Between these walls

Love can go everywhere. It can be closed into the walls before you know it... You can be closed into walls and before you know it, you fell in love, you and all thanks because between these walls will be the boy where you're in love with.

Cover made by my official cover maker mybestfriendisapenguin_Xx


2. Chapter 1

Sophie reached her destination, just like Allison. Their parents dropped them off and helped them with all the boxes they had to move into their 'house for the weekdays'. When Sophie saw Allison, she stepped out the car and ran to her best friend. She hugged her thightly. 

'I'm happy to see you again.' Allison told her best friend. 'The same here. But I have to move my boxes so I'll see you later.' Sophie stopped the conversation and went to the trunk of her parents car. Allison did the same. Sophie went first with her parents inside the building. When Allison stepped into the building and reached room 2, she felt someone pinching her ass. She looked behind her and it was the curly one, Harry.

'Hello beautiful, liked that?' He said arrogant. 'If you do that once, you'll get a black eye on your arrogant face. It'll be black instead of green. ' When she said that her parents heard that. 'Allison Stacy Summerhood! Say sorry to ..' Before her mom could finish her sentence, Harry stook out his hand and said his name 'Harry Edward Styles' He said like someone polite , he wasn't.

'Nice to meet you.' He added to it. Allisons mom was really impressed of him. But he could do that to parents. He knew the right tricks to impress parents and to annoy girls of his age. Allison walked with her boxes to her room. When she put it down, and her parents put the boxes down too, she stayed there. Her parents brought the boxes then trough the window, so they left the building. 

Sophie had the same manner as Allison because she had also a view over the parking lot so she could do the same. Allison was happy to avoid Harry. When Sophie was done with everything, she opened her room door but before she knew she touched Niall. 'Oh sorry, I didn't see you coming here.' She said. Niall blushed a bit. 'It doesn't matter. I'm Niall, Niall Horan.' Niall introduced himself to her. His smile could light up the whole world, Sophie was convinced with that idea.

'I'm Sophie van Houten.' Sophie said and shook her hand with his. 'Doesn't sound British?' Niall asked her. 'No, my dad is dutch and mom is british. ' 'I'm from Ireland.' He said while smiling. 'Nice to know. But I have to go.' 'See you later? I'm from room 5, upstairs.' He said and waved to her. 

Sophie walked to the parking lot and hugged her parents to say goodbye. Then she walked to Allisons room where her parents said goodbye to her. 'Soph!' Allison yelled to her best friend when she came into the room. 'Alli!' Sophie yelled back. She hugged her best friend. Her parents left the building to go back to their house.

'Oh my god I'm in love Alli!' Sophie yelled. 'I hope you're not in love with my neighbour or room 2.' 'No no, room 5, Niall Horan. Oh my god, his hair, his smile. If he could light up the world with his smile, it would help.' 'Oh oh Soph in love. ' 'Shut up Alli!' Sophie poked her best friend. 

'Room 2 that boy urgh. Curly but arrogant!' Alli yelled. 'Oh no that type.' Sophie sighted. 'I've never seen him but if I see him , I'll send him to you then.' Sophie said and Allison tickled her best friend. They both fell on Allisons bed. They laughed. 'Do you have your stuff of hairclass with you?' Sophie asked. Alli nodded. 'Of course, I can't do nothing without it. My hair is a mess if I haven't had it.' Sophie laughed. 'Drama queen Alli.' 

After talking a lot, Sophie decided to go to her own room. Making some food, and making plans in her head. She absolutely wanted to see Niall again. Dinner was done and Sophie left her room. She used the stairs to go upstairs. She doubted if it was the right room. She knocked on the door. A lovely girl, called Eleanor opened the door. 'Hi, sorry for bothering you. I'm Sophie but do you know where a blonde guy lives? I think his name is Niall Horan.' Sophie stuttered. 

