Fuck You Over

*Said I was a douche bag won't call back, worst hangover you ever had. Felt so good at first but you knew it would never last.*
I stared at the girl in the front seat. Was that really my only competition? I had to be up against something better than that, something more classy and less trashy perhaps?
"This is Violet, she goes to the high school down the road from ours." Ashton said smirking at me. I smiled and shook her hand.
"Hey, I'm Hunter. It's a pleasure to meet you." I said sitting back in my seat. Ashton stared at me questioningly before turning the car on.
"We're gonna make one more stop at my friend Luke's house real quick." He said to Violet. She nodded. Oh no, he knew he was on to me. I sighed heavily and did breathing exercises. I forgot about Luke's part in my plan. Pretend I wasn't madly in love with him… seems easy enough.
Hunter Masters is your regular high school teenager. She tutors for extra credit and sh


27. 24- College and Confrontations

24- College and Confrontations


That's what Ashton's good news was. With all that's been happening college was the last thing on my mind but I knew with two months until graduation I needed to really buckle down. I had already gotten accepted to UCLA, Berkeley and Stanford. You could say its a gift from god. But what if Ashton didn't get into any of those schools?

I spent my entire life preparing for those schools. Would I change my mind just for him?

Would he come out to California with me?

"What are you thinking about?" He mumbles in my ear. We are pressed together in the dark on my bed. Everyone has gone to sleep so it was safe for us. We had made out for a while which I never minded. Ashton said he wouldn't tell me which schools he applied to until he got his acceptance letters. He didn't want to jinx anything.

"I'm thinking about college." I said snuggling my nose into the crook of his neck. He ran his hand up and down my arm slowly and softly like I would break if he didn't.

"You're going to be fine." He promised not batting an eye.

"Going to college without you will be a nightmare if you decide to go elsewhere."

"Where else would I go? Sorry to say but you're stuck with me babe." He teased.

"All my colleges are in California." I pointed out.

"I'll travel to the ends of the universe with you." He says his voice hanging in the darkness.

"Dorms are going to be a headache." I mused.

"Dorms?" He asked

"Where would I sleep? Live? Do strenuous amounts of homework?" I questioned

"Oh, no, I just thought that we would- never mind." He said shaking his head and leaning his head back.

"What?" I asked curious.

"I just thought that we would, ya know." He said fidgeting next to me.

"You thought we would live together?" I asked smiling.

"Only if you wanted to, I mean it'd be easier and everything would feel right because it's us ya know?" He babbled on scratching the back of his neck.

"Won't it be weird? Just us in two different rooms?" I asked. He sighed loudly showing his stress.

"We can sleep together." He said kissing my cheek.

"That didn't sound as romantic as I thought it would. It's actually a bit childish. Like two kids kind of." I joked.

"Well, in short, we will move out to California and live in a horrible one bedroom apartment and live off of takeout and ramen." He said. I scoffed scrunching my nose up.

"I hate ramen." I muttered. He chuckled softly so that his voice hummed in my ear. I loved him so much.

"So, what are you going to do about your dad?" He asked. I hadn't been in good terms with my dad since I left for the cabin and even then we were a bit shaky.

Who could've guessed that this would happen?

"I'm just going to take it. Whatever he says I'll listen and I'll just take it. I'm done pretending like I'm someone else." I said honestly.

"That's my favorite part about you. You just want to be you." He replied. I twisted the small ring on my finger and smiled. We hadn't talked about it. And we wouldn't. Not tonight.


"So, I hear your going to study at Berkeley or Stanford next fall." Greta says as we take our seats at a restaurant.

"Yeah I'm super excited." I admit. I was so close to graduating from high school. I'd be out and about in less than two months.

"I have a penthouse apartment down there with a car. I don't ever use it. You could have it if you want." Greta offers.

"No, I couldn't take that from you. You've done so much already." I declined.

"I'm your mother. I've missed 16 years of your life and the least I can do is give you an empty house." She said.

"I was wondering if you would want to come over for dinner tonight and meet my friends and Ashton. The right way that is." I said smiling. She grinned excitedly and clasped her hands together.

"I would be honored." She said.

"Also, what should I call you?" I asked twiddling my thumbs.

"I don't really care. Mom, Greta, Sunset kitty." She named.

"I'll try mom out, if that's okay with you." I said biting my lip. She smiled placing her hand on top of mine.

"That'll be just fine." She said. Her voice cracked slightly as though she was getting ready to cry.

"Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for not telling my dad about the Ashton thing. You can now if you want to. I was just making sure I was on good terms with him since I'm not with my father." I explained smiling sheepishly. She chuckled and sipped whatever she had ordered from the menu.

"I understand, I'm just happy to help you with any problems you may have. For instance your father." She says. I sigh and lean back in my chair.

"Well I guess it's just he doesn't want to talk about how he's lied to me. He just wants me to adapt to every situation. Family, aneurism, family, college, family." I said plucking the words of on my fingers.

"Your father likes to seem in control when he's not. When he was younger his life was organized. He had a beautiful girlfriend who worked for PETA and he was supposed to inherit hundreds of thousands of dollars but he gave it all up because he had sex with me. He gave it all up to be the father of you and Hyland. Even when the times were bearing down on him he pushed through, he's got a plan and he's waiting for the moment so it can all come together." She said smiling. I nodded in understanding and smiled as our food came. Having Greta as my mom wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.


