Little Tomlinson on hold


2. 4 years later

Alicia's POV

"Owww!" I scream and sit up in my bed.

I'm currently 5 months along with twins, and they are a pain!

"Ally ! Are you alright?!" Louis asks walking in

"Yup, someone decided to shift." I calmly answer.

I decide to go out back and get some fresh air.

I look around and notice a pink slip stuck in the fence. I hobble over and grab it.

Dear , Alicia,

I propose a deal for you. You and two others go on a mystery hunt, I shall reveal your daughter. But you must play by my rules.

Sincerely , The hooded bandit

I stumble back a bit. It's been a while since I've heard any mention of Louise.

"Louis!" I yell and he runs over to me

I show him the note and his jaw drops. We look at each other .

"Liam, we are bringing Liam, don't want to bother Zayn and Perries honeymoon." I nod

I dial Liam's number and tell him.

"Are you sure?" He asks

"Just go with it Li " I say and we say goodbye.

I look out the window and notice another pink slip.

I walk outside and grab it.


Good choice, now you and the team shall be in London , checked into a hotel by tomorrow night.

I show Louis and we start to pack. All the packing made the twins rather fussy and they started to kick, hard.

"Ow, will you two calm down!" I yell at my stomach

"They are definitely mine." Louis says , I throw a skirt at him.

I call Liam and explain the first step to him, he agrees and says he will be over in a bit.

Let's get this party started.

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