Hinata's love and the Kyuubi's Rage

A story of Naruto and Hinata. Hinata realizes she must change if she is to get Naruto to notice her


4. Chapter 4

The battle begins both Naruto and Sai are trading blows and showing off their skills. Elsewhere, Hinata is in a dangerous fight of her own against a fearsome opponent. She and Kiba are seperated from Shino and Kurenai. Her opponent is a ninja from the village hidden in the rain. Kiba has been poisoned and can't defend himself while Akamaru has been knocked out. "Hinata run get away from here!" "I can't abandon a friend. Naruto would never run and neither will I... Byakugan!"

"Foolish girl you should have listened to your friend!" After a series of hand signs by the mysterious ninja, dark clouds appeared over Hinata. Suddenly it started to rain. The rain drops quickly turned into poison needles that were about to rain down on Hinata. She quickly used her jutsu "Shougohakke rokogyuu yonshou" to defend herself and Kiba from the needles. The hidden rain ninja snuck from behind and with his sword cut through Hinata when suddenly poof it was a substitution jutsu and she quickly used jyuuken to injure and hit all the tenketsus in his body to stop his chakra.

Hinata was exhausted, but still standing and quickly gave Kiba some medicine to fight the poison till they got help. "So this is the strength of the Konoha shinobi, impressive it's no wonder the Akatsuki can't capture the jinchuuriki while he's in that village." said the ninja.

Hinata was shocked and quickly asked "What do you know about the Akatsuki and what do they want with Naruto!?" The ninja laughed "I take it this Naruto is the jinchuuriki, I'm surprised you would ask such a question. You who live in the same village don't know the horror that sleeps within the jinchuuriki." "Why do you call him that I don't understand any of this." said Hinata. "I see, so the village has kept it a secret from it's younger ninjas, well as a reward for defeating me I'll tell you.

15 years ago your village was attacked by a horrible monster known as the Kyuubi!" Hinata's eyes widened. "The fourth Hokage sacrificed his life to defeat the Kyuubi what's your point!" said Kiba. "They lied to you, it's true that he sacrificed his life, but he did not defeat the Kyuubi, he sealed it inside the body of an infant and that infant is the jinchuuriki that the Akatsuki is after, the one you call Naruto!" Hinata let out a huge gasp.

"That can't be true! Naruto can't have something like that inside him he can't!" screamed Hinata. "Whether you choose to believe it or not it's true." Then Hinata remembered her conversation with Kurenai in the hospital that day 2 years ago, there was something about Naruto that she couldn't tell her.

"That's all the information you'll get out of me, I'd rather die than face "Him" after failing a mission." Suddenly the ninja revealed explosive tags all over his body and set them off. Hinata quickly grabbed Kiba and got away from the explosion. "Thank you Hinata." Hinata couldn't even hear Kiba because she was lost in thought. "I can't believe it. That's why he's been alone all this time, that's why he was treated the way he was." Thought Hinata to herself.

"Hinata we can't believe what that guy said. Theres no way something like that is inside Naruto." said Kiba. "No Kiba-kun, he was telling the truth, I know he was. That's why… (tears began to fall) he's suffered so much, even more than I thought! He's been enduring this curse his whole life and none of us ever knew what he was going through!" Hinata was on her knees crying.

"I don't know what to say Hinata, but I think the best thing we can do now is find Kurenai sensei and Shino and tell them what's happened. We can't stay here, I know it's hard." Hinata nodded and said "We also have to treat you before the poison gets worse." "Hinata used a special medicine to wake up Akamaru and they made they're way back to the nearest village and as they went, Hinata's thoughts were clouded and confused and then she thought to herself as a tear ran down her cheek "Naruto when will I see you again?"

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