Solange Drake

It's about a girl who has powers that she is not aware of and she does not know that she is a princess from outer space. She was sent to earth to go to a high school. Few people from her home planet was sent to protect her from evil. Solange goes through hell for being different at school. solange meet a boy name Akihiko at school. Akihiko is to be her groom (Husband), but somehow solange have the feeling that she seen ken before somewhere.


1. Who am I

Hello there, my name is Solange Drake. I know what you all are thinking who is that young lady? Will all you have to do is  just sit down and get ready to know all about my little life. I'm nineteen years old, with dark blue hair that  flows down to my waist. White eyes and pale skin which are traits that I inherited from my mother. I live in Tokyo with my father-in law who goes by the name of Khayman. The last thing my mother did for me was to send me this school called Honey High for the unique kids. Honey High is for the unique kids also know as a encompasses pre-school through high school, and has a high rate student attached university program. Most students come from elite families, but a scholarship is annually awarded to the top scorer on a rigorous entrance examination. Why do I go there? It’s because I'm  the only one who had university grade level in my old school. In my old school no one wanting to be around me so it was not that hard for me to leave my school behind. I think there something up with this school because I mean for some reason wherever I go I get this  feeling like someone is following me. I get the same feeling all through my class to, yay me like it can’t get any worse? I spoke to soon because now I have to share a room with my enema Kate Winters. Kate is a girl who love to play with dark magic and she love to give me hell when never she or her friends see me. That feeling I had about been following will there is a guy I think I know him from somewhere, but where? We just meet in gym class so why am I acting like I know him since I was little, I think his name is Akihiko yes that it. Akihiko some how all already know all about me, like now you tell me there nothing is going on because how can someone know all about you on the fist day of school. I sometimes find myself keep thinking about space. ALL I want is a day where people act like they don’t know me.

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