Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


12. Chapter 11

Alli woke up. Her feelings were mixed. She was happy to go to Harry but she haven't slept of it. Scared of what will happen from now on, if she sleeps next to him... Would she miss him next to her in her bed if she sleeps with him? Or does he want to do more than sleep together then? She was so insecure. She walked to the kitchen and found some cornflakes and milk. She poured the milk in a bowl and put the cornflakes in it too. A spoon and her breakfast was complete. She ate it while walking. 'Honey.' her dad said. 

'Dad.' She said back and smiled. 'Boyfriendday, I heard from your mother?' He asked. Alli nodded. She was proud of it. 'Can you bring me after lunch dad?' 'Okay, honey. You have the address?' 'Of course.' Alli smiled and gave him the paper with the address on it. 'Thanks Alli.' Her dad said and walked to his office room in their house to look up for the route to go. 

Alli ran to her room and grabbed her pink dress and curled her hair. She made sure she had everything if she goes to Harry. "Looking forward to go to you babe.  :) Miss you already. I see you this afternoon x Alli." She sent it to Harry. Harry smiled when he saw that message and sent something back. "Honey! I miss you too :( I hope I can lay my arms around you this afternoon and place kisses on your cheeks, lips, temples,... " When Alli saw she couldn't wait to go. She ran upstairs with her bag full of clothes, tools for the bathroom like comb, make up,... and everything she needed.

'Mom when do we eat lunch?' She asked her mom when she came inside. 'Soon, I was at the bakkery and from the supermarket so we have lunch now. ' She winked to her daughter. She could see that Alli wanted to go to Harry. Harry was a hero for Alli. Actually more than a hero. When they got lunch, Alli ran to her dad who got the car keys and together they walked to the car. While her dad was driving, she texted Harry a lot... 

Harry made his room a bit romantic and made sure it was a tidy room now. He made sure his lady could have a great time her. While Harry was making that, it was already good at Sophie and Niall. They slept in Nialls old bed. Arms around each other. 'Goodmorning lovely.' Niall said and held Sophie a little bit thighter when he saw she was awake just like him. Sophie placed a lovely kiss on his arm. 'Had a good dream?' He asked her. She nodded. 'Dreamed about prince charming?' She let out a little giggle. 'who's him? Do I have to be afraid of him?' He acted like was jealous. 'No it was you.' She said and smiled. 

He placed a kiss on her hair and lowered to her neck. A little giggle came out of Sophies mouth. 'Niall stop honey.' She said and turned around. 'I don't stop.' He said and kissed her mouth. 'You can do that on my lips, that don't irritate but that other no, no now please.' She laughed. 'Okay, then we'll do that.' He kissed her mouth a few times, long times, until they were out of breath. 

'Let's go for breakfast.' Niall proposed. He was hungry so he ran to the bathroom to change him into jeans, a shirt and some socks on his feet. Then he brushed his teeth and spray some deodorant (I think that's the English word of it) and made sure he was ready for breakfast. If he was downstairs, Sophie changed herself, make up on, and everything she always does. When she walked downstairs, her lovely boyfriend had already made breakfast. Nialls mom was already awake too and enjoyed the fact that Niall finally made some breakfast. He never made that for her. 

Niall wasn't that one who would take care of someone like that. It was the first time he would take care of a girl, made sure of breakfast for everyone, not only for his own sake. Because he was always hungry, not anyone else. It was always him, making food and eating it, or it was mom making food and he always ate it. 

'You know, you have changed Niall positively.' Maura said to Sophie. Sophie blushed a bit. 'Because she is the one.' Niall said with a mouth full of food. Everyone laughed when he said that. It was funny to see it. Hungry Niall saying that, you couldn't understand it properly. But he got the luck on his side, everyone could guess what he had said. He was a lucky boy. Maybe he could some Irish luck things with him, like a four-leaf clover or he was maybe a little leprechaun with a bowl of gold. 

