Fighting Over Him|L.T

Three years ago when me and my twin sister Blue were thirteen, we liked the same boy at our school. So we thought of the sister kissing games. We would both flirt with the boy, and whoever he kissed first could date him. Mom and dad never knew about this, and every time we liked the same boy we would start our secret game. It's been a year since the last S.K.G, but now there's a new boy town and I feel like thirteen all over again. So bring it on Blue, 'cause I'm ready to flirt.
"So we both like him?"
"Yes. Blue, I think it's time for the Sister Kissing Games."

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*Louis is 16 in this story and NOT famous*
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7. 6. School? Again?(Violet's POV)

Violet's POV

As I woke up, Blue's bed was already empty and made. I yawn and look in the mirror, my hair was all over the place and I still looked very tired, which I was. I felt hungry and walked downstairs, not caring about my hair or pajamas. As I walk downstairs, I hear voices. I didn't mind listening since it would probably be mom and dad. I grabbed an apple from the counter and took a large bite. As I walked into the living room I expected to see mom, dad and Blue, but saw Blue and Louis instead. My eyes widen as I look at my pajamas, this was already the second time Louis had seen me in my pajamas. I blush and look at my bare feet.
"Good morning Violet." Louis snickered and I could feel myself redden even more.
"I uh, I'll be right back." I stutter and run back upstairs, I just completely embarrassed myself in front of Louis, again. As I come into my room I grab my brush and start brushing my hair, as fast as I can. I put it in a fish braid and chose my outfit. I put some make up on an run back downstairs. I forgot my apple, and went back to the bedroom to get it. I look in the mirror one last time, just to make sure I look presentable and walk downstairs for the third time in fifteen minutes. As I came back in the living room, Louis was still there and was talking with my sister. 
"I'm back." I say, their conversation quieted and they both turn to look at me. Louis and my sister both send me a smile and say good morning at the same time, which made them look at each other and they both chuckle, also at the same time. Louis stands up and walks over to me, he hugs me to my surprise but I still hug him back. 
"How are you Violet?" He asks and I smile at him.
"I'm fine. What about you?" I ask, Louis smiles and shrugs.
"Just a normal day, you ready to go to school?" He asks and my eyes widen, I swear they almost popped out of my head.
"Wait, we have school today?" I ask, Louis and Blue burst out laughing.
"Violet, It's tuesday." Blue says and I blush.
"I knew that." I say, Louis smirks and nods.
"Of course you did." Louis says, and it was so obvious that he was being sarcastic.
"Thanks for the sarcasm Louis." I say and he laughs.
"You're welcome, I thought you would like it." He winks and I look at the time, we only have ten minutes left before we have to go to school.
"I'm gonna grab my bag, I'll be bag in a second." Say and again I walk to the bedroom. I grab my schoolbag and walk back downstairs, I have walked those stairs already too much for today.
"Are you ready to go Violet?" Blue asks and I nod. With the three of us we walk  out of the door and I lock it. We walk to the bus stop and we have to wait for about 5 minutes until the bus comes.

"I swear mr. Brown hates me." I complain to Blue as we walk to our lockers when the day is over. We had English as last class while Louis had music, so he is gonna meet us at our lockers.
"You know, maybe it's because you always tell him that his sense of fashion is horrible." Blue chuckles and I look at her.
"Well I'm sorry that I try to help his style." I tell her and open my locker. Placing my English book in my locker.
"How are my hot girls?" I hear from behind. Me and Blue turn around and meet gaze with the biggest jock of the school; Chad King.
"What do you want Chad?" Blue asks uninterested and has and annoyed look on her face, just like me.
"Well I wouldn't mind having you." Chad says while smirking, making me roll my eyes.
"That's not gonna happen Chad." I say and I could see Louis walking over to us. I smile at him, while he just keeps looking at Chad with an eyebrow raised.
"Hey my American friends and boy I've never seen before." He says as he is standing next to Chad.
"We're ready to go Louis, Chad was just going to leave. Right Chad?" I say and turn to look at Chad while giving him a cold stare. Chad walks away and I turn back to Louis.
"Bye Chad." Me and Blue say at the same time and together with Louis we walk out of the school building.


"FINALLY! We're finished!" Louis shouts we all were finished with our homework. I sigh in relief and sink back on my chair.
"Yeah, it looked like there was no end to those assignments." Blue says and shoves her book away, taking a sip of her glass of water.
"Do those teachers think we don't have a social life?" I ask and place all of the books back in my schoolbag.
"I think so." Louis says and does the same with his books, just like Blue. 
"Well since we finished our homework, maybe we could do something?" I ask, my sister and our new friend nod.

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