Fallen Stars(Cake) 5sos

Luke is gay and is a member of the hottest Australlian boy band 5 seconds of summer. The others know that Luke is gay but they don't know that he is crushing on his best friend, Calum Hood. Luke is afraid to tell Calum how he feels because he doesn't want ruin their friendship.

Calum is also gay but the others don't know that. Calum prefers to be thought of as straight. He doesn't want people to make fun of him. He has seen the way that others treat Luke. He has a huge crush on Luke. He really wants to tell Luke about the way he feels for him but he is scared. He's scared of being labeled, Scared of receiving hate, and most importantly, scared of losing his bestfriend.

What happens when they finally realize that they both like each other? Will they be able to be a happy couple or will they have a hard time dealing with the hate? And most importantly, will the ever tell Michael and Ashton? Read and find out in Fallen Stars.


1. heartbroken

Luke's POV

   The thing that sucks the most is having management tell you who you're supposed to like. The thing is that it's impossible for me to love who they tell me to because they want me to like girls. Yes, I'm gay. the other three know I'm gay, but they don't know that I have a huge crush on Calum. I'm trying to keep that a secret because I don't want to ruin my friendship with Calum. I guess Calum will never know my true feelings towards him.

  "Luke, come on we're about to go" Michael shouted, snapping me out of my thoughts. I quickly cover the scars that tattooed my wrist. Yes, I cut and the only reason for that is because Calum will never know my true feelings toward him. I grab my bag and head downstairs. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I was instantly met by Calum. I felt my cheeks start to heat up.

  "Oh. I was just about to come up and get you myself" Calum said, giving me a smile.

  "I was just sitting up there. So as soon as Michael called I headed down" I replied, trying my best to not look into his intoxicating brown eyes.

  "Well, come on. It is time to start our new tour" Calum said, grabbing my hand. Man, he is so energetic. Calum pulled me out of the house and on to our tour bus.

   "Ok, our first stop is Boston. We will be staying there for a week. Who will be sharing a hotel room with who?" Ashton said.

   "I call sharing a room with Luke" Calum shouted. I felt my cheeks start to heat up again. Michael and Ashton looked at each other and smiled.

   "Aww Calum, you made Luke blush" Ashton said. I felt my cheeks turn pinker. I looked at Calum and saw him smiling and staring at me. I quickly got up and went to my tour bus bed and closed the curtain. I laid down on the pillows and let the tears fall freely down my cheeks.

   "Luke, Luke, are you back here buddy" I heard Calum call before my curtain is pulled open. Calum looks at me and sits down.

   "Luke, why are you crying" Calum asked, a look of worry on his face. I quickly wipe the tears away from my eyes.

   "I-I-its n-nothing" I stuttered. Calum stared at me with a look of disbelieve.

   "Luke you hardly ever cry. This must be something big if it's making you cry" Calum said.

   "Don't worry about it Calum. I'm fine" I said, giving Calum a small smile, hoping he'll believe me. Calum sighs and gets off my bed.

   "Well okay, hope whatever you're crying about gets better" Calum said before leaving. I sighed and laid my head back down on the pillow. before I knew it, sleep had taken over me.

Calum's POV

  I felt worried about Luke. He is way too perfect to be crying like that. He doesn't deserve to be so heartbroken. It just breaks my heart to see my secret crush like that. Yes I'm gay and yes, Luke is my secret crush. Ashton is the only one that knows I like Luke. That is basically because I tell him everything.

  "Hey Calum, is everything alright with Luke" Michael asked walking up to me. I looked at him with a sad smile.

  "I don't think so. When I walked back there he was crying" I explained. Michael looked worried.

   "I didn't mean to upset him. It was just a joke" Ashton said sadly.

   "Maybe he got upset because he secretly does like Calum" Michael said. I felt my heart speed up.

  "Ashton, can I speak to you alone" I asked. Ashton nodded and I led him to the bathroom.

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