The Heat of Autumn

It's that time of year again and the demons are desperate.


2. Chapter 2

It was a very quiet morning. Nothing moved in the field except the long grass that swayed in the wind, each blade that surrounded the two demons holding the secrets of the night before. Deeply asleep, the brothers lied almost next to each other, long white hair draped over sets of shoulders and pale skin almost glowing in the early sunlight.

Sesshomaru was the first to wake.

The elegant daiyoukai shifted, his jaw clenching subconsciously as he curled his body inwards, adjusting his posture to a more comfortable fashion. He slowly sighed out, being more comfortable than he'd been in a while, though irritated in the fact that he'd actually woken up, rather than still being asleep. Suddenly, Sesshomaru paused as he caught the scent of his brother. He breathed in slowly and deeply, relaxing again as he sensed that his brother was still asleep. He would stay how he was, then. No part of him wanted to get up and get dressed yet.


He was surprised, yet relieved, that his brother hadn't killed him. In all honestly, after the happenings of last night, Sesshomaru knew that he wouldn't have been able to defend himself in the least. Why didn't his brother kill him? The opportunity was ideal.

Regardless, though, if they were to establish a "no killing" rule, this Sesshomaru definitely would not mind staying around until the end of the season. They would need to mate no more than two times to keep them both satisfied, he assumed.

Mh… mating, just the thought of it made his body tingle with excitement.

The thought also disgusted him. He was deeply ashamed of how the season made him act. He was a desperate, horny fool and he hated it. The daiyoukai knew that the moment when Inuyasha awoke, when his brother's scent would flood over, that he would be at the mercy of his body again. The season had caused him to be a sex slave of his own body and being so close to another demon in the same state as him did not make the situation any easier. Sesshomaru made a soft grunt of disapproval. Even though he hated this season more than most things, he would mate until it faded. He would not drop any lower and be forced to self-please.

Sesshomaru halted his thoughts when he heard the hanyou next to him stir in his sleep. He focused on the presence of his brother, deciding after a few moments that he was still asleep. Good. He'd like to get an advantage over his brother when the time came for them to mate again. That time, he suspected, was soon.

The daiyoukai stayed in his sleep-like state for a while longer, listening to the area around him, silently monitoring for danger as he relaxed against the makeshift bed of grass. His heat, though, would not relax. The longer he was awake, the heavier it became and he found himself frequently shifting his position as his body begged for the sweet friction it so desired. He flicked his eyes open, looking at the sleeping hanyou before him. That slight action, the sight of his nude brother sent a shock of need through his body and he found himself digging his nails into the dirt below his hand.

That time had come.

Sesshomaru silently pushed himself up onto his knees and crawled over to his brother, leaning his head down to breathe in his scent directly off of his skin. How awful. He thought as he looked over the younger demon. He didn't know when they would be able to leave this field… But, that wasn't important at the moment. What was important though was the fact that he needed to wake his brother so they could mate. Though… he didn't have to wake his brother…

The daiyoukai grunted and gently placed one of his soft, thin hands on Inuyasha's broad back, sliding a claw down the center of the skin. Pausing for a moment, he thought about his next actions before straddling the hanyou's hips, leaning his body forewords to graze the tips of his fangs gently over the skin of Inuyasha's neck.

"Inuyasha…" he whispered into his ear, arching his own back slightly as he held off his desire.

The hanyou shifted, flicking his eyes open as he realizes that he's unable to roll over. He growled and pushed his body upwards, his ears pinned back against his head.

"Who are you?" he growled out, his fangs bared and his body tense. Sesshomaru paused and then smirked softly as he bit down on his brother's neck gently, pressing his hips against Inuyasha slightly.

"Your mate, Inuyasha…" the daiyoukai purred out against his neck, biting down a bit harder into the flesh.

Inuyasha paused, then growled a bit more softly and pressed back into Sesshomaru. His body was washed over in warmth and excitement as he felt the daiyoukai's bite and general contact. He whimpered out softly. His body was still sore from the night before and he was afraid that this mate would hurt more than the last. There was nothing he could do to fight back, though. In this position, he was helpless. The younger brother sighed out and moved his hips softly.

