Nico di Angelo and the House Party of Hades

The Great Stirring has just come to an end, thanks to Lea Reclin. Now, five days after the Summer Solstice, it's Lea's 16th birthday, Nico wants to throw Lea a party to end all parties and Hades would be the perfect place , right?


1. Part 1

Nico Di Angelo and the House Party of Hades- Part 1

Nico Di Angelo and the House Party of Hades- Part 1 
I’ll be the first to admit it; I suck at throwing parties. I honestly have no idea why Lea allowed me to be ‘Official Party Planner’ for her Sweet Sixteen. I don’t think she really cared that much about it in the first place but still, I wanted to make it special. 
It had only been five days since the Summer Solstice and Lea’s knighting ceremony. Lea had been acting pretty out of it lately, I think she was still in a state of disbelief from all that had happened on the Summer Solstice. 
Lea had come down to visit me yesterday and since then she’d stayed locked up in the guest bedroom in the highest tower. She said she liked it because she could pretend she was Rapunzel but I think she mostly just liked the privacy and the quietness. 
The party was tonight and I was in charge of everything. Everything. 
I was kind of freaking out, I wanted it to be perfect for her. 
So of course I screwed everything up. 
Things started to go wrong when I realized we needed food, but not underworld food, I didn’t want to curse her as a birthday present. I had also asked the adults to stay up in their rooms so that they wouldn’t come down and crash the party. So I put the skeletons in charge of decorations, the ghosts in charge of entertainment, and I set out to the mortal world to find a cake and some snacks. 
I shadow traveled to the surface world, my dad’s deluxe credit card in hand. 
At first I was tempted to get some hamburgers for the meal but I decided to choose something a bit lighter. 
I visited the first grocery store I could find, filling my basket up with chips and liters of soda. I also bought those amazing puffy cookies that Lea had introduced me too since she loved them so much. 
Afterwards, I sent the bought items back t my dad’s with a skeleton butler and then I went to a bakery. After order the biggest cake they had I returned just in time, exactly ten minutes before the party was about to start. 
I went straight to my room changing into my fancy clothes, I simple black tux with a black tie, as a reference to the time Lea and I reunited after she defeated Styx. 
I ran a comb through my ratted hair and looked in the mirror, trying to smile. It looked weird and crooked, so I stopped, making a mental note not to smile too much tonight. 
I rushed up the tower steps to find Lea sitting on her bed, still in pajamas, jotting in journal. She jumped when I ran into her room without knocking. 
“Nico!”  she exclaimed tucking the journal under her pillow hastily, “What are you doing here? And why are you dressed like your going to a funeral?” then she paused to think, “More than usual.”
“It’s your birthday!” I announced. 
“I’m aware,” she said, prompting me to go on, she looked slightly distressed.
“So it’d be weird if you missed your own party1” I exclaimed. 
Her eyes widened, panicking, “Party?”
For a girl who wasn’t scared of an army of man-eating Cyclops she sure was afraid of social interaction, especially when she was the center of attention. 
“Get dressed!” I urged her, nodding. 
She stood up, still looking very confused and afraid, going over to her closet. It was magical so it could summon whatever she wanted to wear. But it had this little glitch were it could only summon outfits that were black or mostly black. 
She pulled out a pastel pink dress with a black lace neckline. 
“A dress?” I asked, surprised. 
She shrugged, “Why not? It’s my birthday, might as well dress up.”
I stood outside as she changed, after a few minutes she was outside wearing the dress with sheer black leggings and black flats. 
Her hair hung around her face, draping perfectly to frame her jawline. It was super messy and tangled, but she stilled looked gorgeous. 
I noticed she had smudged on some mascara and her lips were glossed. 
She looked like a princess a kickass slightly gothic princess who’d just been woken up. 
She was perfect. 
“M’lady,” I said, offering her my hand. 
She blushed, in turn making me blush as she took my hand. 
I led her down the staircase into the main foyer where the party was taking place. 
My heart dropped and I’m pretty sure her’s did too. 
The room was dark, bones hung from the ceiling like a weird sort of streamers; the floor was coated with mist. The only thing that had any sort of color in the room was the food, which was sitting on one tables between the main staircases.
I wanted to die, this was the last time I’d ever leave the skeletons in charge of decorating. 
The guests mingled, moaning lifelessly. 
Lea looked at me, as if she was waiting for me to yell, “Kidding!” 
I wish I could’ve. 
“Uh, um, come meet the guests,” I sputtered trying to regain confidence, “I invited some really interesting people, like Michael Jackson! Hey man!”
“Hey Nico,” he said to me and then he bowed to Lea. 
Lea waved lightly at him. 
“And here’s Houdini!” I announced pulling Lea towards the famous magicians shade, “I bet you have a lot of questions to ask him!”
Houdini laughed, “A good magician never reveals his secrets, even after death!”
I laughed nervously. 
Lea smiled, then tugged on my hand, pulling me aside. 
Her yes were still wide and her gaze flickered from guest to guest. 
