The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


8. Inside The Bubble

The castle’s crisp silhouette seemed to reside within a bubble against the vibrantly ominous sunset. Outside of the perfectly round dome the sky was streaked  with orange and purple, but within the bubble space it was merely shades of grey, as it that section of the world was being viewed through the monochromatic of a camera. ZOK marched in a direct path toward the towering structure as he thwacked aside the purple tentacle-like feelers that still covered the surface of the planet, struggling slightly.

ZOK thought a few words in the native language of the ZORG (Gazumphanian), sending the request through the hive circuits to one of the ZORG drones in charge of planet metamorphosis. Almost instantly a path formed as fibery fibers shrunk to a length that, had ZOK been human, would have felt pleasantly plush, like freshly vacuumed carpeting. He sent the equivalent of a “Thanks!” through the circuits and continued on his way through the atmosphereless land (one of the many features of the ZORG is the ability to function in any form of atmosphere, or no atmosphere at all) until he reached the edge of the bubble around the Queen’s dwelling.

With no hesitation whatsoever, he stepped through the edge of the bubble, which contained an atmosphere composed mostly of nitrogen and oxygen. From inside, everything looked incredibly normal, if you overlook that everything was black and white and there was a monstrous dark grey castle reaching up into the white clouds and grey sky.

ZOK entered the castle, which seemed to have no security aside from the two ZORG robots standing on either side of the main entrance. In reality, there was an intensely large amount of security measures, they just didn’t show themselves until a threat was posed.

After maneuvering himself through mazes of high-ceilinged halls and a few clever “shortcuts” ZOK came to a rather large set of black double doors, which swung open silently.

“Hello, ZOK,” said a voice with an undeniable air of mystery, tainted by a slight American accent. It was coming from a dark figure draped over a throne-like chair at the end of the long chamber ZOK had just entered. “How was the battle?”

“GAZUMPH!” came the enthusiastic reply. A smile formed on the lips of the figure, though it could not be seen. ZOK approached the throne, which appeared to be made of something quite comfortable, as the person there, who could now be identified as a teenage girl in a black hoodie and Converse reading a book, was sat in the chair diagonally at what should have been an uncomfortable angle, but apparently wasn’t.

“That’s what I like to hear. The rest of your squad?”

“Safely deposited, Almighty Z.” ZOK’s robotic lack of accent was obvious in comparison to the girl’s voice.

“You know you can just call me Z, right?” She rolled her eyes. You’d think her “right hand robot” would listen, but no.

“Yes, Almighty Z.” She sighed.

“Just checking. Thanks, ZOK. You can go now.”

“Yes, Almighty Z”

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