If Only

Aggie is deeply in love with the irresistible hunk Jordi Berkam, and after the unexpected death of her brother Aydin, Aggie needs him more than ever, but he's no where to be found. When he finally returns Aggie is overwhelmed with joy, however soon Aggie's world comes crashing down when she discovers that she hadn't been dating Jordi, but instead his brother Jadzon, whom she never knew existed. Aggie finds herself struggling to make the decision of whether she should stay with Jadz or marry her deceased brothers best friend Lydon to please her family. She decides that she must let her heart decide... if only it could...


2. Involuntary Escapade

          It had been a while since they had last eaten and his stomach felt like the inside of a hollow cave. He looked down at her, the one he loved more than anything else in the world. He knew that when she did finally wake up, which he hoped she would, that she'd be enraged with him. She’d probably yell at him and give him “the look”. If he was himself he probably wouldn’t have cared, all his pass girlfriends got mad at him over stuff and broke it off with him. But he wasn’t himself. He was someone that had the same exact look as him, his twin brother. Everyone thought that it was him that had drowned in their family’s well when they were three, but it wasn't. It was the actual Jordi, his name however was Jadzon. He was "that twin", the twin that everyone had wanted to die the day he was born. The fact that the girl that he was in love with was in love with something that he pretended to be made him sick to his stomach. When she did finally find out who he really was she'd probably leave him quicker than the time it took laxatives to work their magic in your stomach.
    "Ugh, where am I? What happened?" Aggie moaned as she finally opened her eyes.
    "I'm so glad you've woke up. You had me worried for a second. I thought I actually might have severely damaged you in some way." Jadz replied moving his long wavy black hair out of his eyes, which were still a deceitful red, yellow, and black.
    "What? Who are you? What do you want from me?" She yelled standing up immediately and nearly falling over due to a small case of whiplash.
    "Aggie it's me, Jordi. Well not exactly Jordi. But, I'm still the guy you fell in love with." He replied walking over to her, tilting his head down to kiss her.
    She looked up into his intimidating eyes, trying to see if he was telling the truth. He certainly did look like Jordi, but his personality was all wrong. Jordi was nice, caring, funny, and had a tendency to be sarcastic when people pissed him off. But this guy in front of her, he tricked her, he bit her and as a response to that she went unconscious for... well, she didn't know how long. But the point was proven, she couldn't trust him. However looking deep into his eyes she felt like she had no other option but to. 
    "If you’re not Jordi then who are you? And why in the --" 
    "My name is Jadzon, Jadzon Berkam. But, I'd rather you call me Jadz," He interrupted.
    "Ok JADZ, how do you know my boyfriend? Are you a long lost cousin or his nephew? What ARE you?” She replied with as much anger and frustration as a seven year old who found out they hadn't got what they wanted for Christmas.
    Jadz paused for a long time before answering, "Your boyfriend isn't exactly who you think he is, and I should know that because I'm your boyfriend," he said in a voice that was barely audible.
    "What do you mean? You’re NOT making any sense and it's starting to get on my nerves. I'm dating Jordi, not you. So, whoever you are, I wish you good luck with your life, and I recommend that you check yourself into some type of mental institution for lunatics," Aggie yelled as she turned around and walked back to the place she thought they'd came from.
    “When the sun refuses to rise. When everything has died. My love for you will remain, stay the same, never change, and last for the rest of forever." Jadz sang in a husky baritone towards her direction, trying to get her attention.
    Aggie stopped in her tracks and slowly turned around. Her mind flashbacked to when Jordi sang that when they first started dating. After he did that she was overwhelmed with emotions and they ended up kissing for the first time, and that was when she realized that she was in love with him. That moment was something that only the two of them knew about. It was their secret.     
    “You are Jordi. Why did you lie to me?” Aggie said slowly walking towards him.
    “Well actually my name is Jadz, Jordi is… a, a close friend of mine. Kind of like a brother.” He replied ignoring her question.
    “That doesn’t answer my question. Why did you lie to me?”
    “It’s a long story that I can’t explain to you right now, but if you come with me I promise you’ll find out.” He replied looking back in the actual direction they had come from.
     "Why should I trust you after what you've done?"  She shot back pouring out all of her emotions in those eight words. Her eyes red, and filling with tears she was trying hard not to shed. 
    He couldn't answer her with words, he felt too ashamed. Besides, even he wouldn't trust himself after what just happened. "Aggie, I know that right now I may not be your favorite person in the world. I know that right know you must absolutely despise me and want me to be disappear and never come back. But as crazy and untrue as this may sound, I am still madly in love with you. And I still need you by my side everyday at every minute of every hour. So, if you come with me I promise to be completely honest with you and tell you everything you want to know." He exclaimed, the whole time staring into her hazel eyes.
    She had no clue what to do. She didn't know if she could trust him, their whole relationship turned out to be a lie. However, she did know what it was like to be without him. Everyday for three weeks straight she felt a longing feeling in her chest. She hadn't been able to eat or sleep, before anad after the death of her brother. Aggie couldn't fathom the idea of being without him for another second. 
    "Okay," she said, " I'll go."

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