Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


18. Chapter 17

Sitting next to the window , waiting for an answer popping in her head, that was Alli's plan with the moving in idea. Someone knocked on her door. She opened the door. It was Sophie, trying to support and helping Alli with her dilemma. 

'What's going on with my best friend?' Sophie asked when she saw Alli's face. 'Harry asked me to move in with him or search something for us two together...' 'That's great news!' 'I don't know, sometimes I think I need some privacy...' Alli defended. 

'We all need privacy. You know that.... ' Sophie said and hugged her best friend while whispering 'Everything will be alright, he will give you the time you need.' Alli looked in Sophies eyes. 'Thank you best friend. You're a great friend.' 'You're welcome, you always helped me.' Sophie left the room with these words and let Alli think about all the doubts.

Sophie walked to her room waiting for Niall to come. Niall was going to the city with some friends like Louis and new friend he met with the name Eric. It was a boys day. So Sophie could enjoy the silence. She made everything ready for a night to remember with Niall. She will cook some dinner as well. It was already 4 PM, time to prepare. She placed some candles, rose petals and made some snacks. Then she made sure her dinner was great, Italian food, lasagne. 

He loves Italian food. It was 6 PM when he knocked on Sophies door. A big smile appeared on his face. 'Soph.' He said and held her in his strong arms. He walked inside and closed the door. A little kiss made the welcome complete. 'I think I'm on time?' Niall laughed when he saw the snacks. 'I see rose petals and candles? Quite romantic love.' Niall whispered in her ear. Sophie just giggled. 'Everything for you.' 

'That's so sweet, how's Alli going? I thought you have visited her.' 'She's fine only a dilemma for her.. Harry asked to live together and she is scared to loose her privacy.' Sophie explained. 'Harry is a badboy but I'm sure he will give her the time she want. He is a good boyfriend but I'm still the best one.' Niall laughed and tickled his girlfriend. 

'You're not.' Sophie laughed. 'What did you say?' Niall said and tickled harder while she had to laugh harder and harder. 'Niall please stop it.' She tried to say. 'Only if you say that I'm the best boyfriend ever and if I could get a kiss.' He grinned. 

'I can't kiss you as you tickle me.' Sophie gasped. 'That's true but first say the magic words.' 'Okay, okay you're the best boyfriend ever.' Niall stopped tickling and pointed to his lips. 'This lips needs a kiss.' He said serious. Sophie could only laugh. She kissed him and walked to the kitchen to serve some food. 'Is it okay that we're going somewhere when we're done with eating?' Niall proposed. 

'Why?' Sophie asked. 'Just you and me going with the car, checking the environment.' He grinned. 'You're planning on something Horan I just knew it.' Sophie laughed.'I love you.' She said and kissed him before she ate something. 

After eating Niall took her to a special place. A Sort of Park. 'It's romantic.' Sophie said while looking around. There was a paper on the tree. 'Look Ni!' Sophie said while pointing to it. 'Read it.' 'Will you?' And then she found the other papers on the tree which makes the sentences 'Will you go to the prom with me?'

'Is this really for me?' Sophie asked. Niall nodded. 'Every year in the university, it is prom for everyone and I want you as my dance partner. Only you.' Niall said and kneeled on one knee. 'Give me the honour Sophie Van Houten.' He begged. 'Of course Niall James Horan. I'm not crazy to say no to you.' She said and hugged Niall thighly. She never let him go. Best boyfriend ever! 

While Niall was the best boyfriend ever, Harry wanted to try the same thing for his girl. Harry knocked on Allis door. 'Come in.' She said a bit sad. 'Hey love.' Harry's voice was echoing trough the whole room. Alli was still looking trough the window. She could see Harry into the window. 'What's going on with you?' Harry was worried about his girlfriend. There was something.. 'I hope it's not my plan of living together that makes you sad like that?' Harry asked. He tried to find a way to let her talk. 

'It's not that...' She hesistated a bit. 'Honey, I think it's that, you're not talking to me, taking distance... I love you Alli. With whole my heart and if you don't wanna live together with me in one room, it's okay. I can live with that. We find a way for everything. I promise. We can try a few weeks together and if you need space we can sleep in our own room.' Harry explained. He wrapped his arms around Alli and placed a kiss on her shoulder while he put her hair away from her shoulder. 

'Haz...' She sighted and turned around. 'No Haz... Say what's wrong to me.' He touched her cheeks, cupped them in his hands. 'I love you and I don't wanna see my love to be sad...' Alli smiled a bit. 'See that's better that smile.' He smiled back. Before he could say something, Alli kissed him so passionately. 'Maybe you're right. We have to get used to it. Stay a few weeks in one of our rooms together and if someone needs privacy, then we have to say it.' Alli decided. 

'You're an amazing girl.' Harry said and kissed her. He lifted her up and put her legs around his hips. 'Shake these hips.' Harry laughed and shook with his hips. Alli was happy now and laid her head on his shoulder. 'Are you tired?' He whispered and placed a kiss on her forehead. She just nodded. She was exhausted. 'I'll put you in your bed. Should I make some dinner? Or just let you sleep ? Or should I go?' Harry was a really good boy now. He has changed his attitude so fast. Now he is careful with women. 

'You have to stay with me...' Alli said. 'I will sleep when you're next to me or you're here. I need you.' Alli mumbled. 'It's okay, I will.' He said and laid her in her bed. He was lying next to her while stroking her beautiful hair. 'Maybe I should touch your nose like they do with babies.' He laughed. 'I'm your baby' She laughed. 'That's right, you're my baby, my love,... ' Harry said and let her sleep in his arms. 

She was finally sleeping. Harry wanted to make some dinner. But when he put on step on the ground Alli grabbed his hand more thightly but was still sleeping. It looked like she knew that he would leave the bed. 'MMM Harry.' She mumbled. 'Yes love?' 'Stay here. I don't need food now.' She mumbled. He just obeyed. Their day was complete. 


YAY A new chappie! sorry for waiting for it. Exams and inspiration. I think I don't have any fans for it but I hope the fans who likes the story will like it. Love you all! I hope I can write more soon for this story and for my other story LillyBelle. xxx Eline


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