Fuck You Over

*Said I was a douche bag won't call back, worst hangover you ever had. Felt so good at first but you knew it would never last.*
I stared at the girl in the front seat. Was that really my only competition? I had to be up against something better than that, something more classy and less trashy perhaps?
"This is Violet, she goes to the high school down the road from ours." Ashton said smirking at me. I smiled and shook her hand.
"Hey, I'm Hunter. It's a pleasure to meet you." I said sitting back in my seat. Ashton stared at me questioningly before turning the car on.
"We're gonna make one more stop at my friend Luke's house real quick." He said to Violet. She nodded. Oh no, he knew he was on to me. I sighed heavily and did breathing exercises. I forgot about Luke's part in my plan. Pretend I wasn't madly in love with him… seems easy enough.
Hunter Masters is your regular high school teenager. She tutors for extra credit and sh


28. New chapter

26- Camille and Cancellation

Michael's POV

Camille was getting married. I had to get use to that.

"What are you thinking about?" Camille asked tracing her finger over my chest.

"You." I said kissing her forehead. We had been secretly seeing one another for awhile. The only one I told was Hunter.

"Don't think so much about it." She said pulling the covers to conceal more of her body.

"Look where we are Camille, you are getting married to another guy. It's going to be in writing on documents. The entire world will know." I explained.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked.

"I want you to do what you want to do. If you want to get married to Max, then get married to Max. Don't hide behind your parents." I said.

"I don't love Max, I don't want to be with him."

"That's what you say." I mumbled.

"Michael, I've given you no reason to doubt me." Camille said.

"I just-" I was interrupted by a knock on the door

"Michael it's me, Hunter."

"I'm coming." I replied sliding out of the bed and pulling clothes on. I opened the door and Hunter looked like she was high.

"Are you good?" I asked her as she walked in.

"Oh! Of course. I just get dizzy taking the medicine the doctor gave me sometimes. I need to talk to you." She said

"What's wrong?" I asked her leading her in the room.

"Hi, Camille." She smiled taking a seat on one of the chairs in the room.

"Hey Hunter. I was just leaving." Camille said.

"You can stay. I just wanted Michael's opinion on something." She said

"What's up?" I asked leaning on the wall.

"Am I sexy?" She asked. I could see Camille start to fidget. My cheeks were growing warm.

"What being the standard?" I asked.

"I don't know? Cassie is pretty standard sexy I guess. Cassie." She replied.

"Yeah, I guess you're sexier than Cassie." I shrugged.

"Michael, I need to know. Why are you so uncomfortable?" She asked annoyed.

"Sorry, when I agreed to be best friends I meant without the awkward conversations." I said. She looked like she wanted to say something else but looked down instead.

"Um, one more thing." She said.

"Shoot." She bit her lip and then shook her head.

"Never mind. I'll see you guys later." She said quickly scurrying off. She slammed the door shut behind her.

"She is just like Niall." Camille laughed.

"They did date, it had to be something." I said closing my eyes.

"I'm not going to do it. I'm going to cancel the wedding. I'm going to be with you and go to college in California with you and your friends." She said.

"Are you serious?" I asked walking closer to her.

"I love you and I want to be with you. Plus it wouldn't be right if I lived here while you were in Cali." She said kissing my cheek.

"I love you Camilla." I teased her kissing her softly.


At the end of the day some of the guys went to the bar. Niall, Ashton, Harry and I sat at one table while the others sat at another.

"Is Hunter ok?" I asked Ashton. Hunter wasn't usually worried about being sexy so I had to ask.

"Uh, I guess. Hunter is just being Hunter." Ashton shrugs.

"Are you seriously dismissing the fact that Hunter's in something."

"Like what? She has an interest in dead virgins."

"She hasn't talked about her aneurism in months and the thought that she may be interested in her death and losing you is a big concerning." I said. I omitted the part about the sexy or not conversation.

"Maybe she just realized that she's ready." Ashton says. I rolled my eyes and shook my head. She wasn't ready. There was something forcing her to act this way. Whether it was the thought of losing Ashton or something else was unknown.

"Niall, Harry. Both of you are good with women, yeah?" I asked the other guys. They both shrugged uncomfortably.

"Now, do you know any girl who just randomly pushes her virginity on to her boyfriend after being celibate the entire relationship?" I asked.

"It does seem a bit suspect." Harry mutters downing his drink and flagging down our waitress.

"Fine. I'll talk to her. But she's going to say she's fine and it's nothing to worry about." He predicted. I know she is but at least she'd know that someone cared enough to ask.

"Don't just ask her if she's got shit going on. Explain to her why you were curious. Bring up the dead virgins and anything else." Niall added as the waitress refilled our cups for the fifth time. I was paying as a secret celebration that my girlfriend wasn't getting married.

