True love and all its glory

the real signs of true love


1. you always have people likeing you

Even if u dont want somebody to like you . . . . it pretty hard to not have someobdy likeing you. You might not know that people like you but geuss what they do here are the three signs that shiws when somebody likes you

1. they text you first even if it is something mean it is still a sign

2. they are always mean to you. even if this sounds weird it is 100% turue all though you

might not believe me but . . .

3. Your Crush likes you so much that he dosent want you ruin your guy's freindship (if u have a friendship with him) if not then he proble is going to ask you out pretty soon. im not saying when because im not sure all about it but know that he is probly deeply in love with you. if he dosent ask you out right away ... dont give your hopes up 😉

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