My mind , his body


1. the beginning


"C'mon Mom answer "

For the umpteenth time in this quarter of hour, I call my mother.

What happens to me now it's the fault of this Tom, the guy who takes himself to the best, he didn't stop asking me in class to give him my phone number, but in the end I screaming


and I'll let you guess what happened after.

So I took a punishment, I missed my transportation and now I freeze outside in the rain.

I tighten my jacket and decided to go on foot despite the big distance. As soon as I put a foot outside the University I was wet from the root of my hair to my feet.

When I heard my name by far.

Oh it's our lovely tom who I love so much ! Just kidding I hate him .

As if what happens to me now is nothing.

-Lea that's is for the phone number

Huh ?

I understood nothing until Tom arrives with great speed with his car.

And I get a puddle in my face .

Thanks Tom.

good , now no need to take a shower.

-You will pay it to me !

I love my life did you know it ?

I walk some authors minute when another puddle arrived in my face,

Again ,

but he's impossible that Tom.

-Tom you know it's not fun!

But to my surprise it wasn't Tom's car, but when the driver lowered his window I could recognize Liam Payne a member of the Group One Direction.

-I'm sorry...Say Liam with a sincere smile

- Oh no it's nothing !

But if you was Tom I'll have strangled you, added I for me.

-I drop you somewhere? Asked he with his beautiful smile .

-No, no thanks

- come in it's raining and , to forgive me to

I adds nothing and just get in the car.


I give him directions to get to the House, it was Liam who began by breaking the silence.

-My name is Liam

-lea, by the way yes I know who you are...

-you're a fan then ?

-Non... If you ask how I know your name my source is my best friend!

We finally arrived to my house which was very close to the University

- thank you very much!

-It's nothing ...

When I wanted to open the door a light freeze me ,some seconds I "saw" everything in black . when I re-open my eyes I find myself driving .

eh? What's happens what?

I turn my head to the left and I see myself,

wait I just to see myself ,

I look at my hand.

I was in Liam's body ...

Non but what's happens

- AHHHH...

I guess that Liam just understand the situation.

- what happens what? Scream Liam.

-Do I look like I understand?all I know is that you are in my body! Added I after a few moments

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