The reckoning

Kara and Shane must struggle for their lives in a world that is just beginning to fight back, as they tip the scales between friendship, and survival..


2. The End

I gaze up into the dusty sky ahead, and fall to my knees.

My head drops to the bodies that are below me. 

"Oh god..." I whisper harshly to myself.

What have I done? I've managed to kill them all, all of them..

I notice Shane, and his eyes are weakly opening. I hope that they are opening, they have to be, right? He has to be back with me after all we've gone through..

There's no point in hope for us. I've fooled myself that our sacrifice could end well for us, too. 

He's human. 

I'm one of them. 

My eyes widen in horror as I realize Shane is coughing for air and he looks up at me. He still comes across as sleepy. But he smiles like an innocent puppy.

"Is it done, Kara?" He asks softly, I see that his eyes are struggling to stay open- and I begin to slightly panic. I sense his pulse, and it seems to be working steadily, just slightly below the normal rate. But he'll live; and my hearts swells at knowing he is safe.

"Yes, Yes Shane it is. We can go home now," 

I've killed them. It's done. But why do I feel like there's more yet to come?




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