'Oh hi, I'm Eleanor. I think you mean this guy.' She pointed to the guy standing in the hallway, just closing his roomdoor. 'Oh sorry.' Sophie said. 'Hi.' Sophie blushed and walked to Niall. 'Oh hello neighbour. Already missing me?' He laughed. Sophie nodded. 'I want to know you better because I love to have more friends here in this building then my best friend Allison who's living next to me.' 'Oh your best friend is here too? But come in.' He said and opened his roomdoor.

A messy boysroom revealed. Quite messy but it was lovely, enjoyable. 'Take a seat.' He said. 'So... what's your name again? Sophie isn't it?' Sophie nodded. 'You're Niall.' 'Good guess, my lady. University or college girl?' 'University' 'Great me too. But I'm a university boy.' He laughed. 

Quite impressing to see how both fell in love so fast but saying it no, no, never! 'What do you like to do when you have time?' Niall asked he was curious about the things she does and likes. 'I have followed education, hairdresser but I can also do the make up of people and I'm an amateur photographer. ' 'I hope you don't see a model in me? I'm not a model.' Niall said as a joke. 

'Really? I thought you're a super model. Maybe next time I'll bring my camera to you and take some picture with you.' 'Deal.' He shook his hand with hers. A little smile appeared on both their face. 'Tomorrow I'll bring my camera?' Sophie proposed as an excuse to be with Niall once again. 'Great. Maybe I can pick you up normally there's one university here so you can carpool with me. I have a car.' He said as an excuse to get her in his car. She nodded. 'I would like that. My bike is stupid.' Sophie laughed and looked in Nialls blue eyes. 

'But I'm going to bed.' Sophie said after a long talk. She ran happy back to her room. A day with Niall is a happy day. She texted Allison that she met Niall again. 

While Sophie had her meeting with Niall, an annoying curly head called Harry annoyed Allison with knocking on her door. She opened the door. 'What do you want?' She said annoyed. 'Missed me, beautiful?' He tried to touch her. 'Get away Styles. I don't know you and I don't wanna know you.' She took a step back and tried to close the door but Harry was a bit faster, more than a bit extra actually. He pushed her to the wall. 

'Now you're weak.' He grinned and went closer to kiss her but her hands slipped to her bag of hairdress stuff. An electric razor was revealed. 'Go back where you came from or you'll be bald.' She put on the razor. She was scared a bit and Harry used that. 'You don't even dare.' He slipped with his fingers to her cheek. It made her mad and Harry became scared when she came closer to his hair to shave it off. He stepped away. 'Now away!' She yelled and finally she got him away and locked the door. She put the razor off and put it back where it belonged. She sighted a bit out of frustration. Couldn't he stop being annoying?

She made herself ready to go to bed. Tomorrow will be a new day. The next day Allison went with her bike to college on her way, she passed Harry who was smiling like an idiot. What was his plan again? He could have a plan, she was just so sure. 

This was the first chapter of Between these walls :) I hope you already liked the prologue and the first chapter. Second chapter will be soon enough up, I'll try to finish it as fast as I can but college is starting again and the second year of college isn't the easiest year of all the years, first year was easy for me because I knew almost all the subjects. And I know this book is not realistic, razor moment came up in my head , it was just funny how I saw it in my head and it is with a reason that I had put it, why 'Harry was scared of it'. 

As you see it's most of the times Sophie, Allison, Harry and Niall but sometimes Eleanor, Liam, Louis and Danielle will appear too but it's a bit difficult to follow all the 8 people each chapter. So sorry if one of them is your favourite and they even come a lot in it, you know why. But here you saw Eleanor already in it, next chapter Louis and maybe others. 

I also choose for Eleanor and Danielle as characters because I know them the best. If I took Sophia I wouldn't know what to write about her even if she's nice. And I know Danielle and Eleanor aren't the girlfriends of One Direction but I still love them for how they are. 

Thank you already for reading it and I see you next chapters :) 

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