Fighting Over Him|L.T

Three years ago when me and my twin sister Blue were thirteen, we liked the same boy at our school. So we thought of the sister kissing games. We would both flirt with the boy, and whoever he kissed first could date him. Mom and dad never knew about this, and every time we liked the same boy we would start our secret game. It's been a year since the last S.K.G, but now there's a new boy town and I feel like thirteen all over again. So bring it on Blue, 'cause I'm ready to flirt.
"So we both like him?"
"Yes. Blue, I think it's time for the Sister Kissing Games."

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*Louis is 16 in this story and NOT famous*
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12. 11. Drama and some singing(Blue's POV)

Blue's POV

"So, how was your day yesterday?" Louis asks, we were walking to math. Violet had PE, while Louis and I have math together.
"Well, first we fought. But after that we made up and had a nice day actually." I say, while people were walking past us.
"How was your day with your sisters?" I ask him, slowly we walked into the still empty classroom.
"It was fun, I went with them to the mall and we got ice cream." He says, smiling from ear to ear.
"I'm glad to hear that, Coral was at a friend's house." I say and sit in my usual spot. Louis sits down at the empty table beside me, normally I sit alone but I don't mind having Louis beside me. Slowly the room starts to fill with people. And after a minute or two the teacher arrives.

After the bell rang we went to drama together, and again Violet had another class. Me and Louis sit down and start talking about random stuff we can think of until our teacher mrs. Cates starts to talk.
"Alright class, today I want you to practice with your singing skills. You can all choose a partner, the best is a boy and a girl together. All right partner up!" She says, me and Louis turn to look at each other at the same time. We smile and stand up. We tell mrs. Cates that we're going to practice together. She tells us to practice the song "summer nights". We nod and walk over a corner of the room. Louis starts to sing, and it feels like we're the only two on the planet.

"Summer loving had me a blast." His voice so smooth, and you could still hear his strong British

accent. I start to sing the next line of one of my favourite songs in this play.

"Summer loving happened so fast," and I actually felt like they were singing about Louis and I, but it wasn't in the summer. It was right here, right now. Butterflies filling my stomach as we began to sing further.

"I met a girl crazy for me," Louis voice sings after mine had stopped.

"Met a boy cute as can be." And I sang it with all the feelings I had, those last two sentences were very true and sometime I think Louis doesn't even notice it. Louis and me sing the whole song, both not looking anywhere but each other. After we finished the song, we broke our gaze. The sound of clapping around us, I look around, everyone was standing around us with smiling faces while clapping for us. A blush forms on my face, and I try to hide it. Louis was looking proud, he clearly loves performing.

"Louis, Blue that was beautiful. Look children, this is the kind of chemistry we're looking forIt looked real and it looked sincere." 

"How was drama?" Violet asks, right before she takes a bite of her lunch. I smile and Louis, he was also smiling.

"It was great, we had to sing and we rocked the song. Right Blue?" Louis says happily and turns to me. I smile and nod, not wanting to talk while I have a bite of my sandwich in my mouth.

"Sounds fun." Violet says, taking another bite and starts chewing slowly.

"It was, how was art?" I ask her, she shrugs her shoulders. 

"Fine I guess, just a little boring." Louis nods and turns to me.

"Do you want to practice today after school for the auditions?" He asks, I smile and nod.

"Yeah, that's fine. Mine or yours?" I ask, and Louis looks hopefully at me.

"I guess that means mine." I say, Louis smiles and nods.

"We could go to mine, but with my sisters we would not get a lot of time to practice." He says and I chuckle.

"We're probably gonna have Coral around us all day, I hope you don't mind?" I say, remembering about my cousin who was staying at our house. I look at Violet.

"What about you, do you have plans for today?" I ask her and she shrugs.

"Not really, I'll see. Maybe I'm going to annoy you with Coral, or maybe I'm taking her out." She says, I nod understanding and eat my sandwich.

"Damn I'm hungry." I say as we're walking home. Louis and Violet chuckle.

"We know that, we've heard your stomach rumble like ten times since we've left school." Violet laughs, I shrug.

"Well, I'm sorry that I'm hungry." I say and cross my arms over my chest. We reach the house and I open the door, Coral was watching television. Her gaze turns to us as she hears us walking in.

"YOU'RE HOME!" She shouts happily, and I couldn't help but shout back.

"AND I'M HUNGRY!" Louis and Violet burst out laughing while I run to the kitchen grabbing an apple. Taking a bite while walking back.

"Yuanks akajwm akanwl?" I ask Louis, he looks at me while raising an eyebrow. I swallow my bite and repeat my question.

"You ready to practice?" Louis smiles and nods, we walk to mine and Violet's room, ready to

start practicing Grease.

A/N: okay so someone asked for a picture of Violet's and Blue's dad, so I think this is what their parents will probably look like :)


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