Fighting Over Him|L.T

Three years ago when me and my twin sister Blue were thirteen, we liked the same boy at our school. So we thought of the sister kissing games. We would both flirt with the boy, and whoever he kissed first could date him. Mom and dad never knew about this, and every time we liked the same boy we would start our secret game. It's been a year since the last S.K.G, but now there's a new boy town and I feel like thirteen all over again. So bring it on Blue, 'cause I'm ready to flirt.
"So we both like him?"
"Yes. Blue, I think it's time for the Sister Kissing Games."

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*Louis is 16 in this story and NOT famous*
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9. 8. Fights and flashbacks(Violet's POV) part one

A/N: here's to help you understanding this chapter; the normal parts of this chapter are in Violet's POV and the flashbacks are no one's POV. Also Blue's and Violet's parents' names are Oscar and Esther. Have fun with reading this chapter :)

Violet's POV

The day after the day in the park was pretty weird. I was already used to having Louis around after school, I liked his company. Blue explained me why he couldn't hang out with us after school. I understood he has to hang out with his little sisters too. They like having him around too, just like me, but in another way. So while Louis was spending his day with his little sisters, me and Blue decided to do something like sisters too. But it was a little complicated to find something be both liked, since we're completely opposite.

"We could play a game of soccer?" Blue asks, excitement in her voice. She always has when it comes to soccer. I shake my head no.
"We can go shopping!" I say, but already knowing the answer after seeing Blue's facial expression. So before she could answer I already sighed and added.
"Just say nothing, I already know the answer." 
"What about a game of paintball?" Blue asks but I shake my head.
"No, that hurts. And I don't want my clothes to get messy." I say and Blue sighs.
"What about make overs?" I squeal, Blue groans.
"Oh god no. I hate those." She says and I roll my eyes.

"What about laser gaming?" Blue asks and I groan.

"I hate that!" I say.

"Of course you do, you hate everything I like." She mutters under her breath, but I must heard her.
"Well I'm sorry that I'm not like you." I say with annoyance. Making her annoyed too.
"Can't we find anything we both like, without arguing?" I ask her.
"Clearly not." She asks emotionlessly, and grabs her phone. Slowly she walks to the door and opening it.
"Where are you going?" I ask her.
"To my friends, it's not like we're going to find anything we both like." She says and slams the door shut. I hear her walking down the stairs, and closing the front door. I groan and lay down on my bed. Ever since we were 10 we were so different. Before that we were inseparable.

~Flashback 'always'~

"Violet, what's wrong?" The six year old brunette says to her twin sister who was in tears sitting on the steps of their primary school.
"Julie said that I was stupid with the bow in my hair." The little blonde says and starts crying harder. Blue sits on the stairs next to the crying Violet and puts her little hand on the back of Violet.
"Don't worry Violet, you're not stupid, neither is your bow. I love your bow." She says with her adorable voice and the little Violet turns to look at her.
"Really?" She asks and the brunette nods while smiling wide at her.
"You're my best friend Blue." Violet says.
"And you're mine." Blue says. The two little six year olds hug and smile.
"We will always be best friends right?" Blue asks and Violet nods, smiling through her tears.
~End of flashback~

I sigh and look at my night stand. I grab the picture frame and look at the picture in it, it was the day me and Blue were playing in our tree house, we were hugging and were both wearing pink dresses. We would always play that one of us was the princess and one of us the prince who rescues the beautiful princess. We would always switch roles, so we both could play the princess.

~flashback 'tree house'~

"My prince, where are you my prince?" The nine year old Blue shouts from the tree house in their backyard, her head hanging out of the window as the just as old Violet comes running from behind the bushes and stands right under the window.
"I'm here my princess Blue, don't worry I'll save you from the evil witch." She shouts and both of the girls start giggling because of the 'manly' voice Violet did. Violet climbs up the stairs, and kisses Blue's cheek.
"I saved you princess Blue!" She says in her 'manly' voice and the two girls giggle again. They both come out of the tree house and sit on the grass, their parents sitting there smiling, admiring their two daughters. Oscar grabs his camera and walks over to the two girls who were still giggling.
"Say cheese." He says and points the camera at the girls. The girls hug and smile a big cheesy smile at the camera.
~End of flashback~

I put the picture back on my nightstand, I love those good memories but I can't forget the bad ones either. 

~flashback 'fights'~

The door slammed shut and the fourteen year old Blue stormed in. She was furious, she didn't know her twin sister could go that far. She sees her sister sitting on the couch, and Blue walks over to her.
"How could you do that?" Blue says, raising her voice. Violet looks away from her phone and smiles innocently.
"How could I do what?" She asks, and Blue mocks her with a sarcastic voice.
"How could I do what?" And looks at Violet before adding.
"You ruined my chance to audition for the school play! I've been practicing for weeks, and then you come and ruin it all!" Blue could only think about the school play these last weeks, and she couldn't forgive her sister for this. At least not these weeks.
"Well you ruined my outfit for my date with Austin!" The now also mad Violet screams at her sister.
"Because you broke my soccer trophy!" Blue screams, her face all red because of how mad she was. She couldn't believe her sister blamed her. Oscar and Esther come home and see their two daughters fighting. Oscar walks over to Blue, while Esther walks over to Violet. 
"What is going on here?" Esther asks in a disappointed but also a mad voice.
"Violet ruined my audition!" Blue shouts, and Esther turns to Violet.
"Violet! You know how much that audition meant to your sister." She says mad.
"Well Blue ruined my outfit, that new one!" She shouts, and their dad looks at Blue.
"Blue, you can't ruin your sister's clothes. Those were very expensive!" He says, but Blue crosses her arms.
"Well she broke my trophy!" She looks Violet dead in the eye before saying.
"You're not my sister anymore and I hate you!" She gets out of their dad's grip and runs upstairs and slams the door shut. Oscar and Esther run after her up the stairs, shouting Blue's name. A tear slips out of Violet's eye, and soon more follow. Nothing has ever hurt her more than this.
~End of flashback~

We had a lot of fights, but that was the worst we've ever had. We ignored each other for a whole week. That was also the time that Blue started hanging out with other people, she didn't hang out with me and our friends after school anymore. She had new friends. A tear slips out of my eye, I never realised how much I missed Blue that week. I missed laughing with her, I missed ranking boys on their looks but I mostly missed being inseparable with Blue. 

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