“Uh, Nico,” she began, her voice sounded like she was treading on ice, afraid to make a wrong move and fall to her death. 
“Yeah?” I asked. 
“I can’t speak to ghosts,” she stated, she gave me hopeful but guilty smile. 
I felt like punching myself in the face, I was so stupid. I completely forgot!
I had invited over a hundred guests, none of which Lea could understand a sentence they spoke. 
“I-I uh,” I tried to say something, but the words would come out. 
“It’s cool,” she said, then she hugged me, “Thanks for doing this for me, it means a lot.”
“But I failed,” I said.
She winked, “The night not over yet! I’m sure you’ll figure something out, and if not looks like you and I have a lot we need to eat.”
She pointed at the food table. 
At least I’d done one thing right, if only I had just done everything myself. 
Suddenly, I knew what to do.
I ran outside, leaving Lea to enjoy the puff cookies. 
I found the iris message fountain and flipped a drachma into the mist, stating, “Percy Jackson, Camp Half Blood, Long Island Sound!” 
Within second his image flickered into view, he was sitting at the campfire with the rest of the Seven.
“Nico!” he exclaimed, “What’s up?”
“I’m hosting a birthday party for Lea and I need you to come to the underworld right now,” I said quickly. 
“This is the one time that I’m actually totally cool with going to the underworld,” he agreed.
“Come through Orpheus’ entrance. Bring decorations and friends,” I stated.
He nodded then ran his hand through the image, breaking the connection. 
I ran, waiting by the entrance, after about twenty minutes the entrance grinded open. 
Percy rushed past me, plastic grocery bags in hand, he was followed by the rest of the Seven, Thalia, and all of Lea’s friends from Camp. 
I led them to the castle, and told them to wait just outside the foyer; I wanted to surprise Lea as best as I could. 
I walked up to her, she was sitting on the railing over looking in the party, eating a cookie. 
“Where were you?” she inquired, “I needed a translator.”
She gestured to Cleopatra, who was lounging nearby, “Teach me your secrets,” Lea whispered jokingly as she stared at the shade of the beautiful Greek woman.  
“I was just making a few calls,” I said.
She raised her eyebrow. 
“What? I had to scold a few people for being late,” I lied. 
She raised her eyebrow even higher. 
“Did you seriously expect me to only invite ghosts?” I joked. 
“Yes,” she replied flatly. 
I laughed and then walked over to the grand entrance doors and threw them open. 
“You thought wrong,” I yelled to her. 
Campers rushed inside. 
Leo had brought some modified shirt launchers and he went around shooting them up into the air, the exploded sending what looked liked pink feather boas, made from pink rose petals that the dryads had whipping tighter. 
Finally Hazel had summoned a bunch of gems and Leo, wearing special protective gloves had created a massive chandelier orb out of them. 
One of the Apollo boys, Will Solace, I think, put some sunlight in the middle of the chandelier. A rainbow of light cascaded over every inch of them room, making the dark foyer glow with color. 
It looked gorgeous, and I could tell Lea thought so too, She stared in awe her mouth gaping as she looked up at the new decorations. 
Then Leo yelled, “Let’s get this party started!” and he turned on a huge radio, already set up with a gigantic and complex sound system. 
Dubstep began to blare out and every whooped and hollered. 
Everyone danced, and ate and talked. It actually seemed like a decent party. 
Lea smiled at me from her perch on the railing, then she slid down the staircase railing and tackled me with a hug. 
She squeezed me so tight it hurt a little, I loved it. 
“You’re the best,” she said. 
I didn’t know how to reply, so I just hugged her back. 
After about an hour I picked up the cake from the bakery, it was five levels, pearly white frosting with pink roses. 
When I brought it out and everyone was finished singing, Lea turned to me before blwoing out the candles. 
“If there is anyone in this that will pop out when I blow the candles I will punch them, purely out of reflex, so beware,” she warned, and then closed her eyes, making a wish. 
Luckily I hadn’t planned for any surprise pop-out so nobody got punched in the face that night…that I know of. 
Lea, Piper, Annabeth and Hazel taught the boys how to do the Charleston and they danced to Rock Around the Clock. 
At one point the Beatles’ “ Get By with a Little Help from My Friends” started playing and even I had to laugh. 
We did some Disney karaoke, and Lea took a solo for “Won’t Say I’m in Love” from Hercules and then did a duet with Leo for “Love is an Open Door”. It was hilarious, they were both terrible, but they had fun so I don’t think they really cared about vocal quality. 
By one in the morning the night began to wind down and the demigods were escorted home by skeletons chauffeurs. 
I summoned some more skeletons to clean up with wild mess we made and then there was only Lea and I left. 
She stood in the middle of the foyer, as the decorations were being taken down. 
Petals fell around her like natural confetti, and she caught it in her hands like snow. 
I stared at her, she was beyond gorgeous, I honestly didn’t understand why she hung out with a guy like me. 
At the end of the night, she hugged and thanked me again and went off to bed.
I was left standing outside her room thanking the gods.
I knew that that night and the days to follow would be one I’d never forget, not even if I drank from the river Lethe. 
I wish I could say the same for Lea.

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