Later that night when I had invited everyone over to meet Greta as my mom and not as the crazy lady who never left my side at the hospital, I talked to my dad. I told him what has been going on. I told him the truth about Ashton, Ally, the photos, everything. I told him that I didn't have much time until everything fell apart so I was just going to play it off.

"Hunter..." He said running a hand through his graying hair.

"I know dad. I know I messed up big time but I need your support."

"Why didn't you just tell me?" He asked

"Hey dad I'm planning to destroy my best friends ex because he might have distributed out her nudes... You think that sounds good?" I asked.

"Hiding it wasn't a very smart idea either." He pointed out.

"I just hate fighting with you. You're my world, dad." I said tearing up.

"Ditto, Hunts." He says kissing my forehead. He stands up ruffling my hair.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have blamed you for the aneurism." I said honestly.

"We all make mistakes, so it doesn't matter. What you learned from that mistake is what matters." He said honestly. I nodded and smiled. Everything was perfectly perfect if that made any sense.

The little dinner party thingy was great. Regardless of my feelings towards Hyland I still made the most of a rather poor situation. I could feel Ashton watching me while he was talking to Calum and Michael. They both looked rather happy about their current situations. Michael had managed to get all of us an invitation to Camille's wedding. Even Violet and Zayn who were supposedly attending my party together. I was also meeting Louis for the first time due to the missed flight that delayed their trip until after graduation.

"My girlfriend's the host and she hasn't even greeted me."

"Hey you."I smiled.

"Hey sexy." Ashton says letting his dirty blonde hair fall on my face. I pressed my lips to his and then pulled away smiling. I always ended up smiling. Ashton was my love.

"I have to greet people at the door. Go talk to my mom." I said pushing him towards Greta. He rolled his eyes and walked towards the lady who always seemed enchanted by the way he moved his lips.

I walked to the door and frowned when I noticed that it was no other than Violet. Awesome.

"Cold shoulder much?" She asked following me into the back yard.

"I trusted you not to stick your tongue down my boyfriend's throat." I said seriously. She sighed and rolled her eyes.

"You think I really did that? I would never, we are friends now." She said.

"Well I'm hearing things differently." I told her.

"From who?" She asks.

"Luke." I admitted. I didn't want to rat him out but I wasn't given any choice.

"And you believe him over me? He's trying to get you to stop seeing Ashton. He knows you hate when he comes to me." She defended.

"Plus I've been a tad too busy to even talk to Ashton." She smiles.

"I know I'm sorry."

"There's something else. I saw Luke and Alyson at a bar the other day. It was a low scale one so they serve to underage and they let underage work there. Anyways I was cranking my shift and out the corner of my eye I saw Luke spiking Alyson's drink." She said.

"Why would Luke be talking to Alyson?"

"That was my question so I started moving closer and they were talking about you. About some secret that you made with Alyson about Ashton." I froze. Alyson wouldn't purposely tell anyone and she was probably too drunk to understand what was happening.

"Honey? Are you ok?" She asked.

"Did you hear what they said?"

"Only that Luke is planning on having a conversation with you in order to keep your secret he needs you to fully oblige." She said looking confused.

"Ok, don't tell anyone what you heard." I demanded. She nodded and then frowned rubbing my shoulder.

"Vi!" I heard Zayn shout from the backyard door. Violet perked up and jogged over to him. They made out for awhile and I just kind of stood there.

"I'm going to, um, head back inside." I said squeezing past Violet and smiling at Zayn. I rush back inside and look around for Alyson. I found her talking to Louis in the kitchen and smiling. I've actually seen Alyson this happy but this is the first time I had faith that it would continue.

"This is an awesome party." Louis smiles at me as I walk in.

"Oh, I bet you been to better but thank you. Could I steal Alyson for a few seconds?" I asked.

"Sure, see ya babe." He says kissing her cheek and walking into the living room. I pulled Alyson up to my room and locked the door.

"What's wrong?" She asked.

"You told Luke." I said softly.

"Told Luke what?" She asked.

"About the reason I'm dating Ashton and what was the plan." I said looking around. She gasped all wide eyed and confused.

"The last time I saw Luke was when he invited me for drinks." She said.

"Do you remember what happened?" I asked urgently.

"No, I drank like three vodka sodas and a shot and for some reason I was so tipsy. Hunts I can handle my liquor." She says

"He drugged you and must have asked you a bunch of questions. Ugh!" I shouted.

"Well, you've got to confront him. I mean he's more obsessive over you than you were of him. I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

"Ok so what needs to happen is you need to talk to him and also tell Ashton." She said seriously. I paced in a circle around my room and then nodded. I was going to fix this. I was going to fix this.



Fave Quote: "Hey dad I'm planning to destroy my best friends ex because he might have distributed out her nudes... You think that sounds good?" I asked.

+took way too long to finish this

+ YASSSSS Alyson and Louis

+ YASSSSS Violet and Zayn

+ Yassssss Gale forgives Hunter

+ Wedding scene in Michael's, Ashton and Hunter's POV

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