"RUN!" Those were my sister's last words to me as she pushed me off towards the woods. That was the last time I saw her alive, I had to identify what was left of her. I went into an orphanage afterwards, and trained in secret to kill who had managed to murder my entire family. I vowed I would not kill myself until I kill them all. No one will get in my way, not even One Direction.

Has some adult scenes


1. Chapter 1

I wake up screaming, as usual having that same dream. I can feel the beads of sweat on my forehead. I shake my head trying to loosen the horrid images from my memory. Take a deep breath Haley, you will kill them one day. Don't worry. I got up and saw the empty room and tiptoed to the bathroom across the hall. I live in an orphanage, but a boy orphanage. Why? You ask, because there is only one orphanage in the stupid small town. But I have my own room, so it isn't that bad.

I live with five older boys, cause the younger ones have already been adopted. The boys are idiots and take longer than me, so I have to wake up early to brush my teeth, and shower. I don't wear makeup cause if I do, I'll look like a clown. I take a five minute shower with cold water, which is all there ever is. I get out half shivering half tired. I grabbed my brush and brushed my teeth in three minutes and turn around. Then grab the old, torn, and small towel from the rack. We all share a towel until the end of the week then it gets washed. It was only Monday so I will be the first to use it, haha suckers! I wrap myself up in it and make my way back to my room. I slowly step on a floorboard and it creaks, Shit! Maybe they didn't hear. I'm almost to my door when I trip on a shoe and make a lot of noise. Well they definitely heard that! I sighed and try to get up and keep the towel on as well. The rest of the doors open, and show sleepy eyed boys. John said "What the hell, Haley?" Caleb went to stand next to John "Yeah, why do you have to wake us up so early?" Then Gus, Joey, and Shane all stood next to them. I sighed "Sorry I didn't mean to trip on your huge shoe, Caleb. Which by the way was in the middle of the hallway." They rubbed their eyes and then looked at the shoe in the middle of the hall, then at me with the towel barely covering my goods. They'd been standing there staring at me a little too much for my liking. I snapped my fingers after securing the towel around me. "Seriously keep your shit out of the hall." Caleb looked up and struggled for words "Fine, but would you start bringing your clothes to the bathroom?" Gus joined in "Y-Yeah, you are living with a bunch of teenage boys. Put on some clothes." The other boys nodded in unison, I rolled my eyes and walked back to my room. I was about to slam the door when I saw all of them checking out my ass. "Dudes, stop staring at my ass!" I screamed and slammed the door shut. I don't have to worry about a caretaker hearing us because ours was away for a funeral. She left John in charge cause he was the oldest.

I walked to the trunk which held my clothes in it. I only have seven outfits, so I sleep naked and lock the door. I grabbed the same baggy grey clothes as everyday and head to my nightstand. I opened the top drawer and grab a pair of socks, my phone, and my deodorant. I have to pay for my phone, but it is worth it I listen to One Direction while I train myself. I put on the deodorant and put it up. While putting it up I remembered my earbuds. I grabbed them and put them on my bed next to my phone. I sighed getting lonely, I hate silence, it just lurks there waiting for me. I started humming You & I and before Liam's solo was over I was singing my heart out. I put on my socks and shoes, and grabbed my beanie and jacket on my way out of the house. I looked at the clock above the stove as I got an apple. Yes! 5:14 I have two hours to train! I plugged my earbuds in and turned on 1D. I got outside and was hit with the mildly cold wind of New York. I put on my hat and then my leather jacket. I pulled my hair out of my jacket, before pulling my hoodie over my head. I ran the three miles to my hideout in twenty five minutes. I grabbed the ladder on the side of the thirty five story building. People live there but I don't bug them so they don't bug me. I went the five stories the ladder went and jumped three feet to the fire escape of an old woman, who has problems with her heart. I look Ito the window to see if she is still alive. She is so I climb her fire escape and stop midway to climb onto the railings. I balance my converse on the slick metal and grab the railing one story up. I kept climbing for ten more stories until I got to an apartment where a woman just had a child and had gotten back a week ago. I looked a the baby girl in the woman's arms and smiled. Awe! She is so cute! I went over to the pipe that went the rest of the way up. I climbed with ease the rest of the way. When I got the top I looked around because some times people are up here smoking. No one is there so I put my leg over the ledge. I put my other over as a boy opens the door on the rooftop. He looks at me and screams "Wait! Stop! Don't kill yourself!" I roll my eyes at him and step towards him. "I wasn't going to. I was coming up, chill." When I got close enough to see his face I saw that he had blonde hair with blue eyes. His face flooded with relief then curiosity "Coming up?" I nodded my head, a little annoyed with his double take. "Yeah this is where I...," I struggled for the right word " out." He nodded his head and smiled "I imagine, climbing thirty five stories." I noticed his Irish accent and shook my head "No, that wasn't my workout." He looked shocked I could tell he was about to ask another question when I blurted "Can you please leave? I like working out in private." He just nodded and walked to the door and left. I walked over to it and grabbed the bar I used to lock the door and locked it. I then went to the side of the building. I breathed in relief as I slowly started taking off my clothes. When I had gotten my phone I sowed a bag with a long strap so that when I transformed I would be able to listen to my music. My earbuds stayed in my ears so I don't have trouble there. I took my shoes off and knelt on my hands and knees. My back arched and I yelped in pain before biting my lip. I felt my teeth grow and sharpen into a wolf's. I felt my bones expand, my muscles tensed. I felt my fur grow from my skin. Then I stood there, in my true form. I ran and jumped onto the building with the door. I howled in the silver light. My silver and black fur absorbing it. Then I heard a door open, I turned away from the moon to see five boys in front of me. They had red eyes and sharp fangs. I noticed the blonde boy and cornered him, before he shoved me off. They circled me immediately, they tried to touch me and I snapped at them. Just as I snapped at the older boy, I felt a pinch in my neck. I turned to see a curly haired boy. I tried to attack him but only fell onto him. He tried to pet me and I snapped at him. He did it again and I didn't have enough strength to bite him. I whimpered, and turned up Story of My Life before I lost all feeling. I heard someone saying "Don't worry." But I ignored them listening to Harry sing "I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days." Then I thought, I won't be able to avenge my family. I'll die before I can. I'll die being stroked by those who killed me. Then I was engulfed by darkness.

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