Hinata's love and the Kyuubi's Rage

A story of Naruto and Hinata. Hinata realizes she must change if she is to get Naruto to notice her


3. Chapter 3

"Hinata I think that's enough for today don't you think, Akamaru and I are worn out." said Kiba. Hinata breathing heavily said "Yes thank you Kiba-kun. Kiba smiled and answered "No need to thank me we're comrades after all." "Yes" continued Shino "When a comrade needs help we do whatever it takes."

Hinata smiles "Thank you both, I would not have been able to progress as much as I did without the 2 of you and Kurenai sensei." "I can't believe it's been 2 years already. Feels like yesterday when you came to us so determined with a look in your eye I've never seen before." said Kiba. "I don't know what it was that happened Hinata, but you've changed."

Hinata smiles and blushes. Kurenai appears. "Look sharp you three the fifth wants to see us right away." Team Kurenai rushed to the fifth. She explained to them their next mission and just before they were dismissed Hinata asks "Um have you heard anything about…." the fifth interrupts and says "About Naruto? No I haven't. It's been 2 years now since he left with Jiraiya and since then I've had no idea of where they are" Hinata looked down sad.

"Don't worry Hinata Naruto will come back" said Kiba. "After all he said his dream is to be the next Hokage, he has to return to achieve his dream." Hinata smiled a little "Ok that's enough let's move out." said Kurenai. Off they went on their mission. Later that day at the gate of the village came 2 familiar people. One was Jiraiya and the other was an older Naruto. "Finally I'm home! It hasn't changed a bit. Except for Granny Tsunade's face on the mountain."Naruto laughs. "Speaking of Tsunade we should let her know of our return." said Jiraiya.

They arrived to where Tsunade is and Naruto is surprised to see Sakura there. "Naruto is that you? You've grown." "Yea I'm taller than you now Sakura-chan" Sakura blushed and asked "What do you think of me Naruto, have I changed?" Naruto answered "No you haven't really changed and to be honest I'm over you so once we find Sasuke you can have him." Sakura couldn't believe her ears and was about to yell except for the fact that they were in the presence of the fifth.

"Naruto how did your training go?" asked Tsunade. "Great! I've grown a lot stronger." answered Naruto. "Really I want to test your skill against an opponent you've never faced before in an exhibition match. This will be a good test for the both of you." Naruto answered "I'm ready for anyone bring it!" Naruto then stops for a minute and asks "Oh yea before I face this guy I gotta see Hinata. She wanted to talk to me about something importanat." Sakura whispers to herself in a silent and jealous rage "Why the hell would he have to see Hinata for, Stupid fool who needs him."

Tsunade responds "Hinata is out on a mission with the rest of team Kurenai so forget it. Now go to the 6th training ground and wait for your opponent there." At the training ground Naruto and Jiraiya wait for Naruto's opponent when Kakashi appears with Tsunade, Shizune, and Sakura and someone else. "Kakashi sensei long time no see don't tell me you're my opponent." Kakashi answered You've grown Naruto, but no I'm not your opponent he is I'm here with Tsunade to see how you've improved."

Kakashi pointed to the young man. "That guy is my opponent you're joking right he looks so weak." He responds "and you look like a complete waste of space, idiot." Naruto yells "What!? Say that again." "Stop it!" yelled Tsunade "Naruto this is your opponent, his name is Sai and he is the newest member of team Kakashi whether you like it or not. Your team needs him. This is a great opportunity to learn about a future comrade to better your teamwork." "I can't accept someone like this as Sasuke's replacement!"

Naruto yelled "You don't have a choice fool I'm the best there is here and I was hand picked by the fifth herself." Naruto got mad and was gonna yell when Tsunade said. "That's enough! When I say so begin ur match." They get into position and stared at each other………. "BEGIN!!"

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