Opposites Attract

"We are not like the other couples," I say laying my head on his shoulder. He sighs quietly then laughs.
"Hey, opposites attract, right?"


1. Chapter 1


I groan and slowly open my eyes, blinking quickly to find my surroundings. I smile and jump out of bed rushing to the bathroom to get ready.

I silently hum to myself as I apply my mascara making sure not get it all over my face. Once I'm done I run downstairs for breakfast.

"Hey Mackenzie,." I hear someone say behind me. I swallow down my cereal and turn around to see Luke, my older brother. I roll my eyes playfully and smile. "Hey Luke." I say turning around again to finish my cereal.

Once I'm done with my cereal I run back upstairs. "Mack!" I hear my dad yell stopping me from going into my room. "Yeah?!" I yell back opening the doorknob to my room.

"I'm going to be out of town so Keith is going to have to drive you.." My dad replies reaching me. I nod, understanding. Both of my parents have super busy lives, I'm surprised they even had the time to have Luke and I.

My mom used to be like this super famous model and crap but she's still rich and famous, I never get to see her. My dad owns this chain of fast food restaurants. He lives with Luke and I.

"Yeah yeah. Don't worry about a thing dad!" I say hugging him tightly then rushing to my bathroom to brush my teeth.

A/N: Hey guys! Okay so this is my first book and I hope you guys enjoy it! Here's the cast:

Mackenzie: Barbara Palvin.

Luke: Chris Brochu

Mackenzie's Dad: Denis Leary

Keith: Chris Zylka

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