The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


73. Just Can't

Zee: I hate them so much. And what the heck was up with Zoya? Like literally what he heck? She ditches me, then warns me, then laughs along?
She'd just finished updating Gabriella about the events of their pool trip. She'd apparently found some friends from dance there at the same time they were, so that was where Gabriella had disappeared off to. 
Gabriella: maybe she just likes the popularity tho lets face it shes only in the group bc tara decided it would hurt u and shes trying to insult u more and more bc being mean 2 u is the only thing keeping her as queen bee rite now
Zee: Huh? How'd you figure that?
Gabriella: well anna is edging her out of the group and the only thing keeping her cool is how mean she is wich she shows by bullying u and so she wants to hurt u as much as she can and kidnapping ur friends is 1 of her strategies now
Zee: Ohh, okay, that all makes sense. You're smart. Who's Anna?
Gabriella: one of the skinny blond ones
Zee: That clarifies nothing, but okay. I still hate them
Gabriella: well duh. u know what this all means tho
Zee: What?
Gabriella: If u want them 2 stop u should stop letting them hurt u bc then tara wont b cool and wont have any power
Gabriella: like what do you even have to lose they're just mean girls nobody cares what they say like idk whats holding u back
Zee paused and thought about this. She wasn't even sure what she thought any more. She physically felt the confusion stirring within her.
Zee: I don't know. I just...can't?
Gabriella: why not?
Zee: I don't know it just doesn't seem that easy.
Gabriella: if u say so


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