The Conquests and Happenings of the ZORG

From classrooms and friendships to battlefields and aliens, the ZORG will prevail. Gazumph!


70. Change of Plans

The next day, Almighty Z called a strategy meeting, so everyone (Malice, Jake, Agent Z, and ZIP) met with her in the conference room to throw around ideas. Unfortunately, ideas worthy of being involved in a dramatic final battle were sparse. It didn't help that they had no useful information from the spy drones on Planet Teal, so they were unsure of just how wounded their enemies were.
"We could just blow up their whole planet," Agent Z suggested. "It's not very classy, but it's effective."
"No," Malice said, shaking her head. "In order to make an explosive of that size it'd take weeks, unless you want to self-destruct a bunch of drones like we've apparently been doing a lot of lately, but we're running low on unprogrammed drone shells, so that's inadvisable."
Everyone sat quietly, thinking for a few minutes before Jake spoke up. "We could bring in some allies maybe," he said doubtfully. 
"There's a chance the Long-Haired Beast of Tra'al would be willing to help. Doesn't he hate the Tealians? Something about them being annoying and really tasty with radishes?" Malice said. 
"Maybe," Almighty Z said, tapping her pen against the table. "But there's also a chance he'd eat us, and I don't really feel like being eaten."
Malice shrugged.  "That's fair." 
They fell back into silence, the only sound being Z's pen still rapping against the table. The quiet was soon interrupted, however, by an obnoxiously loud electronic ringing noise coming from ZIP, who extracted a cell phone from a compartment in his belly and held it out to Almighty Z. "It's for you," he said.  She took it and glanced at the screen, which read, "INCOMING CALL FROM OUTRAGEOUS O" in obnoxious, flashing letters.
"I have to take this, I'll be right back." She stepped outside the room and answered the call. "O?" she said into the phone. "What's going on?" 
From the other end, O replied. "That Great Alliance just ordered a bunch of the most powerful weapons I sell," he said. "Something about all of theirs being blown up. I thought you might want to know." 
Z laughed. "Thanks. They came to you? Must be desperate. You haven't delivered them anything yet, right?" 
"No. Do you want me to?"
"Not yet," Z said. "I'm in the middle of a meeting right now, I'll call  you later. Say 'hi' to B for me." 
"Okay, I will," O said, and Z ended the call. 
She walked back into the conference room grinning. "That was my cousin," she announced. "Change of plans."


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