"Are you going to mate me?" he asked with a slightly sleepy, husky voice.

Sesshomaru pressed his hips against Inuyasha's more firmly as they moved. "Of course…"

Inuyasha sighed slightly shakily, his body tingling with anticipation. He pushed himself up further, preparing himself for what was to come. Secretly, the hanyou sort of enjoyed being the 'female'; at least enjoyed it more than he would have thought. He'd never let a soul know, though. He just… He just couldn't forget about a feeling that he'd gotten last night. Sesshomaru had hit something inside of him that made him see white… that made his entire body go cold and then hot again in an instant. He needed to feel that again.

"Mate me then you horny fuck."

Sesshomaru sighed against the hanyou's back, sliding his wet tongue along his skin as he arched his back and positioned the tip of his arousal at the younger's entrance, then smoothly pushed his entire length in. The action caused his body to tremble in delight, pausing only slightly to fully enjoy the sensation that washed over him. Below him, Inuyasha growled out in pleasure and pushed his hips upwards, then slowly and gently rocked them. C'mon…

The daiyoukai let out a deep growl and trailed his claws along the younger's sides, breathing out hotly against his brother's back. He then began to move, his thrusts starting slow, pushing in as far as he can each time, then slowly began to speed up to a unfaltering, quick pace. Inuyasha relaxed his heated body and sighed out, his whimpers and growls quivering as his senses were flooded with need and desire. The two of them moved in perfect sync, only able to focus on the feeling they caused each other. Then…


Inuyasha inhaled sharply, closing his eyes fully as Sesshomaru hit that special spot inside of him that he had been waiting for. His body trembled and tensed, causing him to let out a bark-like gasp as he released himself into the grass, rolling his body smoothly into the daiyoukai's with each wave of pleasure that crashed over him. Sesshomaru's breathing hitched as he felt the tightening around his arousal. The pleasure was overwhelming and he found himself thrusting faster that previously, sinking his sharp fangs into his brother's shoulder. He sighed out against the bite as he felt blood drip down his chin, but kept his fangs firmly in place. He was close… oh so close to what he was working so hard for.

"F-fuck..." Inuyasha whimpered, his body even more sensitive to Sesshomaru's merciless assault due to his release. "C-C'mon… a-ah"

Sesshomaru bit harder, the drops of blood now leaving dark trails as they slid down the hanyou's back. He squeezed his eyes shut firmly, focusing on the feeling in his lower body until finally, he groaned out against the bleeding skin and spilled himself into his brother. He kept up his pace through his release, the extra slick feeling causing his hips to occasionally buck in pleasure.

He hated the season… but he loved mating; whether he would admit it to himself or not.

Once his body had completely finished, he pulled himself away and sat back, leaning on his arms with his legs splayed casually. Panting, he trailed his eyes over his brother's sweaty, worn body as he licked some of the blood off of his lower lip. He was glad that Inuyasha was easily complying with his wishes. It was much easier than fighting for it each time.

"Go." He breathed out a bit heavily, locking his yellow eyes with his brother's. "You need to return to your friends, do you not?" He said coolly, his face remaining cold and emotionless. The hanyou looked at his elder brother and let out a shuddery breath.


Sesshomaru paused, "I'll remain in the area… I'm sure we'll need each other again later." He stated, slightly turning his head to one side, his hair gracefully falling along one of his sharp shoulders. "Inuyasha. Do not mate with the female." He said with a venomous tone.

"…I know." The hanyou said softly, casting his eyes away. He then stood and slowly walked to his robes, pulling them onto his sinful body with slightly shaking hands. He paused to look at his brother once more, giving him a small nod, then darted off again in the way of his camp. Kagome will probably give him hell for being away so long.

The daiyoukai watched him run off until he could no longer see the red of his robe, then let the corner of his mouth pull up into a smirk. The hanyou would be back by nightfall and he knew it.

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