Alive and Kicking

I want to do a longer story about two kids who can only meet over summer holidays, using their different stories to chart the process of "growing up" - the idea would be to have one summer comprising one section of the story, as that seems the neatest division. The "chapters" so far will all ultimately just be part of the first "summer". I do know what I want to do further down the line but I'm struggling to make this seem 'complete' as an opener; I only really wanted them to meet in the first summer...


3. I iii

‘Where the hell have you been?’ roared Jack’s father when the children returned to the hotel from an afternoon’s exploring. Lizzie sensed the mood, mumbled a quick apology, and ran away, disappearing almost immediately into the hotel’s reception.

‘I said stay where I could see you!’ said Jack’s mother. It was a comment aimed more at Jack’s father than at Jack.

‘I’m sorry,’ said Jack, as he stared at his feet.

The usual rant followed. Jack was not to say sorry. Jack was to just behave properly in the first place. It lasted only a couple of minutes this time – evidently, the day’s events had tired Jack’s father. It transpired, Jack learned, that there was nobody available to take a look at the car until the next day. Rather than walking back to the car to fetch the tent and pitch up somewhere, they were just going to stay at the hotel for the night. 

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