Beside You


1. We Meet

Skylar's POV

"Hey, Sky. We have to go now. Come on. Are you ready?" asked my older brother, Shaun. He is 19. I am 16. I live with him, because my parents died when I was little. So, he got legal custody over me.

"Ok, Shawny. I am slmost ready. I just have to straighten my hair. I'm putting on my shirt right now." I said.

I slipped on my white shirt. Shaun opened the door. He walked in and grabbed the straightener and straightened my hair.

"Oh, thanks big brother," I appreciated.

We walked outside into his car and got in. He started to drive. I pulled out my Iphone and texted my best friend, Calum.


To: Calum,

Meet me at my locker. I am in Shaun's car, right now. I'll be there in about 5 minutes.

From: Skylar

Then, Calum texted me back, saying ok. Shaun stopped by Walmart for a minute and got some gas. I went in with a couple dollars and got a pack of gum and Calum's birthday present.Oh yeah, did I mention that today is his birthday?

Then, Shaun and I got back in his car and e drove me to school. I ran to my locker and gave Cal his present. It is a black Tshirt with Nickelback on it.

"Thank you so much, Sky. I love you," said Calum, giving me a big hug.

"No problem, Cal.We should get to class," I returned the hug.

Luke's POV

"Dude, come on. I wanna get to class to see mean, the teacher?" I rushed.

"Okay, lover boy," said my best friend, Michael.

We went to class. I saw Skylar and went tosit beside her.

"Hey, Sky, what's up?" I asked.

"Nothing much, Lukey. I'm just going shopping with Leslie and Tayl big or after school today. We have that big dance on Friday," she told me.

"Speaking of the dance, will you like to go with me?" I asked her.

"Sure, I'd love to," she said, winking at me.

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