Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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30. Chapter 29

Everybody got his or her place in England, except Sophie. An enormous belly, a "dead" boyfriend, all her friends in love,... It's a quite miserable life. Sometimes she hoped that Niall would follow her and visit her. But after weeks. There was no hope anymore.
The baby could come any moment, little Niall junior. Alli took care of Sophie the time before and after the delivery. She was a sort of guardian angel. Did she eat and drink enough? Sophie needs to be ready to deliver. But Sophie wasn't ready at all. She eed Niall. he could've been here for her.
A day before the delivery, Alli came by. 'Are you okay?' She asked. 'Yeah but I want Niall to be here.' She cried. 'Niall is dead, Sophie. Accept that. There is no way back when you lost the war...' Alli mumbled. Sophie cried because Alli won't believe her. ' He's not dad. I saw him in Ireland and at the funeral. Please believe me now. He was there with Ronan, the "dead' boyfriend of the woman who was there for me at the funeral.' 'You're dreaming Soph. You're seeing ghosts. It's normal to think that Niall's somewhere here, that boys could look like him. But he died in the battle just like Ronan.' Alli said and made some tea. 'Soon you're son will be there. Focus on your happiness.' Alli smiled. 'I can't focus on Niall Junior. You know that. He would resemble his dad... ' Sophie defended.

'Sophie. Believe me. Niall won't come back. How harsh or hard the truth is.' Alli said and hugged her best friend. Harry knocked on the door and came into the room. 'Everything alright here?' Harry asked when Sophie was crying on Alli's lap. 'It's just the feeling everyone got Alli. Everyone is in love. Look at you both. And I'm alone soon with a baby, no boyfriend because he killed himself in the battle.' Sophie sighted. 

'I know what you feel.' Harry said out of silence. 'Haz, you don't even know the feeling. You got Alli.' Sophie spit it out. 'I knew the feeling before I got Alli. A lot of my friends got their girlfriends and I was just a loser. Everyone could go.' Harry told them. 

'That's not the same.' Sophie looked at him and grabbed a tissue. 'You hadn't got somebody. I got somebody but lost him. My prince charming... My hero... My man...' She looked to the ring she got from him. 'We could be together until we're granddad and granny and living in a house for the eldery. We could plan to travel around the world. We could plan kids, to get married, to have some parties, build a house... '

'I know, you build up a life with him. You were pinned up with it.' Harry mumbled and nodded. Sophie just nodded in silence. 'Here is some soup.' Alli said and grabbed Harry's hand to go away because she knew he would say a lot. Sophie grabbed the cup and drank it. It was the only thing to stay alive, her friends and little Niall junior. She would never see Niall again since she went to England... He would never he said.. it's too risky to come to England according to him. 

Times passes by. Sophie could be a mom now. When she woke up, she felt something, water. Her water broke. She walked to Alli's door who supported her and brougth her to the hospital. 'Come on Hazz.' Alli yelled. She helped Sophie. Sophie cried. 'I don't want this.' She yelled. 'You want this Soph. You want that little wonder. You wanted that since you were a child.' 'I don't want this without Niall...' She cried. 'Niall will be proud. He will see there in heaven that you're a strong girl and carry his child.' Alli said and stroked Sophies hair. When they arrived at the hospital, Alli ran to a wheelchair and helped Sophie to get in the wheelchair. 'Madam, can we see a doctor for my best friend?' Alli was calm. But inside she could crash or panic. 

'Come on.' The woman said and led them to a delivery room. Everything went quickly. A little boy was born. Little James. 'Hey baby boy.' Sophie said and put her arms around him. 'I will take care of you. Mommy's here.' She said proud. Alli could cry of hapiness. Harry was trying to get his tears in eyes instead of letting them roll. 

'Welcome to James.' Alli said. 'Do you want to hold him?' Sophie asked Alli. She nodded. 'Say hello to your godmother.' Sophie said to James. Alli was so proud. Greg was godfather. It was something she promised Niall before he went to the army. She hoped he would be there now. But no answer no indications that he would come.

Hi readers, finally a new chappie, sorry for letting you wait soo long for updating. I'm working now since two and a half months plus I'm going to classes in the evening so there's not a lot of time to write. I hope some read my stories and still like it because I really want to finish it for the readers. 

xxx Eline

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