"You think this weekend maybe it? When she wants to have sex?" Ashton asked.

"If so be careful. Don't want her passing out from shock..." I said.

"Or disappointment." I added smirking. Ashton shoved me playfully and rolled his eyes.

"Just take it slow. And don't assume she wants to sleep with you." Harry said drinking his last beer before starting in on another.

"You guys are geniuses, aren't you?" Ashton asks rolling his eyes.

"Just looking out for my girl." I admitted leaning back in my chair. Ashton opened his mouth and closed it when his phone beeped. He looked down and started smiling like an idiot. His eyes brightened and his whole figure was visibly happier.

"What's up?" I asked curious as to what she said that could've made him that happy.

"She wants me to go back to the hotel and spend time with her." He said standing up and digging in his wallet.

"Nah, you go ahead. I'll pay for it all." I smiled shooing my friend away.

"Ahh, thanks man. I owe you." He promised running off.

"I'm guessing you two would rather be together than stay with me." I said turning to the two guys. Harry shrugged and Niall nudged him.

"We'd love to have your company." Niall said.

"Nah, it's fine. I got some stuff to do anyways." I lied. Niall looked at Harry who had his eyes trained on me. I nodded towards the door and they smiled leaving hand in hand.

"Would you like your check?" The waitress asked. I looked at her for the first time. She had short black hair and bright blue eyes. Her skin was so pale it looked like she hadn't been near a sun since birth. She was still pretty.

"Alexandria?" I asked reading her name tag.

"I usually go by Alex." She said playing with a strand of loose string on her apron.

"I'm Michael. I go by... Pretty much whatever." I admitted.

"Well, it was nice to meet you. I hope when we meet again in the real world it's under different circumstances." She chuckled looking down at her sneakers. They were tattered and barely holding on.

"Like...a date?" I offered. Her cheeks turned so red her face looked like a strawberry.

"Um...s-sure." She stuttered. She took a piece of paper out of her apron and scribbled something on it before stuffing it in my hand.

"Call me." She smiled walking away collecting my bill and her tip. I looked at the paper and smiled. She'd written her number and address. I stood up and walked back to the hotel. Driving wasn't the smartest choice.

When I got to the hotel I saw Camille standing next to Max. They were whispering but they both looked angry. I walked closer and leaned against a wall listening to them.

"No! This isn't about Michael!" Camille said.

"Look, Camille, I understand getting cold feet before a big thing like this. I love you. And I know you love me just as much." It was quiet for a while and then a sigh.

"You're right, Max, I do love you. I guess I was just nervous. I'll see you tomorrow." She said. I walked away after that. I walked to the stairs and climbed up the stairs until I was in my room and crying my eyes out. I'd never cried for anybody other than Hunter. But that hurt was different. That loss was different.


The next day was the fitting for all that important people of the wedding so I spent it crying into Hunter's lap. She stroked my hair and cooed me into tranquility. I was hurting so bad that I couldn't eat or drink.

"Michael, it's going to be okay." She lied for the hundredth time. I didn't even reply I just let my tears go. I decided that now was the best time to stop ruining her jeans and sat up and wiped my face.

"Ashton thinks you want to have sex." I said looking at her. She looked over at me and nodded.

"I do." She said confidently.

"Why?" I asked. She looked forward and sighed.

"If I ever hurt Ashton as bad as I hurt you promise me you'll be there for him. Promise me you will help the pain go away somehow." She said.

"Why would you ever hurt Ashton?"

"I-I don't know! I really don't! But I just need you to promise me. I need to know Ashton isn't totally lost. He isn't alone."

"Do you plan on hurting Ashton?" I asked. She stood up and wiped her eyes.

"Forget it, Michael." She says about to leave but she stops and turns around. "I'm sorry that Camille left you but when Ashton left me, you were still my best friend. Your problems were still my concern." She said walking away. Then I was alone. I lost my girl. My best friend. What a crummy weekend?


Fave quote: "Niall, Harry. Both of you are good with women, yeah?" I asked the other guys. They both shrugged uncomfortably.

"Now, do you know any girl who just randomly pushes her virginity on to her boyfriend after being celibate the entire relationship?" I asked.

"It does seem a bit suspect." Harry mutters

+only find this funny because Niall and Harry are gay

+took a quote from my teacher and put it in here

+couldn't break up a wedding I'm not the devil

+I don't want to write smut

+ does someone wanna right the smut scene for me

+okay guys exactly two chappies till it goes down

+character update in five chapters

+Michael & Alexandria



+Cassie & Calum



+Hunter & Ashton



+Violet & Zayn

+ otp

+Vayn - (Vain)

+My babies going to college soon 😭😭😭😭

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