Drummer Boy

Gabriella had finally managed to get her own place after all the hard-work and saving up. However she realizes after a short while that her new and improved life had a flaw - and it came in the form of a tall, Australian boy.

(5SOS are not famous in this fanfic, but they are in a band)


2. 2

I stumbled out into my front garden and scanned the area around my for any ideas of where the noise was coming from.  I turned around and spotted a really dim light from the back room in my neighbours house. I walked silently closer to the house and realized the 'noise' was music. As I got closer still, I knew they were definitely drums. I rolled my eyes and stormed up to the front door of the house. I still hadn't met my neighbour and they weren't making a great first impression.

I knocked hard on the big front door and wrapped my arms around myself, the breeze chilly round my bare legs and my hoodie not helping much. I waited for few minutes before knocking hard again, letting out grunts of annoyance. I sighed and turned around before walking down the small set of steps on the porch. 

'Hey..can I help you?' I heard a thick Australian accent behind me. I spun around and was greeted with the sight of a very sweaty, shirtless tall boy, probably more or less my age, maybe older. My eyes darted from his sweaty hair/face, to his (tanned and toned) torso, then finally to the drumsticks in his right hand. I smirked a bit at the sight of him but then realized what I came over here for. 

'Um, yeah actually i've just moved in next door today and I was kind of hoping if you could keep the noise down' I mumbled. He shook his damp hair before stepping down onto the steps. 'Oh yeah, of course i'm really sorry, nobody's lived there for ages and I don't have anyone the other side of me so nobody's ever heard it I guess' he apologized, as I glanced and saw that his house was at the end of the road. 'It's okay, i'll see you around I guess?' I said, as I started to walk away. 'Yeah yeah..i'm Ashton by the way, Ashton Irwin. I'm in a band, so that explains the drumming, we're not that good though, sorry I kept you awake, I like drumming late at night..or early in the morning' He grinned at me as he held out a hand. I walked back to him and shook it. 'I'm Gabriella, it's fine honestly' I smiled as we let go and I walked across his front garden. He was quite sweet, his rambling on about his drumming was cute. As I was nearly back to my house I looked behind me and saw Ashton still standing on his porch waving. 'By the way, I thought you sounded pretty good' I called out to him before I went back inside. 

Even if you did keep me awake, I thought to myself before getting back into bed and going to sleep with no drumming interruptions.

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