Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

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17. Chapter 16

'Baby wake up.' Niall touched Sophies skin and slowly went down with his fingers to wake her up. It made her shiver. 'Niall.' She said in a sleepy voice. 'Sophie.' He joked. 'Let me sleep, baby.' Sophie said and pouted her lips so Niall could kiss her. And he really did it. 

Then he picked her up and put her in her bathroom. 'You have to wake up baby, within a few hours it's the photoshoot. If you want I will make the shower ready for you.' Niall said and put his hands on her cheeks while kissing her. Sophie just nodded and looked how he did that. 'Could you shower with me Ni?' She asked softly. 'If you really want that.' Niall answered. 

Niall and Sophie were so happy together. Sophie was busy with everything after taking a shower. Choosing her own clothes, the clothes of the boys and girls, the accessories,... Luckily Niall was her assistent. 'Come on Niall we need to go!' Sophie ran with her clothes and accessories in her hands. Niall locked the door and followed her to his car. They made a way to the studio. Making everything ready for the shoot. 

Clothes were ready, baby stuff,... Everything was there except the baby and the models. Finally a few minutes later Danielle arrived. 'Hey! Beautiful studio.' She said and kissed Sophie on the cheek. 'Now my four other models. I have a mini model as well.' Sophie winked. 'Mini model?' 'A baby.' Sophie mentionned. 

'Oh a baby! So it's a shoot with a baby?' 'Not exactly. It's about a process in our lives, wedding, pregnancy, having a baby/family.' 'Oh nice.' Daniell said while Liam came inside. 'What's nice?' 'The concept of her shoot Liam.' Danielle answered. 'What's the concept?' Danielle explained but Liam wasn't that enthusiastic like Danielle. 'Eleanor!' Sophie ran to Eleanor. 'You're happy to see me?' Eleanor laughed.

'Of course, now Louis...' 'You said my name? I'm here!' Louis laughed. 'Niall can you call Denise again?' Sophie whined when Denise wasn't already there for a few minutes. 'I will divide you in two groups. Liam and Danielle you are the ones who have a wedding, so I have a wedding dress and a tux as well with me, decorations enough. You can change there in the room.' Sophie pointed to two doors, one for Danielle and one for Liam.

While making the set ready for it, she explained further to Eleanor and Louis. 'So you're in the phase that you're expecting a baby. And later on in the shoot that you have a baby.' 'Wow, we have to act like we're a happy couple with a baby?' Louis asked. Sophie nodded. 'But I'm sure you and Eleanor have a great chemistry.' Sophie said. 

'Okay, I'm happy it is with Eleanor and not with a stranger.' Louis laughed. Eleanor just blushed. 'So Eleanor , you're pregnant when we're done with the shoot of Liam and Danielle. I have a fake big belly for you.' Sophie already showed it. 'Nice!' Eleanor said but you could feel she was ready to take care of children even it wasn't her own children.

'I'm ready Sophie.' Danielle said and Liam was ready as well. 'I'm gonna fix your curls a bit and Liam do your hair in a quiff , if you can't do it on your own, you can ask Niall. He's the best in it.' Sophie got a curler and fixed the curls of Danielle. 

(An example how she looked for the shoot)


She got a white long dress. Liam was astonished to see Danielle like that. 'Gorgeous.' Liam said. The only thing Danielle could do was blushing. 'Now lovebirds. Stand their on your spot. Look like you're absolutely in love.' Sophie said with her camera in her hands. The pictures were amazing. There was a good chemistry between them. After half an hour they were done. 'You can change , we're done with your pictures or wait change in your own clothes and then we make after Eleanor and Louis their sessions a proposal phase!' 'Great idea, you'll win for sure with your plans.' Danielle answered and went back to the changing room. 

Liam followed her into the same room. 'Danielle can I speak to you?' Liam said nervous.'Yeah?' Danielle said. 'I have to tell you something...' 'Tell it then.' She smiled. 'Maybe I should show it you.' Liam said and kissed Danielle like it was a long time ago that he did that. 

