Best Friend (5SOS's Fanfiction) (Complete)

An average Australian/British 17 years old girl, Kaitlyn Wilson, had one boy best friend, Luke Hemmings, for six years on Australia High school. You know why? That she's half Australian and half British? Her mother is full Australia, and her father is full British. But when Kaitlyn was 13 years old, her parents told her they moved out to London. Does she want to see Luke again? Kaitlyn hated to say goodbye. But she has to.

"Goodbye, Luke!"

But now, Luke has forgotten about her only best friend and Kaitlyn still remember about Luke. Luke is in the band 5SOS. Kaitlyn wants to go to One Direction's concert because of opening act..! is 5SOS!!! So, she went to that Concert with her friend, Melissa. Melissa's a fan of One Direction. When they met, face to face, will Luke remember Kaitlyn in his past?
Let find out to read!!! :)

Before Luke is famous..!

A fantastic cover made by @Zireee


21. Mirror?

Chapter 21








In the end, I ignore my parents after they kicked my three friends, who I don’t want to let them, out of my house and they still didn’t listen to what I’m saying something like ‘It’s not like that’. 

They still didn’t listen to me. 

Every morning, I went out to Melissa’s house, sometimes I went running around the park, and I went back home as I avoid them to went back to my room. 

All I say is ‘Bye’ when I go out, and ‘Good morning’ when I went downstairs. 

Sometimes I give them silence treatment, and sometimes I ignore them at dinnertime.

Luke and his best mate had to go back to their homeland. 

They give me toward the one that I always love him. 

I remember that Luke Hemmings, the old him that I used to know, had a secret journal and I know he had it because I caught him in writing about something that I don’t know, but he wrote about someone that he likes, I’m sure about this! 

So, I scare him and saw him, look a bit frightful and full awkwardly, put it away from me not to see it very quickly. 

I remember that I laughed at his embarrassed face and he looks cute when he did it.

I smile at it, I sat up on my bed and laying down on my bed.

It’s been three weeks without to seeing them and my dear best friends, Melissa, and Luke. 

It’s so easy to talk to all of them, and now my parents banned them not to come here to this house once again! 

I wish I could escape from my judgment parents to see them. 

What’s wrong with them?

I love him! 

I do, but we were not to speaking of a term right now, and no, I wasn’t blind to see it. 

I know why I love him! 

The real reason is we spent a lot of time, and I know that he doesn’t know me that well. 

I was hoping that he will find the journey that he was looking for his old feeling to come back.

A while later, the knock interrupted my thought, and I sit up as it makes me jumpy.

I was hoping it was Melissa but it wasn’t her, and it was Mum.

“Honey, it’s me. Can I come in?” She pursues me to open the door.

I stay silent.

“No? Okay! We’re sorry! But please open the door.” She says softly.

I was wondering, what are they apologise for and that’s right because they never apologies. 

They make it worse, and I got a list of them to make it even worse. 

I want more detail, and I won’t forgive them until they apologise for more detail than what I need.

With that, there is silence at the moment, and I say nothing to Mum, I look up at the ceiling roof as she sighs out of oppression.

“Nothing?!” Mum half questioned.

With that, she walks away from this door, and I sit up as I look at the window as I saunter toward the window bay. 

I sat down on it, and I keep my knee upon my chest as I always look up at the stars. 

I started to hum a song quietly, and I begin to open my mouth as I began to sing.

“...The glare makes me hard to find. Know that I’m always parallel on the other side.” I sing along with the song in my mind.

I sigh out of sorrowfully, and I look down on my knee as I start to continue to hum.

I know it’s difficult to find how can Luke found out his feeling but the boy that I knew is long gone!


A text message from my phone have interrupted my singing voice, and I stand up as I walk faster toward where my phone is on my desk. 

I open my phone and open the person’s message as I open my mouth. 

I was surprised to read it and read slowly.

‘We’re in Australia and found the diary that where he left. ~ Ash’ That was from Ashton.

I sigh out of grievously, and I was exhausted at the same time.

Okay, they already found it.

That’s good! 

I waited for Luke to send to text me for three weeks. 

I was wondering and worrying, at the same time, this diary whatever Luke wrote in, this would make him remember whenever he had the feeling for me. 

I was hoping if Luke recognises this, then why does he send me a simple text-?


I was shocked to see the text message, and that’s from Luke. 

I sigh out of dismally, and I was scared to open the text message, but I begin to open it anyway!

‘Turn out I had a lot of dairies. There is only one thing that I want to know whatever happened between Tina and us! The old me wouldn’t talk to me now in the diary. Who the hell is Tina? ~ Luke' I read his message.

I sigh out of sadness, and I put my phone on my desk as I was shocked to read Tina’s name.

That’s my older sister, Tina, who died in car accident. 

If I remember correctly, I was four, and she was ten years old. 

I bear in mind that I’m in the house and someone has taken care of me. 

I don’t understand why the old Luke wrote my dead sister’s name in his diary.

I sigh out of wistfully, and I collapse down on the floor as I feel my knee on the cold level.

Meanwhile, I cried to god ‘Why?!’ and I was crying so hard at the moment, my parents tried to smash the door down.

“What’s wrong? Kaitlyn!” They call my name so loud.

I cough heavy while I was crying so much and I look down at the floor when my parents finally open my door to enter my room. 

I was staring down at the ground, and my eyes are starting to hurt me so much. 

I scream and pants thick as I blend down on my stomach while I put my hand on my forehead.

I remembered that we were in the car and...

“What is it?!” That was my mum asks as she put her hand on my shoulder.

“Tina...” My voice turns into hoarsely.

That name that I call my dead sister’s name make them shocked and they curse the word. 

