The Story Of Afraid Adriana


1. The Start

I was born on April 24th 2003. I was named Adriana Bianca Canty. My mum decided it was smart. My initials are ABC...

My mother had to stay in hospital for a few weeks after having me, leaving me with my grandmother and Aunty. I would never stop screaming from 6 to 9 where my Aunty would take me for a walk and face me to the wind. My mum came home so I finally got to live with my mum.

My dad would often leave me and my mother money then go off to the pub for a drink.

Everything was going well until my parents started to fight. I was 2 when my mum and dad split up. It started to get better again, then everything once again went down hill.

That is where the story truly begins.

My name is Adriana Canty and this is my story.

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