'I...' Danielle was speechless. 'I thought you would never love me.' Danielle said. 'I loved you since I knew you but I didn't realize it how much I love you.' Danielle smiled. 'So that means? ' Danielle said. 'If you want we can be a couple?' Liam smiled. Danielle just nodded and started kissing.  'I thought you would never say it.' Danielle said and changed her clothes, just like Liam. 'You are beautiful Danielle.' Liam said. 

'Next : Eleanor and Louis. ' Sophie said. Sophie helped Eleanor a bit with the fake belly of Eleanor. Then she helped Louis a bit with his hair. 'You look great.' Sophie said. 'First Louis you put your hands on Eleanors belly.' Sophie gave the instructions.

When they gave each other a hug, there was some chemistry and before Sophie could say to kiss Louis took the advantage to kiss Eleanor. 'I love you Eleanor.' Louis said out of breath. Eleanor closed her eyes and nodded. She doesn't want to destroy the moment en kissed him back. 

Sophie made some pictures when they were kissing. Sophie looked at Niall to say that her plan worked. Even when Liam and Danielle came hand in hand out of the changing rooms. 'Now the proposal.' Sophie said to Louis and Eleanor when they were done with kissing and asking if Eleanor wants to be Louis' girlfriend. (AN: The picture under this alinea is a sort of proposal picture, They look so cute, I miss Elounor as hell, I wished that they got Freddie together... ) 


'Now we are!' Danielle yelled when they finished the proposal pictures of Eleanor and Louis. 'Wait Denise is there!' Niall said. 'Theo!'(AN: imagine that Theo is a little baby boy now, just like Freddie from Louis ;) ) 

Niall was so happy to see his little nephew. He hugged him. 'Little Boy!' Niall said and took him in his arms. 'Louis, this is my nephew Theo.' Niall introduced. 'what a little cutie!' Louis said and took him over. 'He's your baby in the shoot!' Sophie told him.

'Great.' Louis said while Eleanor was stroking Theos head. 'He is a cute boy.' Eleanor said. Sophie was taking pictures of Danielle and Liam so Eleanor and Louis could get used to Theo if he does something weird. Baby's are unpredictable. The sparks in all the boys in girls their eyes, an amazing feeling. A wonderful feeling and a wonderful experience to make that happen like Sophie did. 

After Danielle and Liam , Sophie took a break and fell in Nialls arms. 'I love you honey,' Sophie whispered in Nialls left ear. 'I love you more.' Niall whispered back and kissed her ear. 'You did it.' Niall said. 

'Sophie? Say it when you're ready. We are ready with Theo.' Louis mentionned and kissed Eleanor on her forehead while holding Theo in his arms. 'Let me take a sip of my water and after that I'll start again.' 'Hey! I need some time with my girlfriend as wel.' Niall laughed. 'You get her back when her task is complete Nialler.' Louis answered. Danielle and Liam changed clothes and waited when everybody was done with the shoot. Maybe they could drink something together.

'Could you stand in your bare chest? And lay Theo on it?' Sophie proposed.  (imagine Theo is Freddie on Louis chest ;) )

He was so fragile. Eleanor was so proud of her Louis. She was happy that she was with him. She was so sure that kids would have a place in his heart. A big place. Everyone was emotional. Theo was in silence. And every girl was very emotional. Liam put his arm around his girl and Niall stood behind his girl. Eleanor just stood there alone when they took that picture. After that picture, Eleanor had to lay on her back and Theo was lying on her chest/breasts while Louis was placing a kiss on Theos head. Very beautiful pictures. 'If you don't win this, they're too blind.' Everyone said when the shoots were done. 

After helping eachother cleaning up the studio, everyone got in their own car (all the boys, the girls stepped into the car of their boys) and drove to a pub. They drank a few drinks and talked about the whole shoot and were happy. Sophie was the most of happy of them all, her plan succeeded! 

New chappie! I couldn't resist the Freddie picture! I needed that one! Currently I'm inspirationless but I'm sure if I have inspiration that I'll write further on this story! I promise and that I'll finish soon chapters as well. 

I hope you like  the new chapter!


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