Drummer Boy

Gabriella had finally managed to get her own place after all the hard-work and saving up. However she realizes after a short while that her new and improved life had a flaw - and it came in the form of a tall, Australian boy.

(5SOS are not famous in this fanfic, but they are in a band)


1. 1

I let out a tired but happy sigh as I dumped the last box of my belongings on the circular wooden table I had managed to wrestle with but in the end put up. I looked around my little house and smiled to myself. I had finally done it, I had finally got my own place and earned it too. I was proud of myself as I was only 18. I had a decent sized kitchen and living room, with a small downstairs bathroom. Upstairs was my bedroom, a spare bedroom and a reasonable sized bathroom. 

After a short break from all the carrying of heavy boxes, I pulled myself up from the sofa which had thankfully been brought in by the moving men, who also helped with any other heavy and/or big items. I went from room to room and unpacked every last thing from all my cardboard boxes. 

Time had gotten away from me, as when I finally finished unpacking the vintage monochrome clock in the kitchen was showing the time of 1:04 am. I had completely forgotten about dinner and quite frankly I was too tired to care, so I locked up the house, got myself a glass of water and went to my new bedroom. I stripped down and put my pyjamas on, before slipping into my brand new (and amazingly comfy compared to my old one) bed. 



At 2:37am I was abruptly awoken by the sound of bashing and crashing from afar. I knew it wasn't coming from my house because it was distant, but even so it had woken me up and I had barely had any sleep. The crashing noise was still going on whilst I attempted to cover my head with a big pillow but it was no use. I sighed in annoyance and pulled on a hoodie from the wardrobe, before going downstairs and outside into my front garden to see if I could find the source of the unstopping noise.

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