I groan in pain, and I put my hands on my head.

“Shit!” They curse in unison at each other.

“You supposed to be our perfect daughter that we raised as our Tina!” Dad says.

Then, I scream, and I was shocked at the brain of mine stops me. 

Then everything went fade in the black as I fell on the floor and that was Dad who caught me.

“Kaitlyn!” That was Tina’s voice in the echo.

There is giggling in everywhere!

“Kat! Woke up! My cute little sister!”

“Tina? Why am I in darkness? Am I in hell?” I call her name.

I was prying my eyes to see the back of Tina’s and so many mirrors that’s where she was standing there as she’s so tall. 

I sit up, and I was shocked to see the long curly brown-ish hairs as she turns around slowly to see me.

“Hello, Kaitlyn.” She says as her brown eyes locked on my eyes.

Is it a dream or nightmare?

Where am I if I’m not dreaming?

“Am I dreaming? Or do I have a bad dream? And why am I here?” I ask.

She giggles.

“You tell me. That isn’t dreaming or nightmare! Where are we being not mattered! I welcome you... That is a room of your memory!” She says as she whirled around with her hand up in the air.

I cover my eye to protect the light, and it appears nowhere...!

“Here we are. Why do you come with me to see someone’s memory? You know who I mean?” She asks as she turns back to see my face with her smirk face.

I think I know who she is talking about, Luke! 


Speaking of him, how does he know my sister?

I was about to ask this question aloud when we were staring at each other, but she put her finger into my mouth, and she shushes me.

“Shush! No, no, no! Come on?” She put her hand in the air and waited for me to take it.

I take it as I was surprised to see it feel real and she guides me toward four of the cloud mirror.

One for Luke, one for Tina and two for me. 


I saw the label on the mirror. 

I think it means I don’t remember one thing goes missing.

With that, I was confused to see it, and I don’t remember what it is.

“I want you to swear this to me. Love our parents forever! Promise me!” I can hear this high voice of my sister.

Oh, Tina!

What was happening between our parents and you?

With that, we walk toward Luke's mirror past Tina's and then something or more like someone calls out for me. 

I was surprised to hear this, and I put my hands' place in my mouth slowly.

“Kaitlyn...” That sounds like younger Luke and more like four-year-old Luke.

I was shocked to know that I’m in the point of Luke's view!



Flashback to 14 years ago

I was looking at myself in the mirror and turned around to see my sides as I see my face. 

I was about to meet two girls, one of them are older, but something stops me and something that prevents me from reaching for them.

I feel funny because I feel sad.

Then mum calls my name, and she was at the door as mum interrupted my thought.

“Luca, darling! They’re here!”

With that, I ran downstairs and then I found her.

The girl that I was looking for in my dream and in my class too. 

With the short and banner curly hairs, she seems so perfect, standing there and she looks at me as she gives me an adorable smile with her cute dimples.

“Hello.” She says.

“So, you’re the one who gives her a sweet candy because you saw her cry that much.” And that was an older sister of cute little girl.

“Yes, madam! That’ll be me!” I say as I look up at an older girl.

“Don’t ever call me madam, um...” She says as she looks down at the little girl.

“His name is Luca.” The little girl calls my name.

She sounds disgusted when she hears my real name from the beautiful girl’s mouth, and I look down at the floor when I feel sad. 

She must notice me, and she grabs my arm.

“Ugh! I get it. Ah! How about the nickname? I call her exact name, Kaitlyn, into, Kat!”

“Kaitlyn... Kat! They’re a cute name.” I whisper.

I want to call her this nickname...

“Hey! Want my advice to give you one?” She pats on my shoulder.

I look up at the face of her, and we look at each other.

“Writing in the journal or Diary if you could call... I could tell that you’re that guy who wants her to be your wife.” She gives me a sweet smile.

“Who could I write to...?” I say.

“Oh, Luke! I can call you Luke, right?”

She realised what she says to me, but I’m okay with this.

I nod at once, and she smiles at me.

“Well... You could write this for me. ‘Dear Tina....’ You will see me again and we-” Their parents interrupted her talking.

“Tina... We’re leaving!” That was her Dad says.

She turns around to see her parents, and with that, she turns back to see me.

“Never let her go... She will be your best friend someday.” She whispers into my ears.

With that, she turns around to walk away with her parents.

That’s funny when I can see that she walks in slow motion.

Flashback end



My eyes are getting water, and I was about expressing it out, but I did it.

I wonder why mine is a cloud.

Why do I have done with this?

I sighed out of sadness and was about to call her name, but she stops me.

“Tina,” I call.

“That’s our parents’ fault... I should be there for you and Luke too. But all memories are only one thing is in the matter is love. We love you, and we were fighting at the same time.” She says.

Oh, Tina!

Don’t tell me that you’re all alone in this place.

“Why do they try to apart us?” I ask.

“Because I’m a bad influence on you. Our parents sent me to our grandparents’ house. That’s why I say ‘Love your parents forever’, but you didn’t listen to me.” She explains.

We walk toward the cloud one of my mirror, and we were staring at the mirror.

What’s going on with this?

It has shown me the white room and lot of flower in this place.

“This is where you are in the hospital right now, and we are in here.” She says.

When she says ‘Here’, she put her finger on my forehead and when she says ‘Right now’, I was shocked as I turn to see her face.

“You have slept for ten months... You have worried parents and protector, and wonderful boyfriend.” Tina says.

When she says ‘Ten months’, I was astounded and was confused at the same time.

Ten months?! 

We’re here for ten months! 

Oh, my goodness!

“Shall we?” Tina asks as she turns to see me and wait for me to take it while she put her hand up.

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