Hinata's love and the Kyuubi's Rage

A story of Naruto and Hinata. Hinata realizes she must change if she is to get Naruto to notice her


5. Chapter 5

Back in the training grounds Sai was frustrating Naruto with his jutsus of drawings coming to life. Naruto using his clones though was able to get around them and was able get to Sai to deliver a decisive blow when suddenly "That's Enough!" yelled Tsunade. "I'm satisfied I've got a good idea how far you've come Naruto." Naruto asked "Why did you stop us, I was just about to win."

Then all of a sudden Sai's body that Naruto was about to strike transformed into an exploding tag and blew up in Naruto's face. Sai laughed from the trees. "What a fool! You really are hopeless you thought you were gonna win, you're pathetic." Naruto smiled "Look behind you then we'll see whose the fool." Sai turns around and sees 2 Naruto clones behind both holding kunai knives ready to stab him.

"I said that's enough!" Naruto's clones vanished and Sai jumped down from the tree. "You're both dismissed for today. I'll see the 2 of you tomorrow to discuss your first mission." As Tsunade walked back to the village Shizune said "Tsunade-sama I don't understand why did you stop the exhibition, it's not like they were gonna kill each other. We would have been able to learn more of their progression these last 2 yearsif they had kept going."

Tsunade answered "Jiraiya told me about his incident with Naruto and the Kyuubi during their training and during that exhibition I noticed Naruto's eyes turn blood red at critical moments. The Kyuubi's chakra has mixed with his own. I had to stop the match before it got dangerous." Shizune gasped "Perhaps you shouldn't send him on any missions then."

"NO! Naruto is not one who can be contained in the village. He could someday be a great asset besides if we try to keep him here he'll just leave on his own to search for Sasuke." Tsunade then continued: "I believe there is a way for Naruto to control the Kyuubi's power. I heard of his match against Neji in the Chuunin Exams in which he used the red chakra. It is possible to control it."

"Tsunade-sama we are talking about the Kyuubi. A monster so fierce some that not even the 4th could defeat or even our entire village for that matter how can you expect Naruto to…." Tsunade interrupts "Because he has a special power that is unlike any I have ever seen and I believe in him. He will not let the Kyuubi or anyone else control him, after all he has a dream, remember. A dream that I know he will accomplish one day because he promised me that until he becomes Hokage he will never die.

That is why I gave him my necklace, given to me by my Grandfather the 1st, and that is why I will continue to send him on missions understood!" "Yes Tsunade-sama." answered Shizune. Elsewhere, Naruto walked to the front gate of the village and asked the ninjas guarding if Hinata has returned yet. Unfortunately the answer was no. Sakura then asked "Why are you all of a sudden so concerned about Hinata?"

"Because just before I left she wanted tell me something and she had a look in her face I never seen before. I think she might be in trouble or something" Sakura shook her head and said "You really are clueless, you know." Naruto asked "What do you mean" Sakura yelled "Oh just forget it!It's pointless trying to explain anything to you!" and with that Sakura left Naruto alone at the gate confused. He said to himself "What has her all mad? Oh well I've gotta meet Iruka-sensei at Ichiraku Ramen. It's been so long I can't wait!"

Elsewhere: "And that's the whole story Kurenai-sensei." said Kiba. Shino then said "I never would have imagined the Kyuubi was still alive, is this all true Kurenai-sensei. Kurenai answered "Yes it's all true." Hinata asked "Why didn't you tell us or any of the others?" "Those were the orders of the 3rd Hokage, He, like the 4th, wanted Naruto to fit in with everyone else to grow up and have as close to a normal childhood as possible, so the children of the village could never know or else they would have feared him."

Hinata frustrated answered "Well it didn't do him any good! It just made him feel more alone than ever, because no one knew what he was going through and the adults still treated him like monster, It's not fair!" Kurenai responded "It was the only chance, we don't always have control of what happens around us. "It's true it is unfair. The 4th asked that the village treat Naruto like the hero that he is instead they feared him and from that fear grew anger and hate. That is human nature unfortunately." Hinata lowered head "Tomorrow we head back to Konoha. We will report everything to the 5th, all of you try and get some sleep."

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