Hinata's love and the Kyuubi's Rage

A story of Naruto and Hinata. Hinata realizes she must change if she is to get Naruto to notice her


6. Chapter 6

The next morning, Team Kurenai set out to Konoha. Hinata was still troubled from yesterday and the others knew it, unfortunately they could think of nothing to comfort her. Kurenai spoke up: "Hinata!" Hinata was surprised and looked up. "Is this how you want Naruto to see you after two years!?" "You promised that you would fight by Naruto's side and help him defeat the Akatsuki, if you remain like this then you are of no help to him."

Hinata looked blankly at Kurenai and then smiled at her. "You're right Sensei, I can't let this affect me, after all Naruto has remained strong despite this, so I have to push myself to become stronger as well." With that the group continued on their journey home, meanwhile back in Konoha, Naruto was at the Ichiraku Ramen shop having his usual ramen for breakfast.

When suddenly Jiraiya comes from behind the curtain. "I knew I'd find you here Naruto." Naruto with a mouth full of noodles stuttered "What's up Pervy Hermit, you came to treat me to more ramen." Jiraiya frustrated yelled, "No I did not you moron!" " I came to give you a warning." Jiraiya sat next to Naruto and in a serious tone said, "Naruto from here on you're on your own, I can't be there to help you or protect you."

Naruto interrupts "I know that and I don't need protection anymore, trust me I'll beat the Akatsuki and bring Sasuke back." Jiraiya responds "This isn't about the Akatsuki or Sasuke, it's about the Kyuubi." Naruto put his ramen bowl down and stared at Jiraiya. "You know that the Kyuubi's chakra has grown stronger and you have been having great difficulty maintaining your sanity when it's chakra erupts. At this rate Naruto you will end up hurting someone close to you and killing yourself in the process. You must rely on your own power. That was the point of your training these last 2 years and your new jutsu. Whatever you do you must not let the Kyuubi overwhelm you."

Naruto gets a determined look on his face and answers "I won't let that dumb fox control me." Jiraiya answers "I hope for your sake and for everyone else's that you don't." Jiraiya left Naruto at the ramen shop. After Naruto finished his ramen he walked around the village to say hello to friends he had not seen in 2 years. Later that day, the fifth summoned Team Kakashi. Of course Naruto was not happy to see Sai, but did his best to pretend he wasn't there. The Fifth then explained: "There have been reports that members of the Akatsuki have been spotted in the Earth Country. We don't know what their motive is for being there however they may contain information on Orochimaru so we need to capture one for interrogation."

Kakashi looked a little surprised, "Capturing such a powerful shinobi would be more difficult than killing him, especially considering we know very little about them, shouldn't we have more shinobi come along as well." Tsunade replies " I agree however they haven't arrived yet, so your team must leave immediately so as not to lose track of the Akatsuki. Once the others arrive I'll send them after you. They're experts at searching so they will be able to find you." Kakashi nods and leads his team out on their mission to the Earth Country.

That night, Team Kurenai finally arrived at the village. Hinata offered to take Kiba and Akamaru to the hospital to treat their injuries from the mission and Shino went home to rest while Kurenai reported to the Fifth. After hearing the report Tsunade says "It seems that ninja had a lot of valuable information, it's a shame he blew himself up. In any case you have another 

mission. I already sent out Team Kakashi to the Earth Country. There have been reports of Akatsuki there. You are to catch up with them and assist them in finding and capturing a member for interrogation. You are to leave tomorrow morning." "I understand Hokage-sama we leave first thing in the morning." Kurenai bowed and was about to leave the room, but suddenly Tsunade said "One more thing Kurenai, Naruto is back with Team Kakashi. You must keep an eye on him and take necessary action according to the situation that presents itself." "Understood Hokage-sama." With that Kurenai leaves and Tsunade is left in deep thought.

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