Quite weird things to think about , but it could if you see him? Let's... no ... don't distract ourselves.... 'What would we do today babe?' Niall asked his girlfriend. 'Maybe just a lazy day, if I'm with you it's okay.' She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder. 'I have some albums of little Niall if you want to see that. ' Maura said with a big smile. 'No , mom I already said don't show it to my future girlfriend...' he sighted. 'Niall, it doesn't matter. I'm sure you were a cute baby and I would like to see when you're a little boy. I think you're still that cute as on the pictures...' She said and stroked Nialls cheeks. 'Okay, okay if you really want it... ' He sighted and watched some TV while Maura started to search for her albums to show it to Sophie. 

'That's when we was one, he ate his first pie, and ofcourse you could see he was that enthusiastic. Even his shirt was dirty. ' They turned a page.' Oh my good cute! Niall you were a cute baby!' Sophie yelled. 'Yeah yeah I don't believe.' He yelled back and watched some football. 'He fell into the wedding cake of a wedding of our family when he was little.' Maura said. 'Mom! Come on.' He was mad... 'It's okay baby, I did more stupid things when I was little...' Sophie defended her boyfriend. 

After a lot of gossips, Niall went to his room, he hated when he mom said everything to his girlfriend. Sophie knew it and followed him to calm him down. 'Hey, don't be mad.' She said and stroked his back because he laid on his stomach. He ignored her. 'I know your mom told me all the things you don't wanna hear to say to your girlfiend. However, this doesn't affect how I feel about you... I still fell in love with the Niall that I know, not the little one who fell into a cake or the one who had a chicken who gave it a lot of food so it died because it was that fat. ' A whole speech came out of her mouth. But he still didn't answer.

'I still love that Niall who I met the first day when I moved into the building, where I bumped into. with whom I talked to, with whom made pictures with, Believe me Niall. Your mom changed nothing, maybe she changed one thing, that I still love you more and more even with your past.' She said and kissed him in his neck. 'Really?' A sort of answer came out Nialls mouth but because he laid his head on his pillow you couldn't hear a lot. 'Really Niall. Come here and give your girlfriend a big kiss and a hug.' She laughed and finally he gave her a hug and a kiss. 

'I love you.' He whispered. 'I love you too and our future that matters not our past.' She whispered in his ear to make sure he would know that. He smiled and kissed her again. 'Watching a movie now?' She proposed. He nodded and choose a horror one because he knew Sophie would snuggle into his chest and actually they wouldn't watch it because he would be busy with calming her down and she wouldn't watch it because she's scared of it. 

"I'm almost there Hazz... See you in 5 minutes" Harry's heart have never beaten that hard when he saw that message. She's finally there. He waited, leaning against the front door and when she arrived he took her bags and helped her inside. He thanked her dad and said goodbye to him. Allis dad accepted him more than her mom. But her mom waited a time to trust him after the things he had said to her daughter. 

'Hazz!' Alli said and ran to him and hugged him. He kissed her when she wrapped her arms around him. He smiled while kissing. 'Come in honey.' He said and took the bags she said. She could organise with her family that she could stay two nights with Harry. That has meant a lot for her. 'Hey Alli.' Anne said to Alli and watched some TV again. 

'Let's go upstairs?' Harry proposed. Alli nodded and followed him. She sat down on his bed and looked around. Before she knew it, Harry was going downstairs to get some drinks. She was impressed that his room wasn't that dirty. 'Here I have something to drink for you. It was a long way to come here I think?' He asked his girlfriend when he came inside again. Alli just nodded and drank. 

She put her glass on his desk. 'What do you wanna do today?' Harry asked and pointed to his lap so she would know that she could sit there. She obeyed and sat on his lap while Harry stroked her hair. 'Just being with you.' She answered. 'I have films, games,...' He tried to show some ideas. 

Alli wanted to tease him. 'I have my make up too or my things for my hair.' She winked to him. 'That's for you not for me.' He whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek. She giggled a bit and stroked his chest with her fingers. 'I love you Harry.' She said and snuggled into his chest. Harry loved the way she learns it, being open minded, instead of closing the doors for him. 

'I love you too Allison. My lovely Allison.' He said back and couldn't stop smiling. He placed a kiss on her hair.

Short chappie but I couldn't wait to publish because I appreciate that some people read it :)


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