The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


76. Endings

The queen was seated at her throne. Her twisted crown sat amidst her pile of blonde curls, her silver fingernails wrapped around the dark metal of her scepter, the amythests glinted in the twilight spilling through the windows. It was time to end it all. 
"Are you ready?" Jake asked from her left, eyes closed, hand by his ear.
"I'm ready," she said, closing her smoky eyes and pointing to the robot on her right. "ZIP, let's do this."
In her mind, she heard the  "Yazog," signalling for the delivery ship to proceed into position. In her mind's eye, she could see this happening, almost as if she were watching television, or perhaps as if she were having a hyper-realistic dream. 
She watched as a large, probably heavily armed delivery capusle approached the deformed, hilly blob of neon that was Planet Teal. The ship itself was large, silver, and menacing with "Outrageous O's Offensive Outfitters" printed on the side in large letters, along with his logo, which was a large O resembling the barrel of a gun, with three smaller Os inside.  Below these, in smaller but still large lettering was the company motto, "Defense is for the other guy". 
It approached the landing pad nearest the Great Teal's castle, the Great Alliance Headquarters, and touched down with a monstrous thunk. From it's depths emerged a blonde guy in an ancient Earth sci-fi t-shirt, crowbar dangling from his hand, who Z reconginzed immediately as O. As soon as his feet hit the ground, he was pounced on by a clamouring group of Tealian soldiers, most of whom barely came up to his elbows. Ignoring them, he walked around his ship and opened up a hatch in the side. Then, he ordered them to go and send all of their leaders to inspect the merchendise. They obeyed. While he waited, he unloaded several boxes from his ship and placed them on the ground, popping off the top of each with his crowbar to reveal a different deadly-looking weapon in each.
Soon, they approached. The Great Teal, in teal jeans and a white t-shirt (because god forbid she not wear teal), Josh, that stupid smirk on his face, and Greta, hair as cookie-monster-esque as ever. 
"What do we have?" Josh asked, rubbing his hands together when they reached O.
"Powerful firearms, explosives, cannons," O said, his voice bored as he leaned against his ship and played with some beat-up handheld gaming device. "Test them if you like." 
Josh picked up a huge black cannon thing and hoisted it onto his shoulder. Aiming upwards at a blue squirrel-like creature in a nearby tree resembling cotton candy, he fired. Ash fell from where the squirrel was, leaving the fluff around its former location singed. He nodded approvingly and moved on to the next box, which was full of spiky grenades. Greta and the Great Teal spread out and looked over the other boxes, until they stopped at one and bent over to take a closer look. 
The box was filled perfectly to the brim with slightly quivering metal cubes. 
"How are these weapons?" Greta asked, picking one up and looking at it closely as it gradually increased in intensity.
"I'd put that back, if I were you," O said, not looking up from his game, even when one of the grenades produced an impressive cloud of fire twenty feet away. The Great Teal cracked her knuckles.
Greta obeyed and placed it back in it's spot. "Okay, but what do they do, exactly?"
"Wait and see," he replied vaguely, as the vibrations grewintense enough that the little cubes rattled against each other in a chorus of clinks, which caught Josh's attention. 
"What's going on?" he asked, walking over to stand next to Greta and the Great Teal, who were standing in front of the box. 
They shrugged, and the vibrations stopped. They all glanced over to O, who paid them no attention.  Just as they started to walk away to another box, there came one, large universal pop, resulting in a row of ZORG drones standing on top of the long box. They all three whipped their heads around and stared at them, in shock. The Great Teal stopped cracking her knuckles.
Then came another pop, and the first row of drones were now standing on the heads of a second row of drones. They looked up in some confused form of awe and dread as this continued faster and faster as the wall of drones grew higher and higher. Greta's jaw dropped.
O played his video game, appearing disinterested, though a small smile played at his lips. 
The popping soon stopped, but not before there were hundreds, maybe thousands of drones in one solid wall that extended as far up as the eye could see. They all blinked at the Great Alliance members, who came to their senses. 
"RUN!" Josh shouted, and they all three took off, fumbling over their own feet as they sprinted away from the drones and towards the castle.
Almighty Z laughed derisively. 'Good luck with that, guys,' she thought, and she heard Jake laugh mentally in reply.
As their targets ran and their queen laughed, the wall of ZORG surged forward, spreading out in a dynamic curtain, whooshing forward in a uniform swarm, accellerating and gaining speed much more quickly than their foes. A few nearby Tealian soldiers spotted this, but they were fried to a crisp before they even registered what they were seeing. 
The ZORG continued forward in a cloud, reaching around and over the running humans, who were obviously growing more and more panicked and more and more tired. Their path was soon blocked and they found themselves surrounded, the ZORG growing closer and closer until the Alliance members were trapped together in a solid dome of drones. They may have tried to fight back, but their pathetic human strength was nothing against the nearly-indestructable metal of the robots, and they soon gave up. 
Three drones in the innermost layer tied them all up, and they were commanded to walk as the robots guided their direction by moving in a curved wall behind them, escorting them back to Outrageous O's ship, where he was waiting with a very, very large gun (the Ooozinator 5000). He'd already packed up the other weapons, and put them back in their storage space, leaving only the empty drone box out. 
When the drones approached with the prisoners, he opened up a second, storage compartment containing only a rock-hard couch, which he waved the scowling prisoners into with his weapon. Six drones stayed with them as guards, and the rest closed and locked the hatch, flew into their wall-like positions above it, and seemed to descend down into into it as if it were bottomless until the last ones disappeared, leaving the box full of the little cubes, save six empty spaces. O lifted this box into the ship, closed the hatch, whacked the side two times and climbed into the cockpit. 
