Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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23. Chapter 22

'What do you believe Alli Summerhood? That I'm going to cheat with Veronica?' Harry yelled in the hallway. Alli was mad. Louis told her that Harry cheated on her with Veronica. A new girl in town, according to Louis. But with Louis, you never know. 

'Yes, Louis told me that.' Alli said calmly. 'Really Alli? You believe him more than I. Jeez, how can I proof it to you?' Harry asked. 'Let me show some proof, like messages or something else.' Alli proposed. 'You wanted to control me. Really Alli? That's disgusting. I always let you do the things you want, like talking with Louis or Niall or who it may be... And you don't even trust me with a girl?' Harry yelled and ran outside. 

Alli cried. She ran after him. 'You didn't trust me even when I was organising your party with Niall or Louis. It's normal that I'm jealous now...' Alli cried and sobbed. She wasn't calm anymore. 'That was a different situation Alli Summerhood. That was because you were every night going to one of them. You have to be me in that situation, you would be jealous as well.' He defended himself. 

'And now you have to be me Harry Styles. You were going away for 'your band' and one of your bandmates tells me that you have met Veronica and that you cheated on me with her. He showed me a picture.' Alli said. 

This is the picture of Veronica (I take the Zayn picture, I thought it was funny to add, even Zayn isn't in the story or anymore in the band) : 

'Look at her.' Alli said and showed him the picture that she got from Louis. 'You're really blind?' Harry yelled. 'What?' She yelled back. 'Look at those hands... don't you see a difference as a girl?' 'No.' She just answered.

'It's a boy... Zayn... he's playing with me and the boys a videoclip and sings with us. I have to act like I love him.' Harry explained. 'Love, I love you not him, I'm not gay. The only one I love is you, Alli.' He said honest. Alli laughed. 'How stupid could I be? Sorry that I said you cheated on me...' Alli said and hugged her boyfriend. 'It's okay, I'm happy that you believe me now. I can't live without you.' 

When the problem was solved, there was again a problem but at the house of Horan-Van Houten. Sophie was waiting for news of Nialls test. She was stressed out and if he succeeded the test, that would mean that he could go to a mission abroad. 





- Play the music - 

Niall opened the door. His expression told everything. Happy but sad as well. Happy that he could go to the army but sad to leave his girlfriend. Sophie cried and held him in her arms. 'Why Niall? Why are you doing this?' She asked out loud. 'We have a whole world in our hands, we need to control the peace.' Naill said. 'You can control the peace without going to army love.' Sophie said and stroked his hair. 

'Shhh... it's within a month love. We can enjoy life for a month.' 'Where do you go then?' 'Afghanistan or Syria, it depends where they need people in the month.' He sighted. 'But I promise you everything will be alright love. Everything.' He said and kissed her hair slowly. He placed a ring around her fingers. 'An engagement ring.' He said. 'I want to marry you after I'm back. I promise to stay alive, only for you. ' He said and kissed her. 

'Pinky promise.' He laughed. He laid a DVD next to the TV. 'If you want to hear or see me when I'm abroad.' He winked. 'I will send you letters home.' Niall promised. She just nodded as a 'yes'. A simple yes, that makes sense. She wanted to hear him in that time that he leaves her. 

'Hey don't think about it, let's make fun now love.' He said hugged her and made sure they had some dinner to eat. They ate dinner and after the dinner, they did together the dinner, just as a lovely couple. They are a lovely couple but with a problem. 

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