"RUN!" Those were my sister's last words to me as she pushed me off towards the woods. That was the last time I saw her alive, I had to identify what was left of her. I went into an orphanage afterwards, and trained in secret to kill who had managed to murder my entire family. I vowed I would not kill myself until I kill them all. No one will get in my way, not even One Direction.

Has some adult scenes


4. Chapter 2

I was woken by voices in the hall. I tried to get up, but found I was tied with chains to a chair. I was still naked but at that moment I didn't care. My one and only focus is to survive.

I looked around and saw my cell, was all concrete. I looked at the chair and found it was medal. Great! This is just fucking dandy! I heard footsteps coming towards the door. I started shifting, a growl sliding through my now long teeth. They walked in, and stood around me. The blonde stepped forward. "Hello, my name is Niall. This is Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Lous. We can't let you kill those who got your family, because if you do. It could draw unwanted attention to the supernatural realm." This fucking asshole! When he got close enough I bit him. He returned to the safety of his mates, I bared my teeth at them. I glared as Niall's blood dripped of my teeth. "Don't touch me. Take that as a warning!" I growled. In a flash they were holding me down. I managed to bite two of them, before they held me down. Louis stood in front of me and smiled "No biting, we don't bite you, you don't bite us." I rolled my eyes and sighed "Fine, now get these chains off of me!" I wiggled in the chains, trying to get out of them. Harry smiled "Why should we? I mean you've been mean to us." I glared at him slowly growling "I have school! Plus my friends will notice I'm gone!" I only had the boys for friends and they could be helpful. But I doubt they could do anything here, as they were not werewolves like me. But like hell I'll tell them! They nodded, and Zayn unlocked me.

I got up and was almost to the door when I realized I had no clothes on. I felt my face lightly blush as I opened the door. I had been in a closet! I looked around and saw the door to the roof. I sighed in relief as I walked towards it. I opened it and was met with fresh air. It was still dark out, thank god! I walked over to my pile of clothes and felt grateful I hadn't bothered with underwear.

I was finished early because of it. I looked up to see all of the boys staring at my ass as I tied my shoes. I sighed "Take a picture it'll last longer!" I shouted. I looked to see Louis smiling getting out his phone, only to be stopped by Liam saying "Mate, she was being sarcastic." I rolled my eyes as I walked over to them. "By the way I am only 17 you perverts!"I was turning 18 in a month but they don't need to know that! I walked past them purposely bumping into their shoulders. When I'm at the edge of the roof I smile back at them. "Bye-Bye, One Direction!" I saw them look at me surprised that I knew who they were. I laughed and jumped down, landing twenty stories down.

I climbed down and saw the old woman watching wheel of fortune. She smiled to me and gave me my usual black coffee. I smiled at her "How are you, Ms. H.? Have you taken your meds?" She nodded sipping her lemon tea. "I'm good. How are you Haley?" I smiled nodding at her. We talk everyday, cause we seem to be missing the same "Good, I have to get to school but I wanted to stop by." She smiled wider "Thanks, Haley. I hope you have a good day." Leaned into the window and kissed her cheek. She did the same "Bye, don't forget to take your meds at two, okay?" She nodded and I left. When I was on the side of the window where she couldn't see me I jumped off. I landed in the empty street and decided I wanted to go to the park to run and hunt. I took a short cut through an ally, that looked like it could have some criminal dirtbags. I smiled, and smelt the air, yes!

Three big men, not much of a fight but it will do. I tried to act innocent and frightened when the first came out, when in all reality I could run around the state before he could kill me. When he was close enough I could smell his lust, I smiled. He looked taken aback by my smile but kept going. "Well hello missy, what are you doing out at a time like this?" I knew what he was thinking as my predatory side came out. I smelt his plan. He was going to distract me so his friends could knock me out and drag me to the old motel they rented. There they would videotape raping me and sell it for money. Just like the other girls there.Not very original. I guess I'll save the girls too. I stumbled closer to him and used my most innocent and slightly drunk voice. "Oh, I'm just walking home, from a party." I stumbled closer to him and fell onto him "I think my friend might have put something in my drink." He smiled wider thinking this will be easy. I let him pick me up as I fake passed out.

They put me in a trunk and drove towards the motel. I started to hum Midnight Memories, as we stopped I stopped humming. I acted as if I was asleep, one of them picked me up. "We got lucky tonight, she wasn't very hard. Plus she's sexy," he groped my boobs, and grabbed my ass. I mentally gagged. Perverts. They took me to the room where I was to be raped. I smelt the air, four other girls being raped by four other men. Ooh, this will be fun, killing dirtbags, and saving other girls. They put me in a bed where two other girls were bent over, crying as the men raped them. The men tied my hands and started to pull down my pants when I decided to make my move.

I opened my eyes and laughed. "You guys are idiots! Do you not know the meaning of too easy?" I easily ripped through the rope and punched the guy pulling down my pants, sending him flying across the room into a mirror. The four drunk guys were still raping the girls, but the other two came to me. I avoided all of their punches and snapped their necks.

The girls were now crying "Help me please! Stop them!" As one drunken man was about to enter a girl I ripped his throat out with my hands. Then another man put his manhood on my ass, I turned around and kneed him in the balls, before I snapped his neck. The other two were still fucking one girl at the same time. She screamed in pain, I grew more pissed as I saw this girl looked like she was sixteen. I grabbed them each by the neck puling them out of her. They turned to me one of them said "Hey girl, you want me in you too?" And started rubbing my vagina before I threw him across the room and snapping the other man's neck. I looked at the girl still crying and went to the girl in the corner who was shaking. I checked her pulse, weak but there. I stepped into the middle of the room "Alright girls, I need you to go down to the police station, and tell them what happened. But please don't tell them I did it. People can't know what I did." I said in a calming voice. The sixteen year old said "We can do that but what about her?" She pointed to the girl in the corner who was now passed out. "It's alright I'll just call the police."

I looked at my clothes and they were blood spattered. "Crap! I gotta ditch my clothes." I took off my clothes and ran to a dumpster near the motel and put the clothes in an old jam jar. I came back an dialed 911. "Our story is, the person saved us before they raped me. And the person was a guy, okay?" They all nodded the girls said thank you to me when we heard the sirens.

When the police came in we were all kneeling around the knocked out girl. They were all men, they looked at the naked young girls, then to the bloodbath of men with their pants down, and called it in. I heard one of them say "Get female officers, rape kits, body bags, and clothes."

Sorry if that was too long. Or too short.

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