The Clash of the Stars

When a Star Wars convention happens and Star Trek fans gate crash, an all out battle of the stars breaks out. [Annabeth Shadownight's idea; She's writing Star Wars, Prodigy is writing Star Trek]
*credit to River Summers for the cover*


1. Star Wars

Star Wars fans flocked in great numbers for the day. Jedi, Sith, and even The Rebels were there. The convention was huge - it was to celebrate the release of Star Wars VII 'The Force Awakens' The organiser had been preparing for months to get this right. 

One fan had cracked the code; she had made a real lightsaber, after working for months on it. She wished The Force was real, but she was just an ordinary girl. She had worked for along time to get her costume perfect. She was going as a Jedi Knight. The convention was awesome - everyone's costumes were amazing.  As the convention neared the end of the first day, a loud sound could be heard from the front entrance...

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