The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


26. Truce

The Almighty Z sat in her cozy sitting room, staring blankly at some point in the air between her and the vast, black TV screen on the grey wall opposite her. All was quiet, and she was alone. Normally she had ZOK to keep her company, but she had sent him into battle today. He was technically never supposed to leave her unprotected, but what’s the fun in being a queen if you can’t break your own rules? Besides, she had a head of security now. It was his job to protect her, so a few hours without ZOK wouldn’t do her any harm. Especially since he was in a particularly low-risk battle area, battling meese one Earth, which was easy. The animatronic beasts’ circuits fried instantly upon contact with one of the ZORG’s laser blasts, so they were fairly easy to take out. That and they didn’t really fight back. The only reason Z had her ZORG attack them at all was to protest against Alaskan Highway Department.

Anyway, the Almighty Z was bored. She’d already tired of watching the tiny snowflakes outside her large windows work together to layer the planet in white, Malice was much too busy and sleep-deprived to do anything with, and Agent Z wasn’t on the planet. She didn’t feel like dealing with Creep, and all the drones were getting on her nerves at the moment. So she had resigned herself to staring at air and thinking about nothing.

Nobody tells you when you go off to be the queen of your own world and species how mind-blowingly boring it can be at times, so take this as your official warning.

It gets boring. And lonely.

Z sighed from where she sat on a softly plush, plum-colored sofa. Her legs were folded beneath her, numb from the lack of circulation, so, taking a significant amount of willpower, the queen focused her eyes and stood up. Pain sparked in her bare feet, but she ignored it, adjusted her black pleated skirt, and walked aimlessly out into the hall.

She wandered the stone corridors aimlessly for a while, watching her bare feet walk like they were a really fascinating thing to watch, normal-looking feet with normal purple-painted toenails.

Lost in her thinking about nothing in particular, the Almighty Z found herself in front of the archway leading to the part of her castle that she had christened "The Tower of Fun". Smiling, she stepped through the arch and looked up. A spiral staircase and multiple slides lined the walls and extended down into the floor. The lower levels had the pool. Across the tower was the theater and the snack bar, and directly before her was the playground. Rainbow colored poles, bars, and swings twisted together in a complicated formation above her, and at her feet was an enormous pit of multicolored, plastic balls. Much more fun than the wood chips, asphalt, and mysterious spongy material she'd grown up playing on.

With a small smile, the queen skirted the ball pit and made her way to the door leading into the theater. The room was dark and cool, lined with large, cushy chairs, plush pillows, and soft blankets. Pulling the long sleeves of her black and white striped shirt over her hands, she slid a random movie into the player in the projection booth at the back before settling into one of the chairs, which made her look tiny in comparison to it's size. At some point in the middle of the plot, she looked to her side and startled, letting out a small shriek. Jake was sitting there nonchalantly, looking amused at her obvious surprise.

"Hello," Z said, a slightly accusatory edge in her voice.

"Almighty Z," Jake nodded in greeting.

"I didn't hear you come in," she said, the tone of her voice becoming more obvious.

"Obviously," he smiled at her. She glared, and he stopped. "Hey, I'm just doing my job."

"Sneaking up on me is not your job."

"But it is my job to be around to protect you, especially when that one robot-"

"-ZOK," Z interrupted.

"-yeah, him, isn't here, and I assumed you didn't want to be disturbed."

The Almighty Z narrowed her eyes. "How did you even know where I was?" She asked.

"Asked a drone," he replied easily. "They seem to know everything. It's very helpful. Nice ball pit, by the way." He grinned, and Z smiled a small smile in return.

"Thank you," she said, almost devilishly, turning her attention back to the movie, which was getting close to the end. Jake did the same, and the queen wondered vaguely how much of the plot he'd been there for.

The screen started rolling the credits fifteen minutes later and Z stood up and went back to shut off the screen. She then whisked herself out of the dim theater, not bothering to see if Jake was following. She knew he was.

On her way around the enormous pool of plastic, the Almighty Z 'tripped' and toppled over into the multicolored masses with a 'scowl'. Jake laughed and extended a hand to help her. With mischief glinting in her eyes, Z took his hand and pulled, hard. He too, toppled in.

"That's for scaring me," she said, laughing at how he was looking at her in complete and utter astonishment.

"I was not expecting that," he said, clearly implying that he thought the Almighty Z was a cool, calculating creature all the time.

She looked affronted. "I can be fun," she said defensively, throwing a green ball at him.

"Way to miss," he teased, earning himself a relentless string of about thirteen balls pelted at him, an attack that he returned. Quickly, the fight turned to all-out war, utilizing the equipment, slides, and some buckets stashed in a closet for increasingly more complicated and intense ambushes until plastic balls were strewn across the entire tower, having rolled down slides and stairs in the heat of the war, and both Z and Jake were out of breath and exhausted.



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