're finally reached a goal to kiss me.' Harry whispered. Alli giggled a bit and poked him while they are walking in the moonlight. It became late, for both couples. While Sophie and Niall already went to the building, Alli and Harry enjoyed the environment. 'you have achieved a new goal.' Harry said and stopped. He thought about it. 'Which?' Alli was curious. 'Going on a date with me.' He grinned. 

'I love you Harry. Thank you for doing this.' She put her hand in his again and turned to his body and kissed him. A smile appeared on both faces. 'You're welcome. If I can make you happy I will always try do the things that makes you happy in a way.' He said and place a kiss on Allis hair.

'Let's go to bed?' Harry proposed. The night falls even candles couldn't hid the darkness anymore. Harry drove to the building and brought Alli to her room, unlocked the door, and put her in her bed. 'Goodnight princess.' He placed a kiss on Allis forehead. He stroked her hair and left the room. Alli could fall asleep. 

Harry was relieved that everything went well, just like Niall and Sophie they enjoyed the night. 'Can you sleep here?' Sophie proposed when they arrived her room. 'You're sure?' He questioned. She just nodded. 'Let me take my stuff upstairs then.' He said and left the room. He went upstairs  to get his stuff.

When he went back, Sophie already wore her PJ's. Niall walked to her and gave her a kiss. 'Where can I change?' He asked and laughed. She pointed to the bathroom. 'See you back in few minutes.' He said and kissed her softly. Within five minutes he came back, in his boxers. You could see Sophie smiling. 'Is it okay that I sleep in my boxers. I used to do that. ' He said. 'It's okay for me.' Sophie said and hugged her boyfriend. 'I love you.' She whispered into his chest.

She enjoyed the heartbeats of her boyfriend. 'Let's get some sleep instead of staying her standing on the ground.' Niall proposed. He was right. It was better to cuddle in their bed. Sophie laid her head on Nialls chest. He stroked her hair until she fell asleep then he could peacefully sleep when he knew she was sleeping. 

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