If Only

Aggie is deeply in love with the irresistible hunk Jordi Berkam, and after the unexpected death of her brother Aydin, Aggie needs him more than ever, but he's no where to be found. When he finally returns Aggie is overwhelmed with joy, however soon Aggie's world comes crashing down when she discovers that she hadn't been dating Jordi, but instead his brother Jadzon, whom she never knew existed. Aggie finds herself struggling to make the decision of whether she should stay with Jadz or marry her deceased brothers best friend Lydon to please her family. She decides that she must let her heart decide... if only it could...


3. Stranger Tides

         "So let me get this straight. Your only son, and heir to the throne, suddenly dies and mere hours before you bury him the only thing you want to discuss is the marriage arrangements between his younger sister and best friend?" Lydon replied calmly although his heart was racing. He had always liked and cared for Aggie, and after watching her grow up he developed a fondness of her that later grew into something more; eventually he loved  her. But out of respect for his deceased best friend he didn't believe now was the time to be conjuring up wedding plans.                    

       "Listen son. I might not have much time left myself, and although the current circumstances might require me to seem knee deep in a pit of despair I can't help but to think of Agatha and what she needs. Which, of course, is a man who will be able to care for her in ways that that Jordi fellow will not." King Arthur, Aggie's father, replied all the while trying to keep his posture.        

         It was true, and Lydon knew it. Aggie hadn't seen Jordi in three weeks, none of them had. Even when he was around he never seemed to care much about Aggie or her needs, which made it easier to believe that he'd just up and leave her. Lydon remembered the day after Jordi left. Aggie just walked around the castle like a lost puppy. She appeared completely sullen and distant. It was hard for everyone to see her like that, especially Aydin.         

          "Fine," he said, "I'll do it."

          "Well that's wonderful! Such great news on such a tragic day." The king replied immediately jumping to his feet and tightly clasping his large, plump, freckled hands together.                                          Lydon reluctantly stood up and brushed his fingers through his short, curly chestnut brown hair. He looked down and straightened up his black tie, and suit jacket.                                         

          "I say we go and relate the wonderful news to Agatha. See what she says. What do you think?" The king question rushing towards the door, nearly knocking over the half empty crystal glass located on a small, round coffee table in between the two of them. The king's meeting room was actually quite small once you really stopped and looked at it. The walls were about seven feet high, and each and every one of them contained pictures of the royal family; paintings of Aggie and Aydin while they were children, paintings of the whole family, and lastly a picture of the queen taking before her tragic accident. Lydon looked in front of him and noticed that the king's mahogany desk was covered in what seemed like hundreds of thousands of papers. 
        "Lydon! Did you hear me?" The king shouted, interrupting Lydon's train of thought.
        "Oh, yes Your Majesty! I apologize. I was just imagining the surprise on Agatha's face when she hears the good news." Lydon replied stumbling to his feet.
         "Great! Your level of enthusiasm is amazing! Let's go!"
        They walked down the long corridor to Aggie's room, and Lydon noticed that there were no lights anywhere around, which was extremely strange being that Aggie had been scared of the dark since she was eight. At this discovery Lydon picked up his pace until he found that he was jogging towards Aggie's door. Once he finally got to her door he threw it open and was dumbfounded by what he saw.
        "Where is she?" The king yelled as he entered the room.

         "I have no idea. Do you think that this is hers?" Lydon said squating down at the pool of blood on the ground, which had now dried.
        "I'm not sure. There's no sign of where she might have gone."
        Lydon decided to look around the room for himself to check that out. As he came closer to the mirror he noticed a slighty large shoe print in blood near Aggie's dresser.
        "Your Majesty I believe I've found something." Lydon shouted closely expecting the print.
        "Who do you think it belongs to?" The king replied rubbing his temples.
        Lydon knew there was only one answer, and he couldn't believe that it was a possibility. "Jordi." He mumbled.
        "I thought so. Well, we can't just stand around here and do nothing! Call the Marshal! And the General! I want every man within 100 miles of the palace out and searching for my daughter! I will put up a reward if I have to. I want Agatha back in this room within two days!"
        "Sir, I swear on my ancestors that I will do whatever it takes to bring her back." Lydon said. Knowing in his heart that it was a possibility that she might not want to return.


          It was a very short distance from the new home to the market, but to Aggie it felt like an eternity to get there. After they finally did she walked around for a couple of minutes to get to know the place and the people. She looked around and too her astonishment they all seemed to have facial features that came from different colors of the rainbow. There was a woman with blue hair, violet eyes, and orange skin. A man whom appeared to be her husband had green hair, red eyes, and indigo skin. The sight of the couple made Aggie want to scream, but they seemed like nice people. Despite being surrounded by a crowd this was huge and exotic, Aggie could not resist the temptation of resting her eyes opon a handsome fellow with broad shoulders, silky black hair that stopped just above his shoulders, and not to mention that when he turned around he had gleaming emerald colored eyes that reminded her of Jor—Jadz. He looked exactly like her boyfriend, smile and all, but something about the way he acted seemed to be a lot different. He looked up at Aggie and smiled. She pretended not to notice him and started to mess with the fruit that was labeled, “Piltan,” which, of course, was a strange name for a fruit. Aggie picked it up and started to bite it, but as she drew it towards her mouth there was a hand applying a great force on her wrist.
         “What are you doing? I was actually going to buy that, I don’t steal.” She said looking up into the eyes of the handsome guy she saw before.
         “You mustn’t be from ‘round here. That fruit is v’ry poisonous, in fact tis-used-by insane wiv’s to kill thir husban’s,” he said in an extremely profound foreign accent while taking the fruit from her hand.
         “No, I’m not from here. And I guess you just saved my life, I am in great debt to you,”
         “Tis fine mad’m,” he said looking down at his soiled, ragged, mix-matched shoes.
    Aggie wanted to help him, although men like him probably felt like they didn’t need help from girls like her. But hanging around with Jadz and his conniving ways rubbed off on her, and she convinced the handsome fellow to come home with her so she could help him.

         The anonymous newcomer helped Aggie finish shopping for groceries, and even carried them home for her. When they got there Aggie knocked on the door the same exact way Jadz had told her. He opened the door with a smile, but as soon as he saw the handsome fellow it turned into a frown.
        “Aggie, what did I tell you about bringing stray dogs home with you.” Jadz said moving to block the entrance to the house. 
       "Well brother, it seems as though you've changed drastically since the last time we've seen each other," the stranger said instantly losing his accent.




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