The Clash of the Stars

When a Star Wars convention happens and Star Trek fans gate crash, an all out battle of the stars breaks out. [Annabeth Shadownight's idea; She's writing Star Wars, Prodigy is writing Star Trek]
*credit to River Summers for the cover*


3. Star Wars.

Six Hours Before The Convention 

Ciara, sat at her desk re-reading the notice for Comic-Con this year. She had read every detail. Even the small print. A smile grew on her face as it said in the small print 'Star Wars Only Convention'. It was time to show the Star Trek Fans who was boss. 


Ciara, was the biggest Star Wars fan, she had been a fan since her father had introduced it to her. Then Star Trek had ruined her life. Her former friend had turned to the Dark Side. Ciara would call it. 

She pulled the brown hood of her Jedi cloak, over her short dirty blonde hair. Her phone rang. It was Luke, one of her best friends. Ciara answered her phone.

"Hi Luke, are you excited" Ciara asked

"Yes, Ciara, I can't wait, and I can believe that it's a Star Wars only convention." Luke Replied all in one go.

"Yeah, do you know what Lucy is going as?" Lucy was Luke's twin sister

"Princess Leia"

"Of course she is. Most of the Actors are going to be there. I'm so excited" 

"Cool. So when are you able to make it over?"

"Give me about half an hour. Then I'll be over. Okay."

"Okay. Bye Ciara I see you in Half an Hour" 

"Bye Luke."

Ciara put the phone down and started on the braid in her hair. 

Ciara looked sideways at her Lightsaber. She had tested and experimented. Finally she had created the First working lightsaber. A dream she had since she was little.

30 mins later

Ciara Headed over to Luke's house. Where she would meet her two friends. She never knew what was going to happen...

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