What if?


1. Chapter 1

Amber's POV

I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Ugh it's Monday. I hate Mondays, it's only because I get bullied by Louis Tomlinson. Other than that it's pretty good.

I rolled out of bed and walked in the bathroom. I stripped off my pjs and jumped into the shower. I washed my hair with my cherry scented shampoo and conditioner. As soon as I got out I went into my closet and got out, a grey diet coke crop tee, high waisted ripped skinny jeans, Nike Jordan 3 Retros, and I put my hair up in a bun on top of my head, and put my bandana over my head (Polyvore link: http://www.polyvore.com/ambers_outfit_for_school/set?id=131635027 ).

I was running downstairs when my phone started to ring, I checked the caller ID and noticed it was the one and only Ariana Grande jk jk it was my best friend Ariana Brown.

*Phone Convo*

"Hey Amber, I'm outside your door."

"Hey Ari, and are you serious, I didn't even have breakfast yet."

"We'll stop at Starbucks now hurry and get into the car.

*End Of Phone Convo*

•~• •~• •~•

We walked into Starbucks, and that's well all hell broke loose. Louis Tomlinson walked up to me and put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me to the side. I was so scared I started to shake and I think he noticed. I was brought out of my thoughts when I felt my cheek burning.

"Hello? Are you fucking deaf or something. I'm clearly speaking to you."

"Sorry, I was thinking." I replied, I could feel my eyes start to water, and then I lost it.

Louis's POV

It killed me to slap her, and ask her such a hurtful question like that. I wanted to kill myself as soon as she started to cry. I was never a mean person like this. I don't know why I bully her. We use to be the best of friends. We went to every school dance together until 8th grade (they are seniors in high school). Amber started to make more noise while crying, so I covered her mouth, and tried to wipe away her tears, but she moved away from me.

Amber's POV

My cheek was burning like hell. I'm pretty sure it's bright red now. I started to make more noise because the pain was unbearable. He covered my eyes and tries to wipe away my tears. Like the fuck?! He really thinks I'm gonna trust him. Like he must be mental.

"Why?" I questioned before I could stop myself. Shit I should have never asked now he's probably gonna punch me in the face.

Louis's POV

As she asked the question, I could see so many emotions in them. They were filled with fear, sorrow, vulnerability, and a hit of angry. I was just about to answer her, when my phone started to ring. Liam was calling. Saved he the bell, as so American would call it, because I honestly didn't know what I was gonna say.

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