"RUN!" Those were my sister's last words to me as she pushed me off towards the woods. That was the last time I saw her alive, I had to identify what was left of her. I went into an orphanage afterwards, and trained in secret to kill who had managed to murder my entire family. I vowed I would not kill myself until I kill them all. No one will get in my way, not even One Direction.

Has some adult scenes


10. Chapter 6

I cried in the elevator for what felt like years. I was in the corner on the floor and people were staring but I didn't care. When I decided what I was going to do I got off the floor and stepped off the elevator. No sooner than I did I was bombarded by reporters and their questions. I zoned out walking by them, until one asked "What happened to your family? Did you kill them as we-" he was cut off as I turned to him and pushed him into the wall.

I screamed "Don't talk about my family, asshole!" I picked him up by the throat and threw him back into the wall. I shut my eyes and said "Don't remind me of them, please." I cried and walked away from the reporters as they stood trying to get shots of the unconscious prick I threw.

I ran away not knowing where to go, because if that were to happen I would normally have gone to Ms.H. I ran all over.

I changed in an alley and kept running not caring if people saw me.

I went to the cemetery where my family was buried and where Ms.H and I would be buried. I laid down on their graves and thought about where I would go when I die. I'm an abomination so I can't go to heaven. However I'm not evil so I can't go to hell. I'll be in the oblivion soon.

I got up from their graves and howled one last time. It was midnight as I made my way to a gun shop, in human form naked. I didn't care if people saw me I wouldn't be alive for much longer.

When I walked in the guy was reading a porn magazine he looked up and dropped it. "What can I do for you sweetie?" He looked me up and down. I replied coldly "I would like to purchase a hand gun with silver bullets." He chuckled "You have to have a permit and there's a three day waiting period. But I bet we could work something out between us."

He looked at me pervertedly and I lost it I went up to him growling teeth growing longer and eyes getting golden and glowing. He was too busy looking at my vagina to see my face. I grabbed him and threw him to the floor knocking him unconscious. I hopped over the counter and got what I needed before leaving.

When I got to the cemetery I laid down under the old tree that was by their graves. They were secluded because I didn't have money for a good spot. I laid back on my mothers stone in between my father and sister.

I sighed and whispered crying "I'm sorry I just can't do this anymore. I'm alone, everyone has left me. I don't even care about revenge anymore. The last of my world shattered in twenty hours. I-" I sobbed before continuing "I-I just want to die. I'm already dead. I don't want to hurt anymore."

I put the gun to my head after loading it and took a deep breath. I heard 1D and 5sos (Cal and his group) shouting for me to stop, but ignored them. I ignored the flashes of the reporters. I counted to three in my head. One. I won't hurt anymore. Two. I won't scream out for my family each night only to remember I am alone. Three. "Good-Bye." I heard Cal shouting no, I heard Niall running to stop me. He will be too late I thought. I pulled the trigger and was pulled off of Earth. I no longer had thoughts. I could no longer see. I could no longer hear anything. I wasn't there. I was nothing. It was wonderful, and peaceful. I was nothing anymore. Not hurt. Not sad. Not scared. Not mad. Not nervous. I was nothing.

So I finished this book with a sad ending, tell me if you like it. Also I might be doing another one if school doesn't get too hectic.

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