Almighty Z opened her eyes, a smile lighting up her entire being. "Well, that was easy," she said, which made Jake laugh. 
"ETA of Outrageous O and prisoners thirty minutes," ZIP reported.
"Excellent," Z said, removing her earpiece, straightening her back and smoothing out her deep plum dress, which cascaded from its thin straps down her body and pooled at her feet as if the fabric had been spun from liquid rather than silk. "We have enough time, then." She rested her scepter against her throne, and stood up. 
"Enough time for what?" Jake asked.
"You'll see," she said mysteriously, intentionally quieting her thoughts so he wouldn't read them. 
He gave her a look that clearly implied he did not apprecieate this, and she grinned. 
"Come on," she said, purposefully walking out of the room as her dress swirled around her. "We don't have that much time." 
He shook his head, but did speed up until he was walking next to her as she walked down the hall from the throne room, down a spiral staircase, and into a large control room bustling with ZORG drones. When she walked in, they all stopped what they were doing and bowed. She waved them off, and walked over to an empty, white table surrounded by eight drones. 
"Planet metamorphaisis interface," she explained to Jake. "Turn it on, guys."
As soon as the order left her mouth, one of the drones extended his wiry, but strong arm out to the exact center of the table and tapped once. From the point where his finger touched the table, little grey lines spread out across the gleaming white surface of the table and began to rise up off the surface until it was a huge, slowly spinning orb, suspended in the air, made of lines of light which showed latitude, longitude, cities, and landforms. 
Using her finger, Z reached out and swiped the air in front of the projection, and spun it faster until a little castle inside a bubble appeared. She zoomed in on it. "That's us, the bubble is the atmosphere."
"Cool," Jake said. "But why are we here again?" 
"Because if I try to put Josh in the dungeons against his will, he'll just escape," Z explained, reaching into the planet hologram and cupping her hands together, pulling out a small chunk of the planet.
"I see," Jake said, watching her fill in the crater she made by moving over a mountain and squishing it down, smoothing it over, and ordering the drones to make it match the planet around it. Then, she enlarged the little mini-planet she made and began sculpting it, giving it one large ocean and a small island with rocky shores, a few mountains, a river, some trees and a large plain. 
"It still needs something..." she trailed off, studying the mostly-empty island. 
A twisted sort of smile crept over Jake's face. "I know," he said, taking over. He scrolled through different plants until he found the one he was looking for and spread it throughout the entire field. 
Z came up behind him and stood on her tiptoes to look over his shoulder and laughed. "Queen of Night? Interesting choice."
"He should be reminded what he's missing out on," Jake said, checking his watch. "Come on, we only have a few minutes."
"Then let's go."
They arrived back in the throne room to find Malice had joined the party.  "I tried calling Agent Z," she said when they walked in. "She's not going to make it." 
"GIA meeting?" Z asked. 
"Drinks with GIA hotshots," Malice said with considerable distaste. 
"Well, someone obviously needs to sort out their priorities," Z said. "As usual. But it doesn't matter, let's do this."
She sat down at her throne and arranged herself, flat back, head high, scepter straight, even face. As soon as she was situated, the two guard drones outside opened the double doors and Outrageous O walked in, prisoners escorted in by drones behind him. 
the Queen stood. "O," she said. "Thank you for your help. You can sort out your compensation with Malice later."
He nodded and stepped off to the side.
"This war has lasted a long time," Almighty Z said, addressing the prisoners. "But now I've captured all of you and left your army defenseless. No escape plan," she looked at Josh, "no army," she looked at Teal, "no strategy," she looked at Greta, "will get you out of this one. The war is over. So now it's time for each of you to meet your concequence.
"First, Josh," Z said, beckoning him forward. He swaggered a few steps closer, or at least, tried his best to swagger while being chained to two nearly-indestructable robots. "I'm not going to recant your crimes, I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to think about how you probably should have just broken up with me while you're imprisioned, all alone until your death."
He shrugged. "I'm sure I can escape whatever cell you put me in."
Z raised an eyebrow. "Good thing I'm not putting you in a cell, then," she said. "Oh, and enjoy the flowers," she said, looking over at Jake. "My boyfriend picked them out." 
Jake gave an amused smile as Josh was led out in confusion.
"Next, the 'Great' Teal," Z said, gesturing for her to step forward. She did so, expression laced with dread. "Your pathetic hedgehog things are your only source of identity. Without them, you are nothing. So consider Planet Teal now a part of the ZORG empire, ruled over by me, governed by my drones. And consider yourself banished from this galaxy. If you ever dare show up here again, I will know, I will find you, and I will kill you."
She gave no response other than the same expression a puppy wears when its owner comes come and finds it in the middle of what used to be a feather pillow. Satisfied, Z waved her hand and the drones holding the Great Teal led her away.
"And, finally, Greta. You wanted to work for me, consider your wish granted. Our last garbage collector just had an unforunate accident at the dump, so we're needing a replacement, and I think you'll be a perfect fit. You start now, and don't try to run away. I'm assigning you your own personal drone to watch over you. You'll never be able to see or feel him, but he will be there, and he will make you regret anything sneaky."
Greta gave Almighty Z what appeared to be the nastiest look she could summon as she was led out. The doors swung shut with a conclusive bang.
"So that's it, then?" Jake asked, stepping forward. 
"Yeah, it's over," Almighty Z said with a satisfied smile